Sunday, April 30, 2006

Neighborhood Phishing Watch - Fried Phish!

CNET reports on PIRT, a Neighborhood watch for phishing launches.

CNET writes:
Despite industry efforts, phishing is still on the rise, and experts predict that scams will become increasingly sophisticated. A record 9,715 phishing Web sites were spotted in January, according to an Anti-Phishing Working Group paper (PDF here). The PIRT group aims to get consumers more involved in the phishing fight and bring down malicious sites more quickly.
In that PDF is included this interesting bit:

• Number of unique phishing reports received in January: 17,877
• Number of unique phishing sites received in January: 9715
• Number of brands hijacked by phishing campaigns in January: 101
• Number of brands comprising the top 80% of phishing campaigns in January: 6
• Country hosting the most phishing websites in January: United States
• Contain some form of target name in URL: 45 %
• No hostname just IP address: 30 %
• Percentage of sites not using port 80: 8 %
• Average time online for site: 5.0 days
• Longest time online for site: 31 days

Many phishes were not being reported by anyone so the sites remained up and remained as sources of potential identity theft. In some ways, this is like turning the other cheek when you see a crime in process.

One of the most amazing and simple things to do, is that if people would just turn off the HTML in their incoming email, they would immediately be able to see phishing mails for what they are.

There's really not much one can do when people want their email formatted like a webpage with hidden code and scripts underneath! People who read their email in plain text are less vulnerable to hidden code in their emails.

Some links that explain this and show how to turn off HTML in many email programs: Security with plain text email
More Whys, and How to fix most email programs

My interest in Internet security is quite high because of many aspects of the jobs I do online.

On my sidebar, I always have a link to the Antivirus site and a feed for the latest news. I also include a feed for Internet Hoaxes because not only are many people susceptible to security breaches, but there's a lot of forwarded nonsense from the nicest people who forward things just in case it might be true.

I'm finding it a lot faster for me to submit the phish URLs to the PIRT Fried Phish site. Hopefully they can make a difference, but I trust if the job gets overwhelming, they will also turn the problem URLs to the appropriate authorities who may have more resources in this battle.


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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Anatolians at Play - War Games!

Some puppy fun... an old photo (2003)

Baby Boone grappling with Ruya during his first week with us.

They are only a month apart in age here. Boone is 8 weeks old and Ruya is 4 weeks older (3 months) in this picture. It's still hard to believe the difference in sizes!

Here's another, Boone walking under Ruya after the day of his arrival.

So cute!

Here (below) is a pic of them both at 2 years (2005)
(still puppies, yes!)

Boone in foreground and Ruya standing behind him.

They still love to wrassle. They play hard. It's doggie War Games! In fact, right after above picture, I think Ruya grabbed Boone's exposed hind leg to continue the game which I had (apparently) rudely interrupted with my camera. You can see THAT look in her eye and that playful relaxed grin on her face.

Here's a really short (and rough) movie clip. I took out the indistinct sounds to make it smaller, about 12K update -- unfortunately I had to reformat the movie because it was missing too many files from the Quick Time original, so it is now nearly 3 meg, eep, sorry about that but as they say, "animals can be trained." - and I'm still in training.

You may have to double click this to get it running. This is a clip of the two at one year of age, playing Wargames on a wooden board that they like to use as their official wrestling ring. UPDATE: IE users- You may have seen a prompt when you entered this page. IE continues to fight with Mac plugins such as Quicktime Active-X, which this movie needs in order to run. It will run fine in Firefox browser (hint, hint).

Boone is the boy on the left, has the blacker looking head markings and Ruya is the girl on the right. Ruya getting the upperhand with Boone (he's a good sport). Note toward the end, Boone's tail goes down and then he turns and gives ME a look of exasperation as Ruya gets a good hunk of his neck and drags him away!

At three, Boone is still ever so sweet with Ruya, and Ruya still basically treats him like a chew toy, a roping goat and a doormat! Ruya is very laid back, friendly and confident. She's got the type B personality. She is actually the dominant dog in my group and is generally the one to initiate play and to decide when the fun and games end. If the others invite her to play and she's not in the mood, then nothing happens. But usually she's a good sport and leads a merry chase. A benelovent alpa bitch, she's not pushy but the mere set of her lips, eyes, tail position and the tip of her head conveys a lot of meaning to her subordinates. Even her mother, who is more of a 'type A' personality, tends meekly to defer to her daughter, choosing to take the easy way out.

