Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Woman Uses Dog to Start Her Car

Gearlog : Woman Uses Dog to Start Her Car

Interesting. :)

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 29, 2006

That is really cute!!   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // September 30, 2006

I can see the reporters really dogging that story...   

Monday, September 25, 2006

Iditarod Poodles - in Alaska

This is not a new link but it's funny and I like it. Mushing Poodles in the Iditarod!

Alaska, where women win the Iditarod and men mush poodles!

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Sunday, September 24, 2006 Sims 2 Pets "Unlockable" - Purple Pug!

I had to laugh when I saw this. :D

I think pugs are odd and cute (in their own way...) as it is, but the image at the left is shown as the representational offering one gets for pre-orders of the game from -- "... the exclusive, unlockable Purple Pug ..."

I found the original link here. There is a 'bandit cat' given as a preorder bonus at Gamestop and CompUSA at the same link.

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why It Helps to Have Two Hands

It's just in case if you're petting one dog. . .

Zor eating it up

And another one wants some too!

Ruya wants some too

Skunk!Ruya took a hit from a skunk the night before this pic. Yeesh!

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 27, 2006

...and you petted her skunky head?? LOL.
I had never heard of Joubert, he and Lonsdale (who can be a bit "out there" but certainly is a man on a mission) are of like mind, I see that he's got commentary on Lonsdale's site Thanks for those awful dental photos, yikes. Excellent dental health really is one of the nice things about not feeding kibble much or at all - sweet breath and really white teeth.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 27, 2006

Lucky me, I'm the one with the camera. :)

The stink was everywhere so we couldn't tell it was Ruya at first. The other two Anatolians were not hit. Just Ruya. :)

It's true about the rawfood groups/splits - and that their activism and differing opinions seem to create issues all their own. On the whole, I think that Lonsdale is much less an apologist to the pet food industry. So that creates its own groups of loyalties. :)

I'm glad you're reaping the benefits of your choices! It really is the right way to go for many dogs!   

Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 30, 2006

Second post down is a recipe (and my comment) for a deskunking solution.

(I've not tried to figure out how to put hyperlinks in comments yet.)

Some raw proponents are ridiculously rigid...I own a large, active yahoogroup - raw stuff plus just about anything else related to dogs. There's other (Lonsdale-ites) groups that will actally ban people for writing the word "kibble" or talking about feeding ground meat or vegetables. I am not joking. Sheesh. It's just food. :)   

Friday, September 22, 2006

Sims 2 Pets - Training Your Pet!

One more month to go before this expansion pack comes out!

There's a Sims 2 Pets Training Paper (Newsletter) on the Official Sims 2 site. The second edition is out now. Let me quote from it briefly! (Owners of real pets could take heed!)

Learned or Reinforced Behaviors
Start with the basics. There is no point trying to teach Prince to play dead if he isn't even potty-trained. Teaching Sim pets acceptable behaviors is the first step in helping them get along with their Sim families. These behaviors include where to relieve their bladders, what foods to eat, and more.

Just Say No
When Sim pets are up to no good (digging in the yard or chewing on something that they shouldn't), your Sims have the option to scold their pet. No pet loves to be chastised, so a few firm words can go a long way toward teaching Sim pets the manners they need to get along in their Sim families. Make sure your Sims praise their pets for good behavior to balance out the necessary reprimands and their relationships will benefit in the long run.

Take It Outside!
Encourage your Sim pup to piddle outside. Your Sims might still have a puddle to clean up, but if the pet chooses the sidewalk as their preferred spot, it will be much better than inside on your Sims' living room carpet.

Bad Dog?
If your Sims reinforce certain pet behaviors (like digging in the yard or sleeping on the bed) by praising the pet for these actions, the pet will repeat these acts. If a pet has been encouraged to behave a certain way (or wasn't discouraged either!), they aren't misbehaving. There is no such thing as a Bad Dog, only one that wasn't trained properly.

I had to highlight that last line! It's sweet how much the game is working to protect these cute critters and teach good things too. Of course, I'll always be convinced that a certain cat which used to hang out here ten years ago was a confirmed curmudgeon, if not truly evil and mean! :p

From YouTube, here's a copy of an official video (I wish it weren't so dark!) showing the importance of training to create well behaved pets! Right at the end there's a funny demo of how to train a sim doggie to play dead. Too funny!

Cracks me up how much that kitty is ripping up that chair while the two sim people appear nonchalant during this demo. Sure brings back memories of how much work new pets can be!

The Sims 2 Pets Training Paper also features lists of breeds that are being added as ready made pets forms. Ocicats and Shiba Inu are among several newly added breeds on the current list. :)

Related Links
The Sims 2 Pets Training Paper Issue II
Previous Blog post

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Thursday, September 21, 2006

If You're Happy and You Know It, Wag Your Tail?

A happiness test for dogs?

How much does breed character and differential bonding with select family members affect the results?

My Anatolians have been known to zoom around or speak/sneeze/sing when I come home, yet barely notice when James comes home -

. . . o O ("oh, it's just you...," say they. )
*tail tip wags slightly*

Yes they do love him and lean on him when so inclined, but you guys must know what I mean. :)

Do they establish what is normal for the individual dog before going off to decide if the dog is happy?

At left, Ruya in 2004, in the midst of a game with Boone.

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Don't Let Your Anatolians Watch This!

There are enough powerful Houdini dogs among us as it were!

