Sunday, July 30, 2006

I *HEART* Brindles!

A local Anatolian owner is moving to Idaho and had recently taken her pup there to check out the lay of the land. Sure sounds exciting!!

Matty on the move
Looks beautiful to me!

Of course, when I think of remote and rustic environments, I think of bugs, snakes and bears too. eep.

Here's part of one shot I made of Matty when she came to visit early in February.
Matty puppy headshot
Very cute!

A sweet temperament as well.
I love her brindle color though you can't see much of it here!

Here is a cropped shot of one side of her body.
Spots and stripes!

Just to show how nuts I am, I'm thinking I should have made a macro shot of some of her individual brindle colored hairs! I'm so fascinated by the brindle pattern and generally intrigued by the bands in the hair of genetic sables anyway. :P


Above you can see fleck of color on her body, and freckles on her nose. This is called ticking. This is a form of pigment leak-through that happens on pinto factored dogs that have the ticking trait. Puppies like dalmatians are born white, and then the ticking begins to break through. White areas shrink back a bit as pigment development comes to the fore.

The color of ticking that comes through will be the same color as that area on the dog might have been, if the dog didn't also have spotting trait (pinto/piebald). Pinto marks are white toes and white stockings, blazes, stars on the forehead, even big patches of fur like on a Saint Bernard or Collie, where the color white covers up the body color beneath. These white markings are areas where pigment development is turned OFF.


In a brindle dog, you can only see the black stripes in areas where the dog might normally be yellow to red. You can have a black dog that is brindle too, but the stripes will be hidden in the coat because of black on black! doh!

Now tanpoint!

Tanpoint doesn't seem to happen in Anatolians. But brindling does fascinating things to a tanpoint, so I'm bringing it up here while I'm on the subject of brindles.

Tanpoint is a black and tan pattern as seen on a Dobie, Rotti, Berners and some Australian shepherds -- just to name a few breeds. And there are some black and tan dogs that have brindling. I've seen a picture of a purebred Saluki that has tanpoint and brindling. Probably happens in Afghans too, but being long coated it's hard to see actual stripes on them. Anyone know other tanpoint and brindle breeds?

While a brindled, tanpoint dog's whole body is striped... you can only see the black stripes on the tan point areas of the dog - it needs that yellow/red area to show up. These are usually mixed breeds usually since people who develop tanpoint breeds usually want clear and sharp markings that are not muddy looking.

Some time ago, someone sent some pics for a breed ID on a rescue.
I thought this dog was gorgeous.
I'm not sure what he is (definitely not an Anatolian) of course, but appears to be a mixture of rotti and some brindled dog which also contributed the genetics for (guessing here) a good amount of bone, tight feet and a different earset than rottis usually have.
Handsome dog
A mixed breed dog in brindled tanpoint

What a great dog!
Another shot of this awesome dog

The eye spots (the tanpoints over the eyes) on this handsome dog are brindled, as is the muzzle and any other areas where the coat is based on phaeomelanin (yellow to red hair - non-black areas). The white medallion on the chest has no pigment (pinto factor) so there will not be yellow hairs for the brindling to break through.

Fascinating huh? B)

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // July 30, 2006

Oh, I heart brindles too!
A previous dog (Phoebe the Terminator, aka Phoebelicious, passed on at about 14-15 yo, she was a stray I had for 13 years so I knew nothing of her origins) was a part-brindle. She was probably GSD x - brindle sighthound? Malinois? She had the black saddle of a GSD, body & size of a Mal, greyhoundy ears, and the parts that weren't black were green brindle. People kept asking what she was and I started telling people she was a Lurcher - which technically, she may well have been.   

Blogger Ron Southern sent us a woof // July 30, 2006

Dogs, dogs, dogs. Doncha think about anything else? Doesn't brindling occur in horses? Just asking, I'm not sure.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 30, 2006

Carina, what an interesting dog with an interesting set of aliases (LOL) for Phoebe. I'm glad you found each other and she had a good life. Were you feeding her raw? She did okay on processed junk food then? No ear infections and all that stuff?

