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Saturday, July 22, 2006

It's OFFICIAL!! The Sims 2 - Pets ARE coming!

The Sim 2 Pets, Oh boy!! I've updated my original posting with the details: The Sims 2 - Pets ARE coming!!
Yay!!It can't get more official than the EA Store having the EP available for preorder! So I've added the link to that post.

UPDATE: Thursday 27, July 2006- MAXIS announces the Pets Expansion officially here and gives their first chat about the current alpha version here.

Places to see reviews and PICS!
The Sims 2 site
- The Sims 2 Pets Expansion Pack
The Sims Resource
- The Sims 2 Pets Review
The Sims 2 France
- Includes shots of EA headquarters (in French)
- The Sims 2 Pets! (Holland)
The Sims Zone (added Friday 28, July 2006)
- Sims 2 Pets Preview Special LOTS of pet pics - shows how breeds are made.
Simtimes (added Saturday 29, July 2006)
- Pets Preview Gallery Good quality preview pics.

Sims 2 related, I created a page with some screen captures of a glitch in my game. The plumb bob has turned into a trash can! See it here.

My three Anatolians
L-R: Ruya & Zor (the girls), Boone (da boy!)

I hope I can create and breed Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in my game!

A breed creator and pet genetics are included. Sim genetics doesn't necessarily follow complex rules for polygenic, additive, epistatic & hypostatic traits, etc., but it is just a game and experiments will be cute or interesting. And of course, it's all for fun and a little surreal! :)

Boone having fun!
Boone, an Anatolian Shepherd Dog having fun!

Well, finding the time to play the game is yet another thing too :D

See the link above for my original post, the current update, and some background on the game! Excited!

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Semavi Lady woofed at @ 7/22/2006 01:15:00 AM | Permanent link | (3) Comments

Blogger Diane sent us a woof // July 22, 2006

Interspecific hybrids are all I ask for! Oh, and greyhound needlenoses :)   

Blogger Carina sent us a woof // July 25, 2006

Haha, you can make all those adorable poo mixes currently so popular. Anatolie-poos? Peke-a-tolians? Anapuggles?
Someone about a decade ago got the bright idea to make "mini-Rottweilers" using pugs, min-pins and maybe something else. Basically trying to get little chunky black & tan dogs; thankfully it wasn't a successful endeavor otherwise the internet would be flooded with them by now.
Boone looks like a very joyful guy, I just love your dogs!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 25, 2006

Thanks regarding Boone. He is a happy boy!

Eek Ana... something poo?! ewww...
Ewwwww on the mini-rottie, haven't heard of that one. But WHY?!

Of course all the talk about crossbreeding in the game needs to be understood on the surreal level although some of the conversations about the crosses makes me feel like climbing walls.

I wonder how those mixes would look in the game. I'm so curious how the genetics will work. I'll definitely be taking pix. :)

The first generation Sims (Unleashed) doggies tended to look very much alike, and if you had different parents and 'mixed' them, the pups would look like either the mom or the dad since there were no genetics engine in that edition of the game.

With The Sims2, in no time, people will be creating winged or feline looking dog creatures or dogs with bovine horns (and needled noses) and crossing those with the same abandon that the Grim Reaper is crossed Sim people, and with aliens and vampires in the game.

And that's just some of the fun stuff. :)   

Puppy Boone says: Let's chat!

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