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Got a Pikachu? Make Like a Taco!

I posted a version of this to Anatolian-L recently. I'm not editing it much just to expedite this posting for those who want to help their puppy's ear set.

This addresses puppies with floppy (pendant) ears and how to help them along if the ear set needs a little help.

Merlin and his toy ice bottle.

And here's the modified post

I had a nine week Anatolian pup that was teething and sometimes when he was kissy, he would press his ears back (a friendly submissive look) so frequently, that it started to affect his ear set.

First one ear did a lot of flipping so I used superglue gel as a layer, to stiffen the wider part of the flap (no moleskin needed) so the ear was heavy enough to drop correctly. After two days, that ear was fixed, but suddenly the other ear was starting to flip.

So basically he looked like moody Pikachu on one side of his head, with one pointy ear flipped back and sometimes folded awkwardly forward.

Ear sets are best fixed before teething period is complete.

Teething is a period of time when a lot of growing is taking place. Nutrients are going all around to build bigger bones, strong teeth, reinforce cartilage, make healthy organs and so forth. Well since ear cartilage is not as important to the body, sometimes an occasional pup may get flippy ears after weaning, if not addressed it will cause an Anatolian to have pointy ears that fold like the Flying Nun's wimple, or flip back into a rose shape (like a greyhound) or fly up in creative ways.

 What do these ear sets usually look like?

The cream colored pup on the right in this photo, shows an ear set that can become permanent if the ear set is not addressed.

BTW, you can buy this Anatolian book at the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International web site.

Visit the page!

For those not familiar with the tricks to fix ear sets in puppies, there are several approaches.

In my opinion, the Taco method seems to be simplest and allows the inner ear to breathe while it forces the far corner of the triangular ear to resist folding incorrectly.

In Turkey, flock guarding dogs often have cropped ears. Over the past couple of decades, while I've rarely had problems with ear set, I've noted that uncropped ears can have higher or lower ear sets, a variety of ear weights and ear sizes. Ears are just not standardized and you can't really tell which ears may need a little help. I think a lot has to do with the puppy's personality and expression.

But to the rescue!  I have some links to share which talk basically about building a taco. :)

If you have an older dog and want to see if this will help, realize that as the dog matures, cartilage becomes set. But people might have some success with older dogs if they also incorporate frequent gentle massage. See the boxer link below for details.

This video is fun and funny to watch.
It shows a Bullmastiff pup getting an ear turned into a taco and being a very generous handful. ;)

Other helpful links:
It does help to see some step by step html if you have video playing problems.

This Boxer page shows both the taco method and using massage (the link for massage is at the very bottom of the page).

Here's one that just shows the taping with the taco method

And finally...

Here is a composite image showing Merlin's wayward ear setting up properly after only two days of taping.

I used regular duct tape, cut it about one inch wide and 3.5 inches long. Folded the 'taco' and taped it. Trimmed off the extra.

The weight of puppy's ear seemed to cause him not to notice the little bit of tape. Another pup volunteered to remove the tape, but the puppy told him, let's play another game. So there were no problems involving the tape.

You can see the tape coming loose in picture C which is the second day. In picture D, the third day, the tape has fallen off.
Both ears are beautiful now.

If Pikachu ear happens again as puppy grows, we'll just tape again. It's so simple and fast!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

The big mess behind the Kangal Dog

A member of Anatolian-L posted the following link as an example of where to get 'interesting' information on Kangal history.

The german site can be seen in english if readers use http://translate.google.com or auto translation in Chrome browser

As stated by the list member, the site is interesting in its own way, But it is not a site of quality information about the Turkish breed situation. Not if you really want know about the history leading to the messy Turkish dog developments that has come to hurt many Turkish people and kangal fanciers, and even harms the dogs. The site makes a point to avoid disclosing important factual material that is necessary to understand the root of the issue's genesis.

Let's begin.
The above German site is basically a mixture of convolutions.

Before even looking at the other issues of the above site, look at the piece ("Five Minutes in the Life of a Geologist") originally written by Natalka Czartoryska. This short piece below, referred to a dog with a 'patchy, tawny and white body'. But the German website above not only does NOT cite the author, it promotes a form of plagiarism which changes the color of the original dog to the one that the web author likes.

Most of the other 'interesting' parts of the same site, have the same sort of misleading materials.