Anatolians do have some amazing growth rates. Here's a link to a previous post with the puppy growth rate chart that several people helped to compile. (Both of these pups are among the puppy stats in this chart)

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Blogger Cavmi sent us a woof // April 30, 2006

Hello from Italy! Your blog is fantastic! Please, if you have just a free minute, visit me back and leave a comment with your link, so other Italian people will be able to visit you! Thank you!;-D

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 30, 2006

Thanks for visiting, Cavmi! I have enjoyed visiting your site as well. Best wishes and do enjoy your blog!   

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Logic Problems - just for fun!

I've always loved logic problems and for years, I used to buy those Logic puzzle magazines by Penny Press about as often as they would come out.

A random Stumble while waiting for dinner to cook brought me to a page called Open Mike Night on Logic Problems at -- and oh man, just look at it!! Yes, I had to drop everything and solve that logic problem right then and there!

I love the macromedia format of the clickable boxes. Much tidier than the pencil, marker, and ball point 'X' marks I used to make in the paper versions. (Okay I've even used Crayola Crayons and wax china pencils normally used for marking glass microscope slides in the micro lab when the lab was having a slow one on "field day"!)
Alas, playing and finishing that one has whet my appetite for more.


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Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 26, 2006

I thought Open Mike Night is a place where you express your talent such as poetry, music, and dancing, no?   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 26, 2006

Yes, it is! And the clues in the puzzle were so much fun to solve. Wish I had more time to play. :)   

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Turkish Stray Dogs

On my homepage for the past year, I've featured a link to the Stray Dogs Campaign Foundation (SDC Foundation) which is a supportive fund and awareness raising organization for stray dogs issues such as one in Turkey known as Sahipsiz Hayvanları Koruma Derneği (SHKD, or, Society for the Protection of Stray Animals). It's long been about time to write about the Turkish stray dogs issue here.

Be forwarned. The photos and reports on this link are disturbing and quite graphic. They show abuse, poisoning, mismanagement and professional corruption even among some veterinarians and some Turkish government officials who are entrusted local issues pertaining to the enormous stray dogs problem of Turkey. To really grasp the size and context of the issues, you'd have to see these reports.

As with all animal care organizations, Foundation (SKHD) needs money to carry out their programs. Turkish shelters and veterinary facilities often have little to no funding and few regular custodians able to care for the massive numbers of stray dogs.

If you'd like to donate or to buy items that support their cause, visit their support page.
(I'm sorry, some old links in this posting from 2006 no longer exist due to the changes on other web sites.)

A little about the Stray Dogs Campaign Foundation information from their own pages:-

The SDC Foundation:

Started in 2003 as a private initiative by Mrs. Linda Taal, it now has resulted in the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation, founded on April 16th, 2005.

The aim of the StrayDogsCampaign Foundation, as is established in the articles of association, is:

  1. collecting money for organisations that dedicate themselves to the cause of solving the stray dog situation in the urban area's of second and third world countries by means of Catch, Neuter and Release.

  2. developing all sorts of activities that are related to the above in the broadest sense.

Considering the huge scale of the problems, at this point in time the Stray Dogs Campaign Foundation focuses solely on the situation in Turkey.

In Turkey, stray dogs in the cities have been ubiquitous for as long as people can remember. They were part of a sort of accepted ecosystem, cleaning up the edible refuse that humans left at the dumps, accepting food left out for the dogs to eat, or given handouts from the back of restaurants and homes. Some of the dogs could be quite tame and friendly, others quite skittish. See a 2003 Article about SHKD at MyMerhaba (THIS link may load veeeeery slowly but gives a good background).

The situation now has taken on new dimensions as more people move up in life, leisure and think they would like to keep a pet. When the pet doesn't work out, often they are just released so that the neighborhood can provide support for the dog. Of course, this increases the numbers and diversity in types of strays that go on to reproduce.

For the Turkish situation, it seems to work best if stray dogs are captured, neutered, then returned to where they live so that they can at least continue to live in relative cleanliness rather than in overfilled, high maintenance cages where there is higher risk of disease and too few volunteers or officials, and available food to care for them. It is more cost effective than maintaining shelters. The continuous neutering of stray dogs is believed to have effect in helping with some control of the overpopulation program.

