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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Big dog, little dog

Kathy Gerlach over at Gerlach Ranch sent me some cute pics showing Sirin with their new dachshund (doxie) puppy, Wes.

Here's Sirin at nearly a year of age, getting to know this new doxie puppy.

Look at that expression. Doesn't she seem to be thinking, "What a strange creature you are!"

Now here's an older pic of my own girl, Ruya at 5 months (she's a cousin to Sirin). She's at a dog park, meeting her first doxie!
Her reaction is so cute and funny, "OMG, what IS that? A dog? No!?"


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Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // April 21, 2006

Awww, I love the big dog and little dog. They are both adorable. I am afraid to get a small dog given the fact that I do not want to accidentally step on him/her. Also, thank you so much for sending me those templates. They are really nice! Better than the ones I saw at Bravenet.com. You're the best!


Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 25, 2006

Thanks for your visit in my blog and message!After checking this kind of Dogs from book,I have an idea that there are many Anatolians in Turkey which is shepherd dogs just as your title.Anyway,Anatolian is quite big and tall.Is his average hight over 80cm? "Tibetan Mastiff" from China is my husband's favorite but too fierce to own.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 26, 2006

Julie lin,

Tibetan Mastiffs are beautiful. I have probably only met the friendly ones, I think. Or at least, when I see them, they are not guarding their homes. Maybe it has to do with the bloodline, as much as the environment where they are raised.

Anatolian males are often around 76.5 cm to over 80 cm tall, but some are smaller. Some are taller.   

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