I've had a couple brindles in the past. One was a GSD/Dane mix (she was a known mix from an oops breeding so the breeder knew what the parents were). Another was an ASD colored much like Matty above. I hope to have a brindle again some day, whatever breed it might be when the time is right.


Ron, LOL!! Thanks! What can I say? Topical blogs are just that way. :rotfl: I am actually going to try to find time to do a macro on dog hair! You might need to send the white coats! ;)

Yes, there are brindle horses (link to one of the best sites here) and cattle. The genetics and triggers for expression in equines appears to be quite different than brindling in dogs.

Black striping across species varies but at the core level brindling is essentially the same -- in that the pattern is the effect of some genes interacting and -- essentially producing a pattern reminiscent of a demonically possessed, break dancing fool of an inkjet printer with a black ink cartridge randomly skipping and streaking - skittering about with glee. -- What's not to like about it? :D (it's an acquired taste I know)   

Blogger ZaltanaAnatolians sent us a woof // July 30, 2006

Janice, love the little genetics lesson to wake up to on a Sunday morning. I have never particularly liked brindles, except pinto type brindling, but after reading this, "a demonically possessed breakdancing fool of an inkjet printer" I am looking at brindles in a very new and fascinated way.
I guess my Ayla has the flecking gene, she has little faint spots of black fur all over visible in her white fur, much like a Dalmatian, this was not visible when I first got her, I wonder if those spots will come out more as she gets older?   

Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's OFFICIAL!! The Sims 2 - Pets ARE coming!

The Sim 2 Pets, Oh boy!! I've updated my original posting with the details: The Sims 2 - Pets ARE coming!!
Yay!!It can't get more official than the EA Store having the EP available for preorder! So I've added the link to that post.

UPDATE: Thursday 27, July 2006- MAXIS announces the Pets Expansion officially here and gives their first chat about the current alpha version here.

Places to see reviews and PICS!
The Sims 2 site
- The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack
The Sims Resource
- The Sims 2 Pets Review
The Sims 2 France
- Includes shots of EA headquarters (in French)
- The Sims 2 Pets! (Holland)
The Sims Zone (added Friday 28, July 2006)
- Sims 2 Pets Preview Special LOTS of pet pics - shows how breeds are made.
Simtimes (added Saturday 29, July 2006)
- Pets Preview Gallery Good quality preview pics.

Sims 2 related, I created a page with some screen captures of a glitch in my game. The plumb bob has turned into a trash can! See it here.

My three Anatolians
L-R: Ruya & Zor (the girls), Boone (da boy!)

I hope I can create and breed Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in my game!

A breed creator and pet genetics are included. Sim genetics doesn't necessarily follow complex rules for polygenic, additive, epistatic & hypostatic traits, etc., but it is just a game and experiments will be cute or interesting. And of course, it's all for fun and a little surreal! :)

Boone having fun!
Boone, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog having fun!

Well, finding the time to play the game is yet another thing too :D

See the link above for my original post, the current update, and some background on the game! Excited!

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // July 22, 2006

Interspecific hybrids are all I ask for! Oh, and greyhound needlenoses :)   

Blogger Carina sent us a woof // July 25, 2006

Haha, you can make all those adorable poo mixes currently so popular. Anatolie-poos? Peke-a-tolians? Anapuggles?
Someone about a decade ago got the bright idea to make "mini-Rottweilers" using pugs, min-pins and maybe something else. Basically trying to get little chunky black & tan dogs; thankfully it wasn't a successful endeavor otherwise the internet would be flooded with them by now.
Boone looks like a very joyful guy, I just love your dogs!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 25, 2006

Thanks regarding Boone. He is a happy boy!

Eek Ana... something poo?! ewww...
Ewwwww on the mini-rottie, haven't heard of that one. But WHY?!

Of course all the talk about crossbreeding in the game needs to be understood on the surreal level although some of the conversations about the crosses makes me feel like climbing walls.

I wonder how those mixes would look in the game. I'm so curious how the genetics will work. I'll definitely be taking pix. :)

The first generation Sims (Unleashed) doggies tended to look very much alike, and if you had different parents and 'mixed' them, the pups would look like either the mom or the dad since there were no genetics engine in that edition of the game.

