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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Breed Standard Revisions: UK

The breed standard for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog in the UK was revised in 2005 to accept all colors of the breed without specific wording for color preferences. Many kudos to all of those that helped to make this happen!

The official description of Color in the standard at this time is -
All colours acceptable, with or without black mask and black ears.
Websites are slowly catching up. However, many are cobwebs that are not updated on any regular basis. The current standard for The Kennel Club (UK) can now be viewed at this link... Discover Dogs - Working - Anatolian Shepherd Dog, which is at The Kennel Club site.

Those of us in the Anatolian community who surf into a site with the outdated standard might take a moment to write a brief note to websites that feature the wrong standard and point them to the corrected standard above.

Now some commentary... The changes above put the standard almost into alignment with the FCI, Australian, and other breed standards for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog around the world, but there are still problems.

  • The coat length is still specified as short (and dense); however rough coats are also correct for the breed.

  • The specification for only a black nose is also incorrect and conflicts with the change in standard that equally accepts all colors. For if all colors are acceptable, that means that the liver color and blue dogs who have well pigmented noses would still be penalized, for it is not genetically possible for them to have black noses.


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