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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

OFA and health records on Anatolians

I've updated my online copy of the OFA database of ASDs. These are dogs which have public health testing results available at the OFA site. Cardiac, thyroid and CERF are among some of the tests that some breeders or Anatolian Shepherd Owners have done. In six months time, there have been 49 additions to the database. This doesn't mean 49 more dogs were tested, but that some dogs with multiple tests were added.

The link for the page is Anatolian Shepherd Dogs from OFA database

If researching an individual dog or a kennel name to get background information on the ratings of their dogs, the alphabetical layout of the reports is pretty helpful. I note that some names are misspelled and others have been corrected.

Ruya, my sweetie

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