Another program in Turkey is FETHİYE HAYVAN DOSTLARI DERNEĞİ (FHDD) which has a website. "Fethiye Friends of Animals Association" states on it's pages:
[Our] aims are to care for stray dogs and cats by implementing a Neuter and Return program, which is a humane no-kill method that eventually reduces the number of strays that are endemic in most Mediterranean countries to acceptable levels. This then results in a harmonious attitude between the local population and the animals."
Progress in Turkey?

Linda Taal of the SDC Foundation has written me that the Turkish government has accepted a new animal welfare bill, the contents of which bill sound pretty good. Here quoted, is the bill:
It is a principle that the owners of cats and dogs being fed and accommodated in communal areas are expected to have them sterilised in order to prevent uncontrolled reproduction. Furthermore, those who wish to breed from the said animals must register all young animals born and are responsible for their care and/or distribution.

Those who sell domestic animals and pets are obliged to take part in certified training programmes arranged by the local authorities in relation to the care and protection of these animals.

Those who produce and trade in domestic pets are obliged to take precautions in relation to necessary anatomic, physiological and behavioural characteristics in order not to endanger the health of pet owners, the mother selected for reproduction or her young.
Linda continues, "However the bill its not implemented. Even with all possible law to refer to, municipalities go on poisoning and killing, people go on breeding and dumping."

Furthermore, according to the FHDD's website:
The Turkish Government has not passed the necessary Animal Protection laws that will in future forbid local authorities from the indiscriminate poisoning of stray animals. Our message to these authorities is that there is an alternative now available to them – the adoption of a Neuter and Return program.
Changes for the better? ...or not? ---

There are Turkish dog enthusiasts who are attempting to get a Turkish Kennel Club started in Turkey and would like to have the club recognized by Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI). In the United States, the AKC is our equivalent kennel club, in the United Kingdom, it is The Kennel Club. Australia, New Zealand also have theirs. The FCI serves the rest of the world. These major clubs accept registration papers between each of their registering bodies.

FCI is an organization that is in some ways a purebred dog enthusiast's metaphor to the United Nations, but primarily deals with the regulations regarding breed standards, competitions, as well as compliant record keeping methods in member countries (FCI is not a registry). Only one dog club in each accepted country can be a member club under the FCI and they must abide these regulations and keep registration paperwork in order. Many countries as yet, including Turkey, do not have a national dog club or registry. Often this is due to cultural issues, priorities or tradition with regard to attitudes toward dogs or general affluence or its lack. (note: I'm sure any ingrained dog enthusiast will mention, some even if not pressed, that the bureacracy in many dog clubs doesn't exactly represent the epitome of civilization!)

One advantage of there being an acceptible registry in Turkey would be that Turkish Dog enthusiasts like myself would be able to get registered dogs directly from Turkey which qualify to be AKC registered. This would enhance the biodiversity and genetic health of our dogs. Recognition of Turkish dogs without going through the maddening process we currently endure would be wonderful! But at what cost for the other dogs in Turkey? The principle movers and shakers in this pursuit are indeed Turkish enthusiasts for the big dogs such as the Kangal and the Akbash dog.

Is Turkey ready for a Kennel Club? Would this create more problems for stray dogs, for small and larger purebred dogs? Would it be a good idea for FCI to recognize a Turkish Kennel Club? Some feel that with more official regulations there may be improvement in the dog situation. But you have to wonder... if Turkey is not enforcing the rules they already have, and do not penalize their own government and animal care officials for mass poisonings, shootings and abuse of stray dogs, what happens then?

If you have an opinion on this matter and want to write to the FCI and let them know your opinion:

Address for FCI
Federation Cynologique Internationale
Place Albert 1er, 13
B-6530 THUIN

More reading on Stray dogs of Turkey:

UPDATE AUG 2, 2006
China is an FCI country, yet their method of handling their rabies problem by violent public beatings of the dogs is just totally unacceptably barbaric. Report on China's Dogs and Rabies

With that sort of background and China not losing it's FCI affiliation, what can we hope for Turkey? :(

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Blogger silent bibo sent us a woof // April 28, 2006

in Taiwan,we also have stary dogs problem.Taiwan's volunteers has been looking for support from overseas.expect to adopt the dogs,I don't know what can I do.... :-(   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 30, 2006

I think all countries have a stray dog problem, however most countries do not have to worry about government employees indiscriminantly extermination of dogs on one's own street. This doesn't happen everywhere in Turkey, but it does happen.

