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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Surprise Visit!

Susan and Steve, from hundreds of miles away, were in the area and dropped by with their Anatolians yesterday. I didn't know they were in the area and it was such a wonderful heartsurprise to see them and their Semavi dogs.

Of course, being unprepared, a nice Saturday morning, I had been in the house in my lingerie, my hair tangled into a bun (no bone today, sorry Wilma), reading, cooking and trying to get caught up with some email and other projects when James came in and told me that they were all out front waiting for me! EEEEEK! Ha! So I grabbed a sweater and overalls and shoved my babydoll into them (don't ask, I wasn't thinking), grabbed a digital camera, and a notepad (for scribbling to me, I'm deaf) and went out to see them.

Wonderful!! Steve and Susan looked wonderful and the dogs were just gorgeous, healthy, happy and so well behaved! Steve took some great pics for me on my digital so gotta share my fave!

Khazu & Dylan with me
Me with Khazu and Dylan

Khazu (Semavi Kale Kumandan) is a pinto three and a half year old male from my 2003 litter, a littermate to my girl Ruya. He is OFA hips good and elbows normal and so cute! Because of his large bone and size, he looks like he will be mature in another 2 years. He's very loyal to Susan and Steve, so he doesn't love on 'just anyone'. He's polite and confident in public. Like his brother Kadim in Finland and my other Anatolians, he seems to regard public displays by smaller fiesty dogs (with an attitude toward big dogs) - as mere invisible little insects that must simply be ignored. For fun and apparently good muscle conditioning for him, Susan says he pulls her along when she rides a scooter, and he proudly breezes along at 20 mph. It's fun she says, but she's gotta work hard at keeping it all under control, lol. I got the mental visual of a big and flashy cart horse commanding everyone's attention as he trots by!

Dylan (Semavi Dylan) is 8 years old, a spay, the red female. She's sister to my Zor (Khazu's mom) and thus the auntie to Khazu. She's very social and loves everyone and I think typical of my girls, tends to be more independent(stubborn) than the boys. Both dogs go on hikes with Steve and Susan. They have a photo page here. A side note on 'loves everyone', after Dylan and Khazu went back into the car, Susan and Steve visited with Ruya and Boone. Ruya zoomed around excitedly and just threw herself on the ground with legs running in the air (squirming about on dusty crushed granite, no less) a couple times, for belly rubs, which rather startled them, sheesh! Boone was polite and standoffish, rather aloof to them but bold and sweet. Ruya is in heat so we didn't bring her to meet her brother.

You can't really tell from the smaller size of this picture, but Susan had arranged the dogs to stand just SO, and the dogs are all EYES on Susan while Steve snaps the shot. I'm the only one looking at Steve and the camera. Great shot! Too funny because Susan is alpha mom and the kids know it! I'm just a cardboard figure in the pic for all they care. Haha! (j/k!)

I'm impressed too, since one of my chickens came out to check out the commotion. The dogs' ears came forward, but there was no tugging. Now you can never predict how a dog will react to a strange chicken unless they continually lived around them and grown bored. When Khazu was a pup with us, he had of course known our chickens and including the one trying to join us, but chooks tend to look alike when you don't personally know them. He hadn't been around mine for over 3 years. Auntie Dylan had also known our assorted chickens and had been a baby when we had a batch of pesky roosters too. So her chicken experiences included her being beat on with claws, pecking and beating wings by puffed up broody hens with their babies. (That'll sure teach an Anatolian pup to respect that particular group of chickens)

I'm really fond of chickens (and *hint* chicken jokes, you guys!), so here's some shots.
Broody hen
Broody hen and one day old baby chicks

Chickens and pups
Chickens waiting to steal puppy chow
Above pic shows L-R counter-clockwise: Kabul, Zor and Dylan (one month old) and a few pesky hens scheming to clean up their puppy chow. I'm holding the camera and flipping a rag back and forth to shoo the hens - to keep the hens from shooing the pups away from their chow. (it's a "dog eat dog" world sometimes!)

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Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // August 06, 2006

Woof! Woof! Yo, bro', you've grown tall!

.... says Kadim in Finland...   

Blogger ZaltanaAnatolians sent us a woof // August 06, 2006

They are both beautiful and so good to hear what wonderful temperaments they have. Marlene   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // August 12, 2006

I'm so happy you love chickens (and chicken jokes!) too!

Here's one for you...

Q:Why does a chicken coop have 2 doors?

A: Because if it had 4 doors it would be a sedan!

Sorry, :p I know it's a bad joke...

Love to see the pics of your dogs, can't wait to have a home of my own and have a dog of my own too!

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // August 12, 2006


That probably my fave chicken joke of all time. I've probably told it to my various captured audiences more than once! LOL :D
Thank you TY TY!!! heehee

Marlene & Kirsi,

I just love these guys! What can I say?

To the Turkish guest who dropped by, thank you for your kind comments! I couldn't publish your comment since it linked to warez and adult sites, but I agree with your points and admiration of the dogs :) :)   

Puppy Boone says: Let's chat!

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