Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Turkish Shepherds' Dogs: A Journal

If you haven't already, have a visit to Ann Grove's blog, The Turkish Shepherds' Dogs: A Journal. Featuring photos and stories of a recent trip to Turkey that covered 2000 miles in nine days. The group visited some of the famous breeding kennels, spoke with shepherds and attended the 2005 Kangal Festival, Symposium and Show. It is a review of the Turkish dog situation written in a journal format.

It makes excellent companion reading along with Guvener Isik's article which is a balanced view of the shepherd's dogs in Turkey.

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Blogger Marcela sent us a woof // August 04, 2005


wonderful pages!!!! I really enjoy it a lot. Marcela   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // August 29, 2005

My sister, Sara, and I are going to Turkey in November. We read your jounal with great interest and plan to go to some of the places you write about. We will be there 3 weeks with no set agenda, just enjoy the people and culture. It would be wonderful to see dogs too because my dog is what started my interest in Turkey.
Looking forward to the next installment.
If you have any advice for me feel free to email me. I mean as far as being a good tourist and not offending the locals. If you have any wonderful places you think we would enjoy, that too.