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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Anatolian Lap dog

Ruya loves getting into the laps of people she likes. And she really likes Karolyn.

Karolyn came to visit and was sitting on the outdoor loveseat glider in the yard and Ruya just had to get up there and join her. Look at the smiles!

Karolyn and Ruya on the loveseat swing
Soooooo Happy Together...

Note in the above picture, the loveseat is about as wide as two adult sized occupants. Ruya takes up most of the chair because she needs room for her front paws and her butt. She looks a little cramped with her elbows bent so that she can fit her paws on the chair.

Ruya the lapdog
Anatolian sized Lap Dog takes up most of the chair

It's a tight fit for Ruya when she's laying with her head across someone's lap while on the glider. Her legs are so long they want to flop off of the swing, but she manages somehow to look pretty comfy. Funny girl. It's the thought that counts! :D

Dave Koerner got the first picture of the pair posing. And I couldn't resist getting the second picture. They are both so photogenic! B)

Normally Ruya ignores the glider, but occasionally gets up on it if someone is near it and she thinks she can 'talk' them into joining her on the seat. After she leaps up onto it, the glider jiggles rapidly back and forth under her weight, but Ruya doesn't seem to be unnerved by it at all and doesn't jump off. She seems to think that is fun since she's usually 'rewarded' by convincing her target to join her on the chair. :p


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Blogger Joan Sinden sent us a woof // June 02, 2006

haha! That's too cute! I call Charlie - my 110 pound lab/sheltie mix - my 110 pound pocket dog! He's the same way - just drapes himself over you - but he's also my pocket dog because I take him everywhere with me like you do froo froos. It's not fair that only froo froos get to go shopping. And sit in laps!   

Blogger Watchful Eyes sent us a woof // June 02, 2006

Hi Janice,

Here is my url for my blog. I am still figuring it out.

Watchful Eyes Anatolians - http://watchfuleyesanatolians.blogspot.com



Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // June 02, 2006

Those pictures are so cute.


Blogger Conners sent us a woof // June 03, 2006

Please forgive me. I said he when I should have said SHE! LOL   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // June 03, 2006

I'm a little biased myself. :)   

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