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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Reminiscing - Sacramento Anatolian playdays

We used to have a nice local group that got together with our (mostly young) Anatolians, back in the early 90's.

Here's a pic of part of the group at the first local group playday. Cindy (Growlsburg Anatolians) and Patty (Shenandoah Anatolians) were the main organizers back when. :)

First Playday
L-R (person & dog): Moises and Vahsi, Patty and Jolly, plus Jim and Annie, Ken and Eli, at our first playday. Gorgeous dogs and wonderful people!

Vahsi was a blue Anatolian. Gorgeous girl. Sadly she passed on this year. She had just had her 12th birthday. Her sire (not pictured) was of my breeding, belonging to Patty. More pics of Vahsi are here along with the subject of blue Anatolians.

Moises had also sent me some of Vahsi's puppy photos. This is one I thought had good clarity.

Vahsi the Beautiful
Isn't she gorgeous!

Here she is again as an older lady...
Vashi as an older lady
Gazing up at the camera gives the illusion that her almond eyes eyes are round.
But she did have correct and beautiful eyes. (Blue Anatolians may have bluish, then greenish to pale yellow eyes which may become a strong amber as they go through maturation phases. Immature Blue ASDs with blue eyes are not disqualified from the breed standard. The standard applies to mature dogs. It can take from 4 months to almost a year before the Amber color sets in.)

I'd love to hear from other owners of blue Anatolians!


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