Here is part of the original essay:
    "A gaze fixed on me, it was like a physical blow. Where . . . ? A big dog, right in the middle of the flock was slowly uncurling. Dusty dog and dusty sheep. I had not noticed while all were asleep.

    His patchy, tawny and white body had blended perfectly in the dappled shade, slightly darker muzzle made him look menacing now, as did his stance. He rose slowly and gingerly, and started stepping over the backs of his unconcerned charges, tail coming up, back ramrod straight.

    A wave of admiration hit me. There was a functional beauty chiseled to perfection by countless generations of work . . .

    I had been instantly cured of all desire to approach sheep in that land. I had met the GUARDIAN!"

-Czartoryska, Natalka
"Five Minutes in the Life of a Geologist"
The Guardian, Fall 1980
Natalaka describes the Anadolu Coban kopegi (Anatolian Shepherd's Dog) in Turkey

Now, see the corruption of Natalka's story under the first picture at
this page

I did bring this plagiarization problem to the attention of Elisabeth as far back as before Y2K and she admitted lack of better knowledge of the original piece. But as you can see, even after being informed, she has persisted in anonymizing it and changing the dog color to a fawn with black mask so the story can be used to promote Elisabeth's preferences, and this selectiveness is much of the theme throughout the site.

Now that Natalka is dead, only those who have really studied the history of developments can weed out some of what another list member unabashedly and succinctly recognized as 'crap'. :D

Elisabeth can't claim she doesn't know about the author of the original. I do have her email as evidence. She has had plenty of time to change it.

Let's use some dates now.
The original essay was written in 1980.

Even older than 1980, and not included on the German site is evidence showing the intent for the British Karabash group to create a new breed.

Below is a scanned excerpt of an October 1973 letter by a karabash club member of UK.

As you can see from the excerpt, there was no name for this dog at the time and they did not know where to find these "King dogs". (remember these are shepherd's dogs).

The UK Karabash club has historically displayed little scientific understanding of paleontology and canine genetics. They fail miserably at understanding primitive landraces. (As seen in the example with the Samoyed, they are not alone alone, it is often true that modern dog fanciers have little understanding of the problems of imposing a purebred dog paradigm on ancient landraces. More evidence of lack of critical and scientific thinking is that so many people with shelter rescues and even veterinarians, are absolutely confused at the breed profile ID tests. Even believing that the 'predominant breeds' cited in the tests, are 'breeds' what we see today)

One of the problems cited in the long 1973 letter was ongoing distress that the Karabash foundation stock in UK had pinto factors (and other genetic "evidence") of impurities. The letter excerpt as you can see at its conclusion, called these foundation dogs of theirs, 'watered down shadows'.

This was before Natalka herself imported a single dog that was registered in the UK database. See the years and dates of imports here. Mektup is listed for 1974:

-- it was AFTER the 1973 letter.

From the 1973 letter, we see that since they did not understand landraces, they decided that their job was to recreate this dog of which their 'dreams are made'.

From some of the notes I collected over the years, I learned a little about the scientific background of Natalka. She had a degree in geology and a Masters degree in Biology from Cambridge. She was an animal behaviourist and she lived and traveled extensively in Turkey, visiting there 11 times. She was very active. Susan Goldhor told me that traveling with Natalka in Turkey was utterly exhausting, as Natalka was constantly on the move, didn't stay on the roads. She really wasn't on the Disney tours that are so popular for kangal travelers today. These people think staying in a 'tent' is roughing it! She was seemingly without the need for rest!

Natalka had many interests. In marine biology, she had even explored with the reknown Jacques Cousteau. For some time, she was married to Dr Nic Flemming, a World famous archaeologist who discovered and explored numerous subterranean cities around the world. She worked with Flemming on some important historical sites in Turkey. Nic Flemming had the kennel name, Havus, of which many of Anatolian fanciers may know. He imported his first Anatolian in 1968, which from the above chart, you can see was three years after Charmian Steele.

Natalka used her strong biology background and studied the shepherd's dogs in their homeland. She was not trying to make them fit some perfect and legendary history, nor give them a look that she preferred. She reported what she saw (as did Drs Ray Coppinger and Susan Goldhor). She spoke with many Turkish shepherds about how they chose their dogs, how they bred and trained.

