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Monday, April 17, 2006

Anatolians and kids - UK

Huri Hazine of Hisar is a beautiful, rough coated fawn Anatolian girl who can be seen here in a collection of photos where she is enjoying the company of her friend and folding up into various pretzel shapes as well as enjoying the scenic shoreline of Cornwall.

Sweet friendship!

Costume! (Courtesy Hisar Homepage)

A twist! A canine pretzel!

Unusual position!

You're definitely looking at an expert.

At the beach -- Let Hazine give you a tour!

Tour guide looking gorgeous!
Frankly, the water looks too COLD to me!

Beach scene, Cornwall, England.

Another beach scene in historic Cornwall

If you listen closely, can you hear a fog horn?

Hazine is Reserve Best Of Breed CRUFTS 2005. She also has a BVA Hip Score of 4/4.
Check out the homepage of Hisar (up above) to see their latest news.


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Blogger Juno sent us a woof // April 19, 2006

can u add me as one of ur links??? thanks.. thanks to you i have now my banner. though i just made a dummy banner while making the picture that i will really put in there. another question, how can i resize it, as in maximized to the width of the whole page and a little thicker wen it comes to the length? Please help,,, thanks a lot...also can i add u as one of my links. tnx

Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 20, 2006

The first picture is so cute! The boy and the dog....Awww! I want to see more pictures!


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