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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Holy Liftoff, Batman! It's a Butt Rocket!

Egads, I'm never going to win any awards for keeping up with what people have invented. While trying to remember something about some canine elbow pads for protecting the elbows of big dogs (they sometimes get callouses, hygromas and other injuries there), I ran into a Y2K patent for a butt rocket "Toy gas fired missle and launcher assembly" (United States Patent 6055910). Be sure to scroll down a bit on the page to get more details. The PDF document contains schematic diagrams.

It is said: Necessity is the mother of invention - but I think some other rules apply to this one!

from the buttrocket description
Text from the PDF file

Apparently these things never took off. * groan * heh

On the left side panel of the site, check out the other "Crazy Patents", several of which are pet related.
UPDATE: 3:30 PM - OMG too many laughs! be sure to see the images included in the PDF for the "Animal Ear Protection" (year 1979) patent # 4233942 . And I used to think that snoods looked strange!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // June 18, 2006

That was fun -- I always figured you needed to be a genius to invent something, but apparently, that's not the case ;-)   

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