Thursday, May 26, 2005

Blue Anatolians... or what color is that dog anyway?

When registering an Anatolian into the AKC studbook, without colored picture guidelines, a breeder is probably only limited by their imagination on how to apply the colors below to a dog that is being registered.

From the AKC website for Anatolians-
Description Type Code

(Base Body) Colors-
Biscuit & White (376)
Blue Fawn (036)
Brindle (057)
Fawn (082)
Gray Fawn (377)
Liver (123)
Red Fawn (150)
White (199)

Black Mask (004)
Brown Mask (076)
Dutch Markings (077)
Pinto (018)
Pinto, Black Mask (079)
Silver Mask (078)

Colors listed are determined by the breed Parent Club, in this case, ASDCA (Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America).

My comment on this regards that fact that the codes seem to not make much sense genetically, so I think that the ASDCA should eventually get around to correcting this.

For example:
If one has a chocolate/liver/brown Anatolian, that means due to the dilution effect of the brown gene, the nose and eye rims as well as the hair on the dog cannot approach true black, but depending on depth of pigment in that particular dog, will have varying degrees of depth of chocolate color. The eyes as well, cannot be deeply brownish because there is no black pigment that can form in the eye -- they will tend to have amber eyes as they reach their adult coloration. Eye color development generally shifts from bluish-greenish to amber at some point before the dog's first birthday. So on the selections of color for registration, one could choose the base body color as being LIVER (123) and having the markings of BROWN MASK (076).

Now suppose you have a puppy that is a blue Anatolian?

A fawn and a blue fawn puppy (courtesy Shaman Anatolians)

This is a dilution that allows a blackish tint in places that would be black on a nondilute Anatolian, such as on the whiskers, guard hairs, black mask, ears, etc. But... rather than full development of black, the "black" areas will have an "off black", slate blue, or putty greyish color on the nose and eye rims, depending on the particular dog's depth of pigment. So in the case of the blue fawn dog, the base body color would be selected as BLUE FAWN (036) and with what color markings? If the dog in question has strong pigment, the mask can be "almost black" rather than pewter or silverish. So does the owner register their blue dog as having a black mask? The mask isn't black, it can't be if the dog is a genetic blue. And as in in the case of the chocolate dog, the eyes themselves do not have the depth of color that comes with black pigment, so their eyes will develop into a shade of amber over time.

Vahsi, a blue Anatolian puppy

Vahsi, the same blue Anatolian at 12 years (courtesy of Moises Bedolla)

I think this (selection of the black mask option for blue dogs) has been the case since breeders have no choice with the current selection.

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // June 17, 2009

i have a anatolian brindle i think and i have questions u can contact me at h.lp@live .com thanx.   

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Great Article by Guvener Isik

UPDATE - I have moved this blog to my domain-

A fascinating article with dozens of photos showing a wide assortment of Turkish Dogs is well worth the read for those of us hopelessly afflicted with a fascination for these dogs! In "Comparative Analysis of Two Different Strains of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs: Yoruks and Kangals", Guvener Isik, a Turk with a shepherding background, explores some of the regional livestock guardian dog strains and explains how each of some of these strains were historically adapted for the type of terrain upon which they work. He also touches upon how much things are changing and why the changes.

Online for only about a week now, it has had over a hundred hits according to its web managment interface. Pretty amazing for a just posted article about our rare breed!

Another wonderful photo of Zoran modeling his gorgeous collar. This is the last picture in the photo snapping series and frankly he looks as though he has had enough of all the picture taking nonsense. Still, he looks fantastic!

Enough Already!

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Your dog is so cute. Your dog and my dog should meet. However, i am afraid your dog is going to attack my baby.   

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It usually works the other way around! Small dogs get upset if the other dog is too big. :)   

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Turkish Beaded Dog Collar

A friend shared pictures that shows her young male wearing one of the beautiful beaded collars with bells, leather and felt, from Andrea's site. The handsome model is Old Glory Zoran of Shaman Anatolians. Thanks to Audrey Chalfen for sharing the pictures!



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Another place to see dog pictures! Hooray!   

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Getting started!

As if I have time for another project... but I'm always interested in learning something new so I think this will be an area of infrequent updates on various things, particularly about my interest in Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

Two of my Anatolians as puppies, Boone (the little guy) and Ruya
Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies

Some beautiful Turkish collars for these big dogs can be found at Andrea's Taking My Time webpage. Some pretty nice beaded collars and really impressive looking spiked dog collars. Check them out!

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