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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Zoey and Lots of FLOWERS!

Great photos from a Semavi doggie family member up in the next state. This is Semavi Kale Zoey, a 3.5 year old littermate sister to my Ruya girl (Ruya gazes at you at the bottom left of this blog template). Zoey is a big boned girl and tall, she was spayed at four months. Her character is all Anatolian! (see Paul's comment about her independence) Her temperament is really sweet and she's apparently quite social and loving. I just LOVE the expression on her face and the way she expresses her moods and thoughts with her ears, in the pics below. :) :)

Paul writes:
She is a beautiful girl and everyone loves her. Her only fault is she comes when she chooses, which is not necessarily when you call her. Most of the time she is fine but if she has her mind or eye on something else. Well she is her own boss then. [Typical Anatolian!]

She weighs about 153 and stands about 34 in. at the sholders about 36 in at the hips. The measurements are a little rough, she doesn't stand still very well for measurement. Her weight was at the vets when she went in for vacinations in early June.

Zoey and young family members
Zoey snuggling up with daughter-in-law and grandson.

Zoey with a sweet expression
Look at the love on that face!

She got that melted protoplasm look... sooooo content and happy... eyes closed, blissing out (happy sigh)... :) :)

She does look like she is standing on her own feet rather than le-e-e-eaning into her hapless love victim quite the way her mum does. heehee :p

Zoey with her 'dad'
You can see her just eating up the love.

Side note: From what little I see (there are more pics), Phyllis and Paul have have an awesome flower garden. All the pics had a brilliant riot of colorful flowers in them. For many of us, keeping dogs and having a garden can be mutually exclusive not that I have EVER had a green thumb anyway! Good job Phyllis! (assuming she's to blame!) :D

Here are a few older pics of Zoey with her cows - I didn't have a blog when I got these pics a couple years ago, so they are fun to share now while I'm going on about Zoey!
Zoey hanging out
OH, this is one picture I wish I could just step into!

Spot the Anatolian!
Betcha can't find the Anatolian! ;) (Zoey about 10 mos)

Spot the Anatolian!
Paul writes: The calf is about 2.5 months old, he and Zoey (4 mos) are best friends.

She seems to be such a sweetheart. Paul wrote about her before her first birthday and said:
There were two little Pugs in the office at the same time and they were just yap yapping and wanting to get close to Zoey. So, the people asked if it would be ok and so I let Zoey have a little leash. She got down on her belly and crawled close and let the little mutts sniff and walk around her. It was a very funny sight.

Amazing girl. Well that is a trick I've used when getting one of my ASDs introduced to a kid or critter much smaller than the dog. Just fold them up like a transformer so their size isn't intimidating. ;)

Related Link:
Last blog pic of Zoey - She's with her buddy Oliver here.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // August 09, 2006

I don't know which is prettier - Zoey or the flowers! I do know that maintaining a nice garden is much easier with a *female* dog than with a male...   

Blogger Evrim sent us a woof // August 10, 2006

very cool. I am Turkish and nice to see photos of these beautiful dogs.   

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