See Turkish News...

from above:
"Until recently it was common practice for municipalities, including those run by pro-secular parties, to poison strays with strychnine-laced meat or to shoot them dead. With pet ownership spreading among middle-class Turks, pressure has been mounting on authorities to treat animals more humanely"

This is the crux of the matter. External pressure which prevents the International (FCI) acceptance of the Turkish national breeds, until Turkish municipalities cease this abuse, may be the best way to motivate Turkish government to stop this abuse by their own employees.   

Which Star Trek Character are you?

Sometimes, I just need a break and can't help myself.

I wanted to be Jean-Luc Picard but a few of the questions that seemed geared to finding the randy Capt Kirks, ended up putting me in the more feminine role. Ah well, Deanna suits me pretty well too.

Your results:

You are Deanna Troi

You are a caring and loving individual.
You understand people's emotions and you are able to comfort and counsel them.

Deanna Troi
Beverly Crusher
Will Riker
Jean-Luc Picard
Geordi LaForge
Leonard McCoy (Bones)
James T. Kirk (Captain)
An Expendable Character (Redshirt)
Mr. Scott
Mr. Sulu


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Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogger for Dummies - getting started

Peter's (aka Enviroman) blog called Blogger for Dummies is part of what inspired me to start this post (the other reason is more doggie related, mentioned below). Blogger for Dummies answers Blogger related questions and offers tips for the Blogger user. You can read a template tutorial, learn to put a photo into your profile, how to edit links in your sidebar or make tidy clickable links (hyperlinks) in your postings. Even back up your blog.

Blogging can be made as simple or as challenging as you want. It can grow with you (heehee, hi Ron!) and provides one way to have your own free web page! If you decide to make the leap and start blogging, there are many different blogging hosts other than Blogger with assorted benefits. Some are free, some are not and some offer more options for the blog user. People usually start with the basics and learn as they go, so the more people using the same tool, the easier it can be to find help for basic questions.

I'm familiar with Blogger since this is the service with which I started last year so I'm most familiar with Blogger resources. (When I started this blog, it wasn't because I wanted to be a Blogger either, but that's another story!)

Blogger (same as is a good place to start since it is a huge resource (owned by Google). There are many newbies with initially similar needs and questions, and there are loads of experienced bloggers who have stayed with the system for years from whom to learn - even if only by studying what they've done with their blogs.

It's easy to get signed up and get started in just a few minutes! Much of this blogging information may make little sense til you have your tiger blog by the tail. Once you get started, you'll go through more or fewer of the processes involved in getting your blog where you want it to be, as your goals for your blog may morph with your imagination and needs.

A great place to get your blogging questions answered is of course at Blogger's own extensive help pages which proved invaluable in helping me to get started. Blogger for Dummies is now another great place which has arrived recently and is much more dynamic with interesting ideas posted from time to time. Not nearly as much for newbies, there's also Freshblog, especially its Blogger Hacks that may be of interest. Surf around.

After you get your ball blog rolling, if you have more questions, there's a Blogger forum hosted on Google.

Some people like to have a unique look to their blog and a search on Google for blogger templates can be helpful. also offers different services and beautiful and unique blogger templates as well. Here's another bookmark I've had for templates at Eris' Template Generator. Remember that once you start getting into fiddling with your template, always save a copy as a backup. Do incremental backups as you go along (use notepad, not Word for this!), since sometimes you may want to back up several notches to do a repair. Blogger doesn't back up your template changes for you although it does maintain your posting database until you delete the files. Sometimes there are system hiccups and you may find that you need to find your template backup. oops!

When I can find time, I'll do a couple more (sporadic) posts about blogging because one of the goals of this blog has been to try and help the members of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog community reach out and help each other.

If you're thinking of blogging maybe some of this info will help you get started. Do have fun blogging!


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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Big dog, little dog

Kathy Gerlach over at Gerlach Ranch sent me some cute pics showing Sirin with their new dachshund (doxie) puppy, Wes.

Here's Sirin at nearly a year of age, getting to know this new doxie puppy.

