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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Mamas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Do Dog Shows

Apparently, fun(ny) should be had by all who read this story! THE LIGHTER SIDE! over at Gypsy Anatolians.
. . . So, I explained that they were rather large, but that one would be crated and they would be quiet (I was saying a silent prayer at this point!) She then asked if they were more than 35 pounds. Well, Bear is about 140 lbs. and Brinks is 82 lbs. Wanting to avoid calling 911, I just said yes they were. . .

Yep, you know it... you gotta go there now. Read it and laugh out loud! :D

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // June 14, 2006

Nice site! I found you through Blog Pound.
I grew up in Turkey and well remember the Turkish guardian dogs. If I ever get past my Rottweiler habit (and have more room) I'd love to have one.
I met an Anatolian at an agility trial last weekend. Of all things, an agility Anatolian. She was pretty good, too! Extremely aloof, typical, beautiful dog.   

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