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Friday, May 05, 2006

Queen of the Hill - Semavi Kale Nadide

2006 picture of Nadide watching over her mini-horses.

A high vantage point and a good guardian.
Nadide is Semavi Kale Nadide, nicknamed Zoey. She is a littermate to my Ruya.

Another pic of Nadide from a 2005 picture watching over her horses.

When she was a puppy of 8 months, for several nights she started alarm barking because she sensed that something was wrong in the neighborhood. Her owners didn't know at first what the matter was.

No one knew there was a lion out there checking out the baby horses as well as the neighboring pets, goats and other livestock. Because Nadide raised the alarm and kept the lion away, all of Zoey's critters remained safe, but the neighbors who did not have livestock guardian dogs (LGDs) suffered some livestock losses before Fish and Game came out tracked down the lion.

Photo courtesy of Nadide's neighbor and California Fish & Game

Paw of the captured lion next to an adult's hand above.

Lions that develop a taste for hunting and preying on pets and animals right in backyards of humans may also be dangerous enough to be stalking small children. They lose their innate caution of being in human populated areas. These cats usually cannot be captured and responsibly put into another area since they may actually seek out more easy prey among human homes, a source of easy pickings - especially if the territory where they are released, belongs to a stronger lion.

Some more pics of Nadide and links to her littermates are here.


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Blogger Ron Southern sent us a woof // May 05, 2006

Eeeg! Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!   

Blogger Judy sent us a woof // May 06, 2006

Wonderful pictures and a great story. We so often have no idea what our dogs are barking at, but usually they have good reason. Good job, Nadide!   

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