With The Sims2, in no time, people will be creating winged or feline looking dog creatures or dogs with bovine horns (and needled noses) and crossing those with the same abandon that the Grim Reaper is crossed Sim people, and with aliens and vampires in the game.

And that's just some of the fun stuff. :)   

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Carousel Horses and Anatolians


James collects weird stuff.

I like horses and was delighted when he brought back this carousel horse style yard ornament many years ago (the larger gray and blue one). It doesn't really go with anything in the yard (nothing does) but so it is with things sometimes!

I was testing out the optical zoom on the 'newish' digital camera and noted that Ruya does NOT miss a thing, (she's always checking things out) so I snapped the photo. I added the black carousel horse just for kicks. It seems to emphasize chaos that seems to be normal around here. :)

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Anonymous Carmen Montenegro sent us a woof // August 18, 2006

I will say I love my German Sheperd!
I believe sometimes God put a little dog for teaching us what is the matter about friendship, loyalty and kidness.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Anatolian Shepherd Dog on Finnish TV Show

Kirsi and her Anatolian, Semavi Kale Kadim, recently appeared on Finnish TV. The show was about how Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) can be helpful in managing a balance between wildlife conservation efforts (predators) and keeping livestock.

Here are some captures from the Real Player version of the show (so they are a bit fuzzy!).

Here's Kirsi taking Kadim out to be filmed for the interview

Kirsi during the interview

A capture of Kadim from the show

Kadim apparently had a good time being a TV star for the day. He did some silly things that were filmed in the interview, but I was told that few of his antics (regarding personal grooming) were not part of the final cut. ;) Ah the life of a TV star. California Boy does Good. :)

Good job Kirsi, and well done, Kadim! :clap:

And now, for a picture not so fuzzy!
Here's Kadim in a winter scene at home. He's showing off a concho studded collar in weather more typical of Finland!

Kadim models his "Cowboy Cool" concho collar!

Previous link on Kadim in this blog
See the Real-Player Video here. (14 minute video which in Finnish - click the "katso jutun real-video" link)
Visit Kirsi's blog- Kiramet anatolianpaimenkoirat

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Latest in Anatolian Neck Jewelry

What has virtually no legs, is almost a perpetual motion machine, can be worn like a necklace and generally gives an Anatolian a lot of (neck) exercise?

Three guesses, three pics. ;)

Dangling from "Auntie" Sirin's neck!

Kiz checking out the legless wonder.

Is that puppy ever completely in focus?

Can't resist! Okay, one more pic :)

Kathy calls this one: Help me, I'm being good!

Kathy adds that "Bitsy", a 9 week old mini doxie (3 pounds), who is visiting Gerlach Ranch, also chomped onto and got to be Auntie Sirin's hanging Anatolian Tail ornament!

The joys of puppy sitting? :p


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Blogger Joan Sinden sent us a woof // July 13, 2006

I have a friend who's mother just got a mini-dachie puppy - and her daughter (so my friend's sister) has a cane corso - now THAT would also be a cute necklace to get a picture of. I don't know if the corse would be quite as benevolent as your anatolians though.... haha!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 13, 2006

Anatolians can be so tolerant, but I think most big guys and little ones can get along just fine if introduced with care. Of course, the big one needs to be able to ESCAPE the little terror if necessary. LOL   

Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // July 16, 2006

When our first 2 Anatolians were contained with invisible fence, we had a neighbors beagle come and visit often. They all played hard and he would even ride on their backs! And when he was tired, he would run to the opposite side of the IF, take a breather and then return.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 16, 2006

Sounds like everyone know the 'rules', Holly!

I'm thinking of a beagle in a western hat riding an Anatolian like a capuchin monkey. The visual keeps replaying like "It's a Small World After All", yikes!   

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Break Glass In Case Of Emergency

Eh, this will probably be an inside joke for just about everyone that knows me on a daily basis.

Of course, the thing should be protected in a glass shadow box with a little metal hammer attached. B) ;)

What? Me? Proofread?!