Her split-off ASD club in UK (now folded, the Karabash one prevailed) did not begin until 1979. (ASD People...are you plotting these dates?) While everyone may not support her views recognizing the Anatolian as a landrace, and her work to have FCI recognize them with the standard we all know, her views were significantly more knowledgeable about the landrance equation than the modern idealistic, and narrower views of the Karabash supporters. If the Turkish dogs that the Brits had, didn't fulfill their dream, they would make it so.

Natalka attempted to prevail with her landrace vision to preserve a healthy working dog, and not create new breeds. With the help of scientists and geneticists (Willis embraced a modern breed, the GSD, but he still understood the landraces) the KC agreed in 1983 that the ASD should not be called 'Karabash'. A view to accept them as a landrace.

Sheila Reed of the UK Karabash club, had mortgaged her home to get legal support and fight the KC decision in 1984. She had a lot at stake when she sued the KC to promote the modern idealism of a pure breeding karabash. She lost her suit, and as many who follow the history will know, she dedicated herself to a huge ongoing battle against the landrace concept for this landrace breed..

She also interferred with AKC recognition of the breed, telling AKC outright falsehood.

(the UK didn't have a viable breeding population of akbash dogs. The only dogs they had for this population were occasional pups that were cream color in some ASD-karabash litters)

In 1996, ASDs were accepted in the miscellaneous class in AKC.

By 1996, the first Turkish symposium on these dogs was held. The Turkish people at that point were proud of their shepherd's dogs and pleased at foreign interest, but with the selective presentations of the Brits (which did not report their true records) and David Nelson (who founded his kangal club in 1984--note the dates again) were engineered to motivate Turks to see that Natalka, Americans and some Europeans were extingishing what would become a contentious piece of real estate... a pure kangal breed. As well, the akbash, and the newly invented kars dog was presented in the symposium. An American soldier who took photos of some dogs in the area of his stay in north eastern Turkey at the time, inadvertently helped Nelson invent his Kars 'breed'.

Natalka submitted materials for the symposium, but she could not make it. She was soon very ill and would pass on.

So as many of you know... Natalka was used as a scapegoat for the 'mixing' of their pure breed. Surf around the internet and you'll find more material by Reed and Karabash groupies, as well as disciples of Nelson--all promoting the idea that this historic dog had a pure version and that there were many mongrel LGDs in Turkey. Emphasis on the fact that the ASD was not this pure LGD.

I don't think ASD people ever wavered from the nonexaggerated FCI standard (but I don't speak for everyone). Not all Turkish LGDs fit that standard, but regardless, in propaganda, this standard was twisted to create more animosity against the ASD and Natalka, saying such things as that it(the Standard) was inclusive of all Turkish LGDs.

It becomes obvious.......
The larger goal was to get Turkish people to accept the British and Nelson's modern paradigm of purity.

Advance to 2006 or so, and we now find that Gazi and Sabahat were listed in Wiki (kangal dog topic) as pure kangal dogs.

"Britain's first kangal litter was produced in 1967 by Gazi of Bakirtoll Koyu and his mate Sabahat of Hayiroglu. Dogs from this original line formed the foundation of the so-called "Seacop" stock." [?]

But as seen from the letter excerpt, they didn't know what to call the dogs, nor where to get them, and already were having problems with the genetics of the 'shadows' they started with. Subsequent British imports included dogs from Ankara Zoo, dogs from rescue situations, and other efforts to add more dogs to their mixture of 'shadows'. Yet those not aware of this history can see that they represented how the Karabash club was 'right' all along.

This year, 2012, the kennel club announcement brings reality to the creation ambition of the 1973 letter excerpt, bringing their new breed to reality. Karabash founders have created their breed:
Recognition of the Turkish Kangal dog

The number of pedigree dog breeds recognised in the UK will rise to 211 next April, following the Kennel Club’s decision to recognise the Turkish Kangal Dog.

The Kennel Club General Committee has approved the recognition of the Turkish Kangal Dog with effect from 1st April 2013. The breed will be classified in the Pastoral Group. 

Dogs currently registered as Anatolian Shepherd Dogs are eligible to apply to have their breed recorded as the Turkish Kangal Dog instead where appropriate. Details of the application process and application forms can now be obtained on request from the Registration Office at the Kennel Club tel. 0844 4633 980.

An Interim Breed Standard is being prepared for the breed and will be issued for information purposes in December 2012. The Turkish Kangal Dog will be eligible for exhibition at Kennel Club licensed breed shows from 1st July 2013.