Look at that expression. Doesn't she seem to be thinking, "What a strange creature you are!"

Now here's an older pic of my own girl, Ruya at 5 months (she's a cousin to Sirin). She's at a dog park, meeting her first doxie!
Her reaction is so cute and funny, "OMG, what IS that? A dog? No!?"


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Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 21, 2006

Awww, I love the big dog and little dog. They are both adorable. I am afraid to get a small dog given the fact that I do not want to accidentally step on him/her. Also, thank you so much for sending me those templates. They are really nice! Better than the ones I saw at You're the best!


Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 25, 2006

Thanks for your visit in my blog and message!After checking this kind of Dogs from book,I have an idea that there are many Anatolians in Turkey which is shepherd dogs just as your title.Anyway,Anatolian is quite big and tall.Is his average hight over 80cm? "Tibetan Mastiff" from China is my husband's favorite but too fierce to own.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 26, 2006

Julie lin,

Tibetan Mastiffs are beautiful. I have probably only met the friendly ones, I think. Or at least, when I see them, they are not guarding their homes. Maybe it has to do with the bloodline, as much as the environment where they are raised.

Anatolian males are often around 76.5 cm to over 80 cm tall, but some are smaller. Some are taller.   

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

No Soup for YOU!

A funny story on a beautiful blog, by a talented writer whose blog engages readers with a wonderful sense of camaraderie and fun. Don't miss this one- No Soup for You!

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Monday, April 17, 2006

Anatolians and kids - UK

Huri Hazine of Hisar is a beautiful, rough coated fawn Anatolian girl who can be seen here in a collection of photos where she is enjoying the company of her friend and folding up into various pretzel shapes as well as enjoying the scenic shoreline of Cornwall.

Sweet friendship!

Costume! (Courtesy Hisar Homepage)

A twist! A canine pretzel!

Unusual position!

You're definitely looking at an expert.

At the beach -- Let Hazine give you a tour!

Tour guide looking gorgeous!
Frankly, the water looks too COLD to me!

Beach scene, Cornwall, England.

Another beach scene in historic Cornwall

If you listen closely, can you hear a fog horn?

Hazine is Reserve Best Of Breed CRUFTS 2005. She also has a BVA Hip Score of 4/4.
Check out the homepage of Hisar (up above) to see their latest news.


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Blogger Juno sent us a woof // April 19, 2006

can u add me as one of ur links??? thanks.. thanks to you i have now my banner. though i just made a dummy banner while making the picture that i will really put in there. another question, how can i resize it, as in maximized to the width of the whole page and a little thicker wen it comes to the length? Please help,,, thanks a lot...also can i add u as one of my links. tnx

Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 20, 2006

The first picture is so cute! The boy and the dog....Awww! I want to see more pictures!


Friday, April 14, 2006

THE 2006 Easter Bunny Urban Legends had more info on the big bunny!
(bunny is authentic, more info and his news story in previous post) UPDATE 31May2006 - Apparently the original Yahoo story has been withdrawn. More information about this rabbit can be found here.

Big Bunny!

Good grief! At this angle, it looks like he'd be hard to fit with bunny slippers!

I want these slippers!
Adult sized Energizer bunny slippers! (Hey, I want a pair of those)

And last, but not least...
The Longaberger Basket building in Ohio

... the perfect Easter basket for a bunny that size.

Longaberger Basket building, Ohio (more info)

EDIT - 4/15/2006: If anyone can send a picture of their Anatolian puppy in a pose mimicking the big bunny's above (someone holding the pup) and do it in such a way (a crouching angle?) that you get puppy's feet to look like HUGE, send the pic and I'll post it on my here (and a link to your website, if you have one).
If there are several good or hilarious approximations, I'll post those too. LOL. Use the email address on the top left (under Semavi Anatolians) if you don't already have one for me.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // April 14, 2006

Yikes! Mutant bunny!!   

Blogger yawningdog sent us a woof // April 14, 2006

Maybe they should have named him Harvey. If he keeps growing he should easily hit Harvey's height. Only problem, Harvey was a 6 foot 3 and one quarter inch WHITE rabbit.   

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Getting back on track...

Okay, fingers crossed. Tax stuff is all done.
WHEE!! Party party!!
Send chocolates, send cupcakes!

