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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Safety of Internet Search Engines - Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask....

When you do a search on a search engine, you normally don't worry much about getting your computer infected for merely clicking on a site in the search result and merely glancing at it. However infection vectors have become very sophisticated and exploit known and unpatched bugs in popular software.

The Safety of Internet Search Engines is a brief summary by Mary Landesman at About.com of a report by McAfee regarding the safety of Search Engine use.
. . . the researchers point out that with an estimated 5.7 billion searches conducted in the US per month, that "even a 5% incidence of red/yellow sites would mean 285 million clicks to these sites every month from search engines." This makes search-scanning services such as the recently debuted Scandoo all the more attractive.

Check out the link above and check out Scandoo. You may want to bookmark Scandoo and begin using it for all your searches. It is not a new search engine, it is a realtime link evaluator of search results from Engines that you probably already use. From Scandoo, you pick the engine you want to search.


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