A dog may only be exhibited as a Turkish Kangal Dog once the new registration documents have been issued, confirming the transfer of the dog and its classification as a Turkish Kangal Dog.  Owners are therefore advised that application forms should be completed and submitted well in advance of 1st April 2013.
3rd October 2012

Back to the German site:
Stories in old stones and manuscripts are fun to read indeed, but selectively using them to imply that the dogs written of, could only possibly refer to one type or race or color of LGD in Turkey, is more than a bit specious.

Many LGDs in Turkish stories of the past did not come from one region nor were they all of modern today's preferred color and coat.

It's a bit like taking a piece of yarn and pull it to ravel out the just parts that you need, then recoloring it to make your own sweater in your own perfect color. The yarn is the thread that is manipulated to create a false history. That is not science. But many people will read the german site and only see one thing in the picture.

Now, back to science...
Landraces, wild species, naturally breeding entities... Here's an image from a paper that pretty much shows the realities in evolutionary biology.

A 'purity' paradigm is imaginary. And applied to canine landraces, the idea that only one region is PURE is human prejudice masquerading as science to the gullible... people will draw their artificial line where they want--making an animal to suddenly be a pure one despite it's multifactored evolution. It's a faulty and prejudicial paradigm.

I'm sure some people feel their landrace dog is an exception and perhaps its 'pure race' ancestors dropped from the sky, or some politically motivated holy work, in its exacting perfect form without any complement of all the loci that exist on various phenotype ranges that were involved in its development.

I want to give a source for the picture showing evolutionary flow above. This is from a paper which discusses the problems of the concept of purity, when viewed with an understanding of paleontology, genetics and related issues, and is part of the material in a new wolf book. Wolf lovers tired of a steady diet of main stream media, may find the science fascinating.

Far too many laymen and even some scientists cater to a faulty paradigm. Here's a quote:

Hybrids may be classified as good subspecies and should not be necessarily discriminated against in conservation programs. Experimental evidence using mtDNA and cladistic statistics models demostrate that gene flow is constant and 'pure' species are wishful thinking. In Canis, hybridization may increase genetic variability and in some instances create phenotypic novelties. Thus, hybridization should not be artificially prevented in restoration programs. Small populations of animals need genetic diversity for adaptation to occur. They also need genetic diversity to avoid deleterious bottlenecks that are the inevitable result of the restriction of gene flow.

The paper may still be here...

The 2010 wolf book from which you can find this paper, has a spot on amazon:

To put even more of this into perspective, see the ANKADER site,

This page above refers to the unfortunate chaos and realizes that many mistakes that were made, much of which came about as the British and Nelson kangal concept was promoted as 'scientific' or factual, in Turkey. The fact is, now that FCI expects modern protocols to be forced and applied to these fantastic dogs, Ankader is finding a solution that does not support the template created by the agenda of the British karabash club. But the British club has gained and used their unwitting pawns among many Europeans and some Turkish people alike. It no longer matters to them as now they have what they want with the UK Kennel Club now granting them the authority they have pursued. The hand of kangal lovers is now being forced to make some hard distinctions among their native shepherd's dogs.

For the past twenty some years, anyone from around the world with a style of fawn Turkish dog that they liked (even UK or FCI registered ASD; this flip flopping occurs on the German site as well), simply called their dog a kangal. The name had become a piece of real estate. Many Youtube sites claim a dog is authentic Kangal. In some videos, you'll see old style, wolf-like heads, in others you'll see massive, blocky, lippy dogs with a lot of skin and ginormous size, all using that that now generic kangal moniker.

And as happened on the German site, many kangal lovers bred their dogs to dogs from various regional styles (even using rescued dogs) in order to get a personally favored size or style of dog that they liked. Collectively this mixed population was called 'kangal' if the color was "just right". Little different than what is claimed by purists, that ASDs are a mix of many regions of dogs, and that they are not "pure" kangal. That's exactly what has happened to the kangal name, it's a commodity, it is generic. Many who love the dogs, regardless of the breed name, don't really study pedigrees nor history and may even be surprised that any of this is true..

The locus responsible for 'white spotting' (white marks on chest, legs, stray blotches elsewhere) is largely misunderstood by this crowd. And many will not make an effort to understand it themselves. It is not because they are unintelligent, but it's far easier and takes far less time to 'go with the crowd' Most of them have been applying the rule sets used for 'manmade' modern breeds on this magnificent dog that evolved over ages of natural breeding and hardship.

