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Sunday, October 02, 2005

What Every Dog Breeder Should Know - Claudia Orlandi Ph.D.

Available from AKC Canine Health Foundation is a home study program for dog breeders.

"ABC's of Breeding: What Every Dog Breeder Should Know!" author Dr Claudia Orlandi uses this workbook to help teach dog breeders fundamentals of breeding at her seminars around the country.

Now available for home study! Approximately 372 spiral bound, standard (8.5 x11) pages, including the "flash cards" and study material. Large print and well thought out approach helps to make the material easier to assimilate.

Basics of genetics are covered -- and even better, dog specific material gathered from trusted canine genetics reference sources provides valuable insight for both the new or experienced dog breeder. Even those that have been breeding dogs for a while may gain a better perspective about practical and applied genetics. Useful insight for evaluating pedigrees may help breeders in making the right choices with promising dogs -- leading to better focus, quality and goals in their programs.

Here are a few scans from this workbook to whet your appetite... :)

"Inheritance of complex conformation traits may be inherited differently in different breeds." - from the workbook

Sample traits. I've blurred some these to encourage you to obtain your own copy! I've left the recessives unblurred because people seem confused about the fact that there are desireable recessives.

An extra teaser page from the book...
There is so much more.

An extra perk! A student of this program can complete the workbook at their own pace and then go on to earn a "Certificate of Completion" for their efforts. To obtain the certificate, the exercises at the back of the workbook should be completed and submitted to AKC. (instructions are in the workbook)

How to get the book?
The price with shipping from one website I saw earlier this year (2005) was $32.95 with checks made out to AKC/CHF (Canine Health Foundation). The author, Dr. Claudia Orlandi suggested ordering it directly from AKC/CHF. The CHF as of this writing, doesn't have the "store" running on their website, -- where the book might possibly be a 'clickable' purchase in the future. Erika Werne, Director of Canine Research & Education (AKC/CHF) sent me email details on how to obtain the book either by postal mail (mail them a check), or to order by phone (with a visa card). I was able to order mine over the phone for total cost $25.00 USD including shipping & handling. Took about two weeks to arrive.

What to ask for when you order -

"ABC's of Breeding: What Every Dog Breeder Should Know!"
by Dr Claudia Orlandi

Dear Janice:

Actually, you can call the toll free number below and order with a visa. The address Claudia gave you is correct, but our PO box works better, since it comes directly to us rather than going through AKC's mail room. That address is P.O. Box 37941, Raleigh, NC 27627-7941.


Erika Werne
Director of Canine Research & Education
AKC Canine Health Foundation

"Double the Dollars for Dogs" - In 2005, every dollar you donate to the Endowment Challenge will be doubled by the AKC! Please contact us for more information about how you can ensure that we meet our goal of helping our dogs live longer, healthier lives.

Hat tip to Kathy Gerlach (Gerlach Ranch Anatolians) and Allison Southards for mention of the book which was originally obtained at a seminar. It sounded like a very promising reference... which sent me sourcing for it
. :)

I highly recommend this book for ASD breeders both as a reference and study guide. I believe that if the information is assimilated and put to good use, this will help us improve the quality of current breeding programs and help in the preservation of the best in our magnificent breed.

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