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Friday, June 09, 2006

New Turkish Collars at Andrea's Taking My Time

Andrea's website has some snazzy new Western style concho collars and several Turkish buffalo leather collars with metal trim. Among these are a few with FLASHY day-glo/neon pink felt lining -- the very popular and showy Turkish BIG dog collars with the assorted metal bells. (see a similar one below)

Nearly gone now, are the last of her Turkish beaded collars and the custom Kilim and leather dog collars which fit medium sized dogs. Not many left. Lots of eye candy there. :)

I can't resist! These below are not the new collars, but I have a few 2005 pics of Gerlach Beau modeling a couple collars when I last visited him in Napa. They are just 'ok' pics but still nice enough to share because the collars are so impressive. :p

Bells and beads collar
Bells and beads on a felt lined Turkish Collar
The above collar is meant to be showy and is often displayed on prized Turkish stud dogs. This one has nylon instead of buffalo leather strapping.

Spike collar
Beau modeling the Aksaray style Turkish spike collar
This collar is intended to protect the flock guarding dog from getting gripped around the neck if the dog has to face off with a Turkish wolf. Beau doesn't have the collar completely fastened around his neck so it looks loose. These collars fit very snugly.

In the USA, we like to collect these awesome collars as decorations. NOTE the very cautious hand avoiding those spikes! :)

Another pic of this style of collar is here. (not the exact same one)

Andrea's Taking My Time
Gerlach Anatolians - Beau's home.


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // June 09, 2006

Hello from me and my Anatolian, Dante, in Las Vegas! You've got some gorgeous photos on your blog, and I've definitely enjoyed browsing it. I have a photo of my Anatolian at the bottom of my most recent blog entry. He'll turn 6 on July 4th.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // June 10, 2006

Thanks Leigh-Ann and Dante for leaving a note when you dropped by. I checked out your blog and remember being there before! Thanks for the better chance to look at Dante.   

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