To read more about some of the chaos that has occurred, see this previous post. You do not have to read... just look at the images of the dogs as you scroll down. And then be sure to visit Lilli's site in the link.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Advancing Science with a Game: Foldit

In May 2008, I blogged briefly about a game called Foldit which came to mind today when I read a short article in The-Scientist which described how Foldit was used to solve a real life, ten year old, protein structure puzzle for an AIDS-like retroviral protease. This protein structure that defeated scientists was finally solved by the game playing public who played the game. Yay gamers!

The game was designed by a scientist who progressively incorporated computational tweaks advised by loyal gamers.

A group of scientists who were stymied by the structure problem of aforementioned retroviral protease, submitted their protein puzzle to the game.
About 600 players from 41 teams submitted more than 1.25 million solutions. Narrowing those down to 5,000, Jaskolski and colleagues subjected them to a computational technique called molecular replacement (MR), which tests the models against X-ray crystallography data. ...
And the puzzle was solved.
The final breakthrough came from Foldit user mimi, a member of The Contenders and a science technician at a high school near Manchester, UK, who has been playing Foldit for about 3 years. She “tucked in a flap” of the protein that was sticking out, she explains, to make the protein more “globular.” But she emphasizes that “the achievement was very much a group effort,” noting that it wasn’t possible for her to tuck in the flap until others in the group had made their key adjustments to the protein’s structure.

Details for the story and how the solution was picked out are here at The Scientist, and a copy of the resulting paper that was published in Nature, is here.

Pretty amazing story considering all the teamwork in input from such a diverse population of individuals.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turkish Import Anatolians!

Top of the news for us is that we have some exciting new import Anatolian Shepherd Dog bloodlines from Turkey!

At least one Turkish Import Anatolian pup will be available to a qualified Code of Ethics breeder home. There is a little information and some pictures, both on the top of my homepage and on a copy of a recent advertisement PDF here.

Still trying to not over do activities but I will be getting some new photos on the blog, and my miscellaneous meanderings, in good time.

I've had a long absence due to issues of aortic replacement and surgical repair. Recovery is slow and ongoing but very gradually I've been getting back to some of the routines of life. I'm doing pretty well considering all that has happened over the past two years. It truly is amazing what can be done in complicated thoracic surgery.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // March 02, 2011

Hey lady :) The new dogs are beautiful! The ear-cropping really changes the face. I hardly recognize them as the same breed.
I hope everything is going well! Hugs to the pups!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // March 02, 2011

Thanks Diane! It takes some getting used to those 'perky' ears, but they are really beautiful. I've seen photos of several working adult relatives and I think they are amazing!   

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This blog has moved (sorta)

This blog is now located at http://blog.cobankopegi.com/.
You will be automatically redirected in 30 seconds, or you may click here.

For feed subscribers, please update your feed subscriptions to


Automatically spawned post via Blogger above.
I initiated virtual migration after reading that Google's Blogger has depreciated FTP hosted blogs.

I wasn't aware that the previous deadline for migrations was back in February until I read something about it a couple days ago (mid March). Just haven't spent a lot of time on internet lately. Anyhow, that deadline is now for May. For now, I am now keeping an eye on various parameters and may be getting back to blogging in a few months.

For now, posting a pic of Akilli, a nine year old male Anatolian who has recently joined my family. :)

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Blogger L7 sent us a woof // January 29, 2011

This comment has been removed by the author.   

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Helmut at Hurley US Open of Surfing

Fun! Geno sent me pics today, some of which have Helmut's perspective of Hurley's US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach.

To read a little more about it and see a slide show, see the OC register, or OrangeCounty.com. Or visit the official US Open of Hurley site: http://www.usopenofsurfing.com/.

Judging by the various slide shows, there were thousands of people at the beach! I saw some pictures of little dogs in some of the slide shows. Very likely Helmut will turn up in another picture collection of this event too. I wonder if the camera dude in the orange shirt marked STAFF, got some pics of Helmut too. :)


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Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // July 27, 2009

Wow...Helmut leads such an exciting life!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 27, 2009

Absolutely! It's wonderful.   

Anonymous Dentist Garden Grove sent us a woof // September 15, 2009

Seemed that Helmut enjoyed it! nice pics!   