Thanks to Kirsi for the find! :)

There is actually a key in that padlock! Even so the manipulation skills are amazing. The dog manages to turn the lock around and open the kennel. The little dog escapes to follow are really cute. FWIW, there seem to be some very interesting doggie escape videos on YouTube and Video.Google to be seen. As most Anatolian owners know, repairing and modifying fences and other barriers are part of the 'fun' of owning one of these powerful dogs. :p

BTW, please drop by Kirsi's blog. An Anatolian boy she rescued years ago has just passed on. He had such a hard life before she took him into her home. She worked with him, his issues, and problems. Not everything could be worked out but he had a good life with her loving care.

Big Dessu with baby Kadim
Dessu the big pinto boy from European rescue sharing a couch with fawn California Boy, Kadim in Finland

Rest in Peace, Dessu. You are missed. . . :(

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Traditional Yal, Turkish Dog Food Recipe Request

A call out to gather some traditional Turkish 'yal' recipes and any trivia associated with regional or seasonal yal makings.

Yal in a letter
From a 1982 letter written to Natalka Czartoryska

Yal is a gruel that is prepared and fed to Turkish shepherd's dogs. With all the changes there are in nutrition criteria, there's still benefit to be had by learning about the traditional recipes and their regional variations.

Shepherds Rest Farm has blogged a recipe and cooking instructions for yal.
Check it out -- & leave some comments there.
Shepherds Rest Farm: Recipe for Yal


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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 21, 2006

Kewl! And thank you for the link to the other blog too.   

Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 21, 2006

Oh - doing a quick search before going off to work I found this link:
You probably already know of it but I saved it to look through his other materials.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 21, 2006

Carina, yep, I'm familiar with the link!

I'm looking forward to anything you can share, now or in the future! :)

The best perspective is the one with all eyes open!   

Blogger Shepherds Rest Farm sent us a woof // September 21, 2006

Thanks for the great comment regarding ASD diet in Turkey, including all the foods they might consume in additional to Yal!

In regard to longevity, I understand that the working dogs in Turkey are lucky to live to be 2 years old, since they really do have ongoing encounters with large predators. So any studies in their country of origin regarding diet, as it relates to longevity, would be almost impossible.   

Monday, September 18, 2006

Willard Wigan :: Micro Sculptor

See the art of Willard Wigan :: Micro Sculptor.

"Microscopes with a magnification of x100 are needed to see the micro sculptures."

. . . When working on this scale he slows his heartbeat and his breathing dramatically through meditation and attempts to harmonise his mind, body and soul with the Creator. He then sculpts or paints at the centrepoint between heartbeats for total stillness of hand. . .


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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // September 19, 2006

What, no angels dancing on the head of a pin? I'm so disappointed!

I like the Tiny Elvis. Reminds me of the old SNL sketch. In general, though, I think this guy has way too much free time.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 19, 2006

Speaking of Tiny Elvis and too much free time, I remember when I used to have one or more of these silly animated free Tiny Elvis downloads. Oddly, I still have other downloads from that time, but no Elvi stuff. :)   

Sunday, September 17, 2006

One Laptop Per Child - So Much to Ponder

The $100 Laptop.

One Laptop Per Child
Cute machine! A prototype from "One Laptop Per Child" Project

Julie at DeafDC Blog writes on the subject of One Laptop Per Child… Possible? The cultural questions she poses are among the first things I pondered when I first found information about the project at MIT site last year. Deafness & disability combined with a fascination with science, technology and fondness for animals created ready misunderstanding and rifts where my own family did not always understand nor tolerate my differences in whatever they felt was the 'norm'. It was easier for me to focus on things with which I could be skillful and truly it was the only way to go because as a handicapped child, things others took for granted were difficult for me and often others had no point of reference for understanding.

Browsing and reading from a junior encyclopedia or piles of National Geographic magazines was far more interesting to me than watching TV with my mother and siblings when I could not always hear well enough to understand the words spoken on the programs. My mother's frustration with my differences when I was in grade school included the fact that at one point, I had read every single horse story available at the school library during one of the genre binges I entertained at the time - My instructor had no idea what grief this would cause me in my family when she shared my delight in reading with my parents at one PTA. My father was delighted, but I could not understand why that was such a problem for her -- I had the longest list of 'books I read' among my classmates. :D My sibs didn't have much interest in reading and that just seemed more 'normal' to her. :)

So it is with that background, I wonder about conflict within families, even if the conflict has something to do with better education. There are cultures where females are just not expected to expand their worlds and when they do, they become alienated. Children are quick studies in accepting and seeking new technology, but how will it affect their relationships with their families in third world countries? Will the kids be safe with this technology, could something happen to them if they are alone with one of these machines and another person wants it? It's very easy for me to imagine how technology or pursuit of it could backfire in some ways, while on the other hand there are benefits and advancements to be had.

Will it be welcome? You can find stories such as this one in India providing another aspect of food for thought.

Parents usually are role models and provide guidance to their kids, maybe more so in some cultures than they are in some modern cultures. Kids that understand things far beyond their parents at much younger ages may lose the guidance that they need due to a widening communication and cultural gap between the kids and parents. Painful memories... Parents that didn't get an opportunity at a good education are not always supportive of the achievements of their children when they don't understand those things.

Anyway, the technology is promising. Problems to come?
For now, it's all speculation.

One Laptop Per Child
The first prototype I saw last year

One Laptop Per Child
Another prototype

I think education is a good thing and I hope that in communities receptive to the "One Laptop Per Child" program, that great advancements can be made by first opening up the minds and curiosity of those who will benefit most.

To read more about the project, to see a FAQ and more images, go here to

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Funny Sims 2 Pets video - Cat vs Naughty Dog