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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Mahjongg Fans - Anatolian Fun

The other night, while talking to some friends about computer games, the subject of Mahjongg came up. I happen to have several Mahjongg games, but my favorite is a wonderful game called Mahjongg XP Championship which allows you to customize the tiles with pictures or other art you want to use. You can also customize the background. Since I have tiles and a background that are Anatolian related, it seems apt enough for my Anatolian Blog! :)

When I find time to play the game, I usually use a pastel background, or mountains and quiet blues. I have the game customized to open exactly on the relaxing style I love. But custom templates can be made. Just for fun and just because this blog is about ASDs... here's Ruya as a one year old puppy, pictured on a stylized background (made in Paint Shop Pro). Her headshots are also on a few of the tiles among photos of some other favorite Anatolians.

The game can be played on networked computers with another person and features a memory game and other styles of Mahjongg type games with the cool 3D and 2D appearance, :)

Information about the numerous features of this Mahjongg game can be found here. Free trials of the game are also available all over the 'net. I got my copy of the game brand new for less than ten USD, so good bargains are out there to be had.


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // July 22, 2006

I love mahjongg, and love the idea of being able to make themed tiles. I'm definitely going to check this out!   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // July 27, 2006

I bought it, I bought it! It just arrived in the mail today -- just 50 cents at Amazon :)   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 27, 2006

Very cool! You got a great deal! Mine is pretty old so the prices weren't that hot back when. If you need help customizing it, let me know (email) but here are the basics.

Basically you'll fiddle with the 'tileset' editor, then the 'theme' (for automatic loading of your favorite sets/backgrounds). That is done in Notepad.

Original theme loads by default in the game. So I have 'original.tem' renamed (old-original.tem) and then it was edited to say this:

Dan 3D Mahjong Interface Theme
BACK=Special Backgrounds\CutLeavesGold.jpg

The FACE of the tiles can be edited with the included 'applet' called:
located in the root folder of the game.

Open that applet up and select a tileset. To be safe, I renamed the original tileset so I wouldn't lose it and then I then pasted in the pix I wanted to use to replace some of the numbers and other tiles.

Give your new tileset a name (the one on the blog is 1aasd.tls for this doggie tileset)

Then add it to the themes by editing the original.tem in notepad with that name as the FACE.

Good luck and have fun!! I have one with some movie shots from Pirates as well. But I play the pet pictures one most!   

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