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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Great Article by Guvener Isik

UPDATE - I have moved this blog to my domain- http://www.cobankopegi.com/blog

A fascinating article with dozens of photos showing a wide assortment of Turkish Dogs is well worth the read for those of us hopelessly afflicted with a fascination for these dogs! In "Comparative Analysis of Two Different Strains of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs: Yoruks and Kangals", Guvener Isik, a Turk with a shepherding background, explores some of the regional livestock guardian dog strains and explains how each of some of these strains were historically adapted for the type of terrain upon which they work. He also touches upon how much things are changing and why the changes.

Online for only about a week now, it has had over a hundred hits according to its web managment interface. Pretty amazing for a just posted article about our rare breed!

Another wonderful photo of Zoran modeling his gorgeous collar. This is the last picture in the photo snapping series and frankly he looks as though he has had enough of all the picture taking nonsense. Still, he looks fantastic!

Enough Already!

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Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 26, 2006

Your dog is so cute. Your dog and my dog should meet. However, i am afraid your dog is going to attack my baby.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 27, 2006

It usually works the other way around! Small dogs get upset if the other dog is too big. :)   

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