Blogger Mark sent us a woof // November 16, 2009

Helmut is still such an amazing dog!


Blogger k9 sent us a woof // January 17, 2011

Helmut is simply enjoying and seems to be overwhelmed by the environment.
Dog Food Supplements   

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Health Care charts

Keeping busy these days. Lots going on. I'll keep this one short, lol.

Two health care flow charts:

Obama Care

Free Market

Speaking of health, during some of my recent downtime, I got a chance to watch a lot of "Andromeda". I never paid much attention to it while it was originally airing (I'm so indifferent to TV and have no TV habit). James rented or bought most all of the whole series and I've really enjoyed the persistent theme of hope that runs through the whole series. My favorite character in the show (aside from Captain Hunt) is Trance.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Legal Broadcasting Network - Mandatory Spay and Neuter - 3 interviews

Lately, way too much going on. Thought I get this one posted at least! I have some nice photos from my crew, and also updates from Helmut. :)

For the ongoing stuff... Legislative session continues as we work to prevent Mandatory Spay and Neuter from being implemented statewide.

Head over to LegalBroadcastNetwork.com to see video interview regarding MSN from three champions people who love their dogs.
"The LB Network is the home base for lawyers across America as well as the professional networking page of The Legal Broadcast Network. It’s entirely Free to join and it opens the door to the future of professional networking and media for attorneys."

Dog Regulations Run Amok? The CDOC vs The City of Los Angeles

No area of the law or regulation creates more controversy and passion then anything linked to dogs, cats and other domestic pets and the lawsuit brought by Concerned Dog Owners of California (CDOC) against the City of Los Angeles over their mandatory spay and neuter regulations is no exception. Last year they filed a lawsuit to over turn the mandatory spay and neuter regulations imposed on all dog owners in the City, in which set dates for spay and neuter are established, civil and administrative penalties are outlined and entire categories of dog breeders, owners and hobbyists now fall under increasingly strict laws and oversight...

Interviews are with:
David Frei - Westminster Kennel Club
John Jensen - lead attorney on the lawsuit against the City of California
Cathie Turner - Executive Director of Concerned Dog Owners of California

the videos are also archived here.

For up-to-date info on California animal law lobbying issues for the first half of 2009, go to True Agendas.


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Sunday, May 31, 2009

HSUS's 3 Rs -vs- Animal Welfare (AWIC) 3 Rs

Ohmidog! blog has a blog post titled, "What's that Wayne Pacelle really up to?"
A sort of devil's advocate posting? :)

OhMiDog! says:
Some critics say HSUS has a secret “vegan agenda” — that it wants to take our steaks away. As a meat lover, and a smoker, and a person who likes smoked meats, I say, even if that were the case, so what? The animals I eat deserve a spokesperson.
Secret Agenda? No secret.

Remember Readin', Ritin', and Ritmatic? Those are the three Rs that are the basis of an old time education, of course.

HSUS and Animal Welfare Information Center (AWIC) each have published versions of their own three Rs.

First see Animal Welfare's (via AWIC's) point of view as it refers to the use of animals in science. Science is dear to my heart as is microbiology, aspects of clinical medical technology and research. I've worked in clinical medicine, grown many types of microorganisms and am familiar with animal components as used in a scientific diagnostic laboratory.

USDA's, AWIC has a presentation on their version of the three Rs' which seeks to educate scientists on ways to minimize animal use or harm to animals in order to meet animal welfare standards. Find it on the page above...
From a PDF slide show. The three R's mentioned are.
* Reduction -Minimize the number of animals used.

* Refinement -Employ techniques that reduce pain and distress.

* Replacement -Substitute animal with nonanimal methods or lower organisms.

NOW... Wayne Pacelle/HSUS mentions three Rs in a blog entry:
We believe in the Three Rs [my formatting below]

* reducing the consumption of meat and other animal-based foods;

* refining the diet by eating products only from methods of production, transport, and slaughter that minimize pain and distress; and

* replacing meat and other animal-based foods in the diet with plant-based foods.

It's no secret.

Here's another NonSecret, there is absolutely NO such thing as a vegan.

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Blogger jan sent us a woof // May 31, 2009

I'm constantly amazed at the number of otherwise well informed people (and bloggers) who think the HSUS is...well, what they pretend to be. I do believe the light of truth is beginning to shine on them.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // June 03, 2009

I run into people that point at HSUS's site and find pages there to prove it isn't anti-pitbull. Hello?

