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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stuart learning the ropes - update

Stuart has been making good progress on the last report I got from his new home early in May. You can see him here, getting to know a lamb. He's was a bit too frisky at the time of this picture to just be put with the fragile baby. But it is nice to know he really seems to have landed his forever home.
Stuart and a lamb
Stuart and a lamb

His new home is in California and he lives with Karen Malcor-Chapman, her family and critters at their beautiful horse ranch. Links to the various sites associated with the ranch are below.

Akin is their other male Anatolian and the one that rules the Anatolian roost there. He is a grand 14 years old. What a magnificent boy!

Karen writes:
These photos were taken by the famous horse photographer Johnny Johnston. The lamb was just a week or so old and on the other side of our property from her mom. She obviously felt safe and secure with Akin as she never tried to get up or away while we were taking the photos!

Here are some beautiful photos of Akin, by Johnny Johnston.

Noble boy
Noble boy

Akin and lamb
Gentle guardian

Akin and lamb
Trusted friend

Related Links- Karen Malcor-Chapman:
Home Page: http://kpmcornerstone.com
Arabian Horses: http://kpmca.com
Miniature Horses: http://honeypony.com

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