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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, it wasn't Madonna's bra. . .

Time... Yesterday morning, looking past Zor (my 8 year old Anatolian female) who was laying down amidst bits of torn paper and chewed up things. Off in the near distance were a pair white curved things laying on the ground that shouldn't have been there. I'd have to go check it out.

Zor surrounded with a few chewed up bits of paper

Ruya, relaxing on the porch.

Between the two, which one would have been the guilty one?
Ruya is doing a good job appearing to have had nothing to do with it all. :)
Ruya is a 3.5 years old daughter of Zor.

Cone shaped pointy things.

Definitely not Madonna's bra.

Madonna's braTHIS is Madonna's bra

After seeing the evidence up close I had a laugh.

When in pairs, cone shaped, pointy things usually remind me of too much adolescent humor.

Referring, of course, to Madonna's famous pointy bra.

Couldn't help it... I was laughing laughing out loud. :D

Oh boy...
Well chewed up funnels!

Not much left of the funnels!

I thought, well, James will not be pleased, but I was still laughing. Since it was also nearby, I put what remains of a large cotton chew rope that was once a couple feet long right next to the funnels (the rest of that rope was nearby too). Just more evidence of how important chewing is!


Got the evidence.

Apparently James had handled the funnels and didn't put them away or if he had put them away, they were found anyway. Personalities and quirks are part of life with dogs. I'm sure it was Zor that did that. Zor loves to claim things laying around that James has personally touched and 'abandoned', including tools and bags of nuts and bolts. Some strange sort of scent and chew fetish I guess!

Glad she can't reach his cell phone or remotes!

I'm so pretty!
Beautiful girl, pretty smile.
So sweet, even is she is naughty.

James stepped out of the house and wondered what I was about. After I pointed out "Madonna's bra" to James, he gave an exasperated sigh and muttered, "Zor".

Of course, she's been following him and since he's standing still for a moment observing the crime scene, AND mentions her name.... Zor wisks up to his side and immediately leans on him heartily with a huge happy grin on her face.

And what does he do? He's rubbing her ears while he's telling her what a naughty brat she is.

Must be love.

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Semavi Lady woofed at @ 6/14/2006 08:58:00 PM | Permanent link | (3) Comments

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // June 17, 2006

Dante once took the entire Yellow Pages outside and tore them up. For days we'd see little bits of yellow paper floating through the air...

The thing which surprises me most about Dante is that he hasn't outgrown his love of chewing on the forbidden. I think he's just trying to keep us on our toes.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // June 17, 2006

Egads, does that mean the Yellow Pages of Las Vegas?!! Oh my goodness! LOL
That must be twice as big as most phone books!

Our other problem chewer was years ago. That Anatolian loved to chew garden hoses and often left 6 inch sections laying around anytime one of us forgot to put various hoses away. :( Oddly, that dog really wasn't a problem chewer for anything else... just garden hoses.   

Blogger Joan Sinden sent us a woof // June 17, 2006

haha! I've always said that - if it's at floor level it's fair game! My car is always full of my shoes because Buttercup always has to leave the house with something in her mouth - and what is near the door? Shoes!   

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