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Friday, August 18, 2006

Teaching Your Dog Self Control

Pedigree.com - Giving Your Dog “The Look”
Looks like something fun to do.

It looks like a wonderful exercise in developing another level of a respectful working partnership with ones canine buddy(ies).

I've done stuff like this before such as when teaching a dog that persistently paws for attention (you know the kind! They do this usually at the worst time, when you're wearing something that has to stay clean or not have pills and runs in it). For unwanted pawing, I teach the dog to shake hands on command - to give the correct paw when shaking hands but not to offer it until asked -- thereby teaching them to wait til the paw is asked for, so reducing and finally extinguishing unwanted annoying and destructive pawing --- At least it works for me; I'm pretty consistent with that one. I also consider NILIF and other little routines important in teaching canine self control. Dogs learn to see that they just can't barge in and run the show.

This "Look" routine in the Pedigree article would seem to teach more in the way of "Easy now, think about this will you?", thus more self control and encouragement of canine reasoning to the exercise. I'll be giving it a try, just for fun.

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