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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Anatolians at Play - War Games!

Some puppy fun... an old photo (2003)

Baby Boone grappling with Ruya during his first week with us.

They are only a month apart in age here. Boone is 8 weeks old and Ruya is 4 weeks older (3 months) in this picture. It's still hard to believe the difference in sizes!

Here's another, Boone walking under Ruya after the day of his arrival.

So cute!

Here (below) is a pic of them both at 2 years (2005)
(still puppies, yes!)

Boone in foreground and Ruya standing behind him.

They still love to wrassle. They play hard. It's doggie War Games! In fact, right after above picture, I think Ruya grabbed Boone's exposed hind leg to continue the game which I had (apparently) rudely interrupted with my camera. You can see THAT look in her eye and that playful relaxed grin on her face.

Here's a really short (and rough) movie clip. I took out the indistinct sounds to make it smaller, about 12K update -- unfortunately I had to reformat the movie because it was missing too many files from the Quick Time original, so it is now nearly 3 meg, eep, sorry about that but as they say, "animals can be trained." - and I'm still in training.

You may have to double click this to get it running. This is a clip of the two at one year of age, playing Wargames on a wooden board that they like to use as their official wrestling ring. UPDATE: IE users- You may have seen a prompt when you entered this page. IE continues to fight with Mac plugins such as Quicktime Active-X, which this movie needs in order to run. It will run fine in Firefox browser (hint, hint).

Boone is the boy on the left, has the blacker looking head markings and Ruya is the girl on the right. Ruya getting the upperhand with Boone (he's a good sport). Note toward the end, Boone's tail goes down and then he turns and gives ME a look of exasperation as Ruya gets a good hunk of his neck and drags him away!

At three, Boone is still ever so sweet with Ruya, and Ruya still basically treats him like a chew toy, a roping goat and a doormat! Ruya is very laid back, friendly and confident. She's got the type B personality. She is actually the dominant dog in my group and is generally the one to initiate play and to decide when the fun and games end. If the others invite her to play and she's not in the mood, then nothing happens. But usually she's a good sport and leads a merry chase. A benelovent alpa bitch, she's not pushy but the mere set of her lips, eyes, tail position and the tip of her head conveys a lot of meaning to her subordinates. Even her mother, who is more of a 'type A' personality, tends meekly to defer to her daughter, choosing to take the easy way out.

Anatolians do have some amazing growth rates. Here's a link to a previous post with the puppy growth rate chart that several people helped to compile. (Both of these pups are among the puppy stats in this chart)

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Blogger Cavmi sent us a woof // April 30, 2006

Hello from Italy! Your blog is fantastic! Please, if you have just a free minute, visit me back and leave a comment with your link, so other Italian people will be able to visit you! Thank you!;-D


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 30, 2006

Thanks for visiting, Cavmi! I have enjoyed visiting your site as well. Best wishes and do enjoy your blog!   

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