Great running into you, we're all so busy!   

Saturday, May 30, 2009

NO on SB 250!

This legislative session in California has really been a PAIN. We have a little problem in that California spends money like a bimbo and creates legislation to force compliance with any number of Politically Correct fads and hairbrained schemes without considering the collateral damage to businesses and farms. Additionally the voting population is not really involved with their own government. I guess we all like to believe that there are checks and balances and that our Constitution will prevail. If you are suspicious, you must be a tin foil hatter. Anyway, California is paying for these sins, left and right, and YET... while we are dealing with these mistakes, our pathetic government continues to pass more pork because of ideas that 'sound good' to the citizens.

If you want to cut right to the chase and do stuff about this bill, go here, a google document page where I have placed essential contact information and instructions on what to do.

The mandatory spay and neuter bill is one such idiot package. SB 250 is our current reincarnation of AB 1634 which did not pass last year when our legislators found the bill to be fundamentally flawed. However the people anxious to pass the bill are trying again. It does NOT work. It will be a disaster for our farms and for millions of dollars income for the state. Furthermore, the premise of the bill presents a false problem and presents an equally false solution!
Charts from saveourdogs.com -click to enlarge
See SAVE OUR DOGS for detail and more issues about Mandatory Spay and Neuter (MSN)

Why are some places passing this bill? In Los Angeles, it passed because the promoters flippantly stated (LIES) as if it were fact that Santa Cruz's problems would be helped with MSN. But as you can see from the chart, they are an unmitigated FAIL. Additionally, since Los Angeles willingly used false info to get the bill passed, they too have increased kills and are not solving their original problem. The first step in solving a problem is to correctly identify it.

The hydra strategy.......
The thing is now, the MSN groups are undaunted with their total failures. They seem to think that their failure is not due to them analyzing their problem but is due to all other people that do not have MSN. Thus, they have multiplied their 'divide and conquer' strategy; it resembles the life form known as a hydra. They have chopped up the bigger goals so that the smaller pieces can pass first and like that hydra, the small bits rebuild into a monster. The multiple bills come together after passage, with many complicated ordinances that can be much worse than the original big bill because the smaller ones are amended further and include even more invasive bits tacked onto them.

Read the news and you will see this in action--HSUS lobbyists go to the legislators of other states and say "your state is behind on animal care issues; this and that bill passed in California and other states." This makes legislators think it's really "by the people" since the other states were 'won' and they become convinced that HSUS represents mainstream thought. This is beyond disingenuous, but this is what they are doing.

HSUS and others in the extremist groups discuss this strategy to educate their peers in how successful it is and get sleepy little towns with their boards of supervisors swinging happily from imaginary "progressive" monkey vines.

JQP becomes part of the problem as they sit back and let these laws be enacted without seeing the need for checks and balance.

Anyway, a great post was on another of the forums I read, so I will copy bits of it here. Some of this material is revived from when we were fighting AB 1634.


It estimated* the benefit dogs give to California ranchers at *about *$140 million.* Add to that about *$1.3 million* boosting local economies by *herding trial exhibitors.*

The AKC conducts ongoing research regarding the economic benefits of our events, and our estimates conclude that these exhibitors contributed approximately *$92 million* to local California economies.

Registries such as AKC (American Kennel Club) and CFA (Cat Fanciers of America) conduct ongoing research regarding the economic benefits of our events, and their estimates conclude that these exhibitors contribute nearly 100 million annually to local California economies. This is the contribution from dog and cat shows and does not include the money spent on vets, groomers, handlers, supplies, pet food, etc.

* So far, this looks like AKC dog shows, CFA cat shows, herding trials and working ranch dogs contribute at least $233.3 million to California's economy every year. * This doesn't include hunting trials and other canine performance events including Schutzhund events, sighthound courses, UKC or ARBA dog shows, etc.

Senate Bill 250 is the linchpin on which all the other HSUS-backed radical animal rights bills depend. Sen. Florez -thinks California can afford to lose these animals, their genetics and their owners? In addition to the *$65 million lost by Long Beach* when AKC cancelled the Eukanuba contract a couple of months ago?
See SAVE OUR DOGS (on Twitter)/web for more updates. See True Agendas (on Twitter)/web for frequently updated brief details.

Fight SB 250! (instructions link again)

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