About time to get back to normal routine. (whatever that is)

Here's a pic of mom and daughter (l to r) cuddling in a dog house during an April shower.
Zor and Ruya, spring rain...
Zor (mum) and Ruya

Check out this HUGE Rabbit...
HUGE bunny
His feet are nearly Anatolian sized!

See the story here. Update: May 31, 2006 - seems Yahoo has withdrawn or moved the story. Here's a link about this particular giant rabbit and another about problems with giant rabbits.

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Blogger abhijit sent us a woof // April 08, 2006

That rabbit seems to have been fed steriods.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 09, 2006

Or Genetically Modified veggies!   

Blogger yawningdog sent us a woof // April 09, 2006

And I thought the jack rabbits around here were huge.   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 21, 2006

Oh~God!I've never seen so huge rabbit! P.S.I come from Taiwan, here's my blog address:
It is all Chinese but there are many pics.If you're interested in some pic of them,I'll translate them.Anyway,I never see this kind of dog-Anatolian dog here.They look very faithful.   

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fruit Loops for dogs... and other critters?

For a little bit of variety, since Zor is sometimes a picky eater (she's been snarfing up everything lately anyway), James bought a bag of Purina Beneful along with a couple bags of our usual lamb and rice chow (Costco).

Well it's been so long since I've seen such colorful dog food, I've been telling the dogs when it's time to chow, "Hey, you want some Fruit Loops?" and I get this happy grin and wag wag wag. And darn if Zor doesn't just practically inhale this stuff like a Navy Squid on lunch break.

Slightly enhanced photo of doggie froot loops in a cereal bowl on a brilliant blue background selected to help exaggerate it further. haha!

Speaking of colorful things, with Easter coming up soon I'm reminded of those colorful chicks. This picture floats around the internet...

How do the chickies get so colorful? Is it harmful? (without getting into the sad fate of Easter bunnies and chicks that turn into temporary seasonal pets)

As a chicken fancier, I had run into a nice link some time ago where some chicken breeders were using food dyes to differentiate chicks from certain breedings so that when the babies hatched out of the incubator, they could be differentiated at a glance and put into the correct gene pools for future breeding. The birds, would be perfectly fine. It's just the chick down that is colorized and they lose all this fancy coloring with their first molting.

Anyway, another link explaining the why and how is here.

In some research projects in wild bird conservation, this method is also used. One example of such a study using this method on wild birds is here. (see highlight on p. 14)

Egg width and length was measured, and eggs were numbered using a permanent marker pen. Egg volume was calculated using Hoyts formula, (volume = 0.51x length x width) (Hoyt 1979). The sex of the chicks was determined molecularly (Griffiths et al. 1998). To determine which chick came from which egg, when hatching water-soluble food dye was carefully squirted through the hole that appeared in the egg. Three different colours of dye therefore allowed the subsequent identification of which chick came from which egg.

Well, enough of this break. Back to less colorful stuff that needs doing. Spreadsheets and taxes...

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Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 06, 2006

Aww, you dog makes my heart melt. I love pets! When I watch the Animals Planet, I get upset if people abuse their animals. Thank you for your advice by the way.

Blogger yawningdog sent us a woof // April 09, 2006

After running a kennel for a couple of years, I can name most dog food brands by sight. And I have to say that Beneful is the best looking dog food out there.   

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Strange New Products

There's a blog where odd products are posted from time to time: Strange New Products. Today's entry is a hot sauce one can use to flavor food.

The product is also good for detering rabbits and deer from gardens? I haven't yet checked to see if any chiliheads online have rated it. Dave's Gourmet Combination Hot Sauce and Garden Spray

Here are a couple recent dog related entries.
Polyester Body Sleeves for Dogs and ...
Doggie Thong for Farting Dogs
apparently this latter company makes products for people too.

April 1, 2006:- My sidebar (on the left) seems to be working for MIE now. *grumble* (what a _PAIN_ that was to fix!)

...but on the fun side of things, I've added a different version of Google search tool on the left because the other one wasn't able to search the whole blog...
(if it's not one thing... )

Semavi Lady woofed at @ 4/02/2006 10:02:00 AM | Permanent link | (2) Comments

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 02, 2006

It looks very nice. Worth all the work you put into it.


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 05, 2006

Thanks, Mark. Been learning a lot about blogger coding, fer shur.