Online Image Creators


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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // July 10, 2006

Ooh, I need to get a copy of that!   

Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // July 10, 2006

Crack the code?

If all else fails, a frisky slap with a decent sized trout should do it. :D   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 10, 2006

Oh Definitely, the Fish Slapping Dance.

If it helps! :rotfl:   

Blogger ZaltanaAnatolians sent us a woof // July 10, 2006

That is truly funny. Finally a "how to" book.   

Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // July 12, 2006

Too funny, Janice!!!   

So you want to have a dog?

Joan Sinden shares, "Just about the saddest - and well written - things I've read lately." Go and visit!

I have a lot to say about this general topic. This message is one that more people should read before they get a dog (or other pet).

For now, I'll let that message speak for itself.

On a happier note, here's a cute pic of Boone (who we had NO idea was going to get sooooooo big, ;) LOL... just kidding--sigh because that's one of the other 'reasons' too, and you'll know what I mean)
Baby Boone


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Anonymous Leigh-Ann sent us a woof // July 08, 2006

That was an excellent story you linked to. If nothing else, one portion of it was yet another reminder that those of us with large dogs need to be mindful breed bans. We could be next.

I love photos of Anatolian puppies :) We got Dante when he was older, so we missed his "chubby puppy" stage and went straight to "gangly".   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 08, 2006

Thanks Leigh-Ann. I've read the story several times now. You'd think I'd learn! :gazing at crumpled tissue: :(

The BSL stuff going on is just surreal as are the festering media carbuncles about mixed breeds being products of healthy breeding. :X

Glad you like the happier pics. Gah... looking at happy dog pitchurs is goooooooood therapy for me at the moment.   

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Anatolian sized Kilim Collars

Andrea, over at "Taking My Time" has made a small batch of BIG dog sized Kilim collars.
These are absolutely beautiful with sturdy hardware suiting such big dogs.

I'd been trying to get a photo of Ruya posing in a Kilim collar but here are the results of the best I could do!
If I made her stand back a ways so I could get a nice headshot with the collar, she'd give me a look that would tell the world I beat her terribly to get her to pose. If I made her happy and got her to stand back enough so I could get a great pic, she'd keep looking at me and the pose would hide the collar. I can't WIN! ;)

Kilim Collar

Kilim CollarTake a look at these beautiful collars here. She may still have some that are small enough for medium sized dogs.


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Anonymous Leigh-Ann sent us a woof // July 07, 2006

That is a beautiful collar. I make Dante wear a cheap collar with his name and phone number embroidered on it, as he tries to eat tags if they're hanging.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 08, 2006

Our's don't tend to eat the tags so much as tear them off somehow! Numbers on the collars are a great idea. I also like those leather ones with the brass plate fitting, won't catch on things and the dog's always got their info with them.

At any rate, since my dogs prefer being outside and nice things do not last long out there, we keep the Kilim inside and just use it for fancy stuff. :)   

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Importance of Net Neutrality: Save the Internet

I'm one of those people that like to be able to get on the internet and look for and read about almost innumerable topics. Sometimes I share the links I find with different people. And sometimes they end up not getting the link. Sometimes there is an error message that comes back to me saying that other users of the system have complained about that particular link, so my recipient is not allowed to see it. Sometimes the link is about a shortcoming of that ISP, so I can only imagine who the users are that are blocking that email. Other times the message is completely removed from the recipient's mailbox - supposedly treated as SPAM although messages immediately before that one and following ones are received okay.

The situation is not getting better. Some companies with big bucks want to control what you can see; if you can see it all and how fast you can see it. Some major changes are going to take place without most of us knowing about it.

Now is your opportunity to get familiar these and with some of the other issues, check out this link: Save the Internet : Join the Fight for Internet Freedom. Net Neutrality issues are complicated...

Read the FAQ to get familiar with some of these issues.

If you support Net Neutrality, do take the time to sign the petition at the site.


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Anonymous Leigh-Ann sent us a woof // July 07, 2006

WIth people like Senator Ted Stevens in charge of regulating things like net neutrality, we should probably all be concerned: