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Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogger for Dummies - getting started

Peter's (aka Enviroman) blog called Blogger for Dummies is part of what inspired me to start this post (the other reason is more doggie related, mentioned below). Blogger for Dummies answers Blogger related questions and offers tips for the Blogger user. You can read a template tutorial, learn to put a photo into your profile, how to edit links in your sidebar or make tidy clickable links (hyperlinks) in your postings. Even back up your blog.

Blogging can be made as simple or as challenging as you want. It can grow with you (heehee, hi Ron!) and provides one way to have your own free web page! If you decide to make the leap and start blogging, there are many different blogging hosts other than Blogger with assorted benefits. Some are free, some are not and some offer more options for the blog user. People usually start with the basics and learn as they go, so the more people using the same tool, the easier it can be to find help for basic questions.

I'm familiar with Blogger since this is the service with which I started last year so I'm most familiar with Blogger resources. (When I started this blog, it wasn't because I wanted to be a Blogger either, but that's another story!)

Blogger (same as Blogspot.com) is a good place to start since it is a huge resource (owned by Google). There are many newbies with initially similar needs and questions, and there are loads of experienced bloggers who have stayed with the system for years from whom to learn - even if only by studying what they've done with their blogs.

It's easy to get signed up and get started in just a few minutes! Much of this blogging information may make little sense til you have your tiger blog by the tail. Once you get started, you'll go through more or fewer of the processes involved in getting your blog where you want it to be, as your goals for your blog may morph with your imagination and needs.

A great place to get your blogging questions answered is of course at Blogger's own extensive help pages which proved invaluable in helping me to get started. Blogger for Dummies is now another great place which has arrived recently and is much more dynamic with interesting ideas posted from time to time. Not nearly as much for newbies, there's also Freshblog, especially its Blogger Hacks that may be of interest. Surf around.

After you get your ball blog rolling, if you have more questions, there's a Blogger forum hosted on Google.

Some people like to have a unique look to their blog and a search on Google for blogger templates can be helpful. Finalsense.com also offers different services and beautiful and unique blogger templates as well. Here's another bookmark I've had for templates at Eris' Template Generator. Remember that once you start getting into fiddling with your template, always save a copy as a backup. Do incremental backups as you go along (use notepad, not Word for this!), since sometimes you may want to back up several notches to do a repair. Blogger doesn't back up your template changes for you although it does maintain your posting database until you delete the files. Sometimes there are system hiccups and you may find that you need to find your template backup. oops!

When I can find time, I'll do a couple more (sporadic) posts about blogging because one of the goals of this blog has been to try and help the members of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog community reach out and help each other.

If you're thinking of blogging maybe some of this info will help you get started. Do have fun blogging!


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