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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Anatolians and Kids - LA

Louisiana that is!

Great pics! Had to share.

Kelly had gotten her first Anatolian from me from about 12 years ago. She now has a family and two younger Anatolians. Both Rossi and Jersey are pet sister siblings from the same litter (Nov 2002) and get along just fine. When Jasmine passed on (1994-2005), both of the girls continued with the job of being wonderful family guardians.

Email from Kelly:
Just took a couple of pictures of Brooke playing with Jersey and Rossi tonight. Brooke just kept hugging Jersey and saying "oohhhhhhh." Rossi wouldn't have any of the hugs, but really wanted Brooke to chase her. She would lay real still until Brooke got about 2 feet away and then she'd dash to another part of the yard. Brooke thought it was great fun, and you can see her hollering as she's running to get Ross... ;)

Rossi just out of reach - waiting for the chase to begin

Jersey, not playing keep away but being the most wonderful hug buddy a little girl could ask for

Awwwww, good Jersey!

Rossi and Jersey were bred by Susan Anton (Sandbrook Anatolians). Their sire is Full Circle Isaret "Marky" CGC TD.
A pic of Marky and one of his favorite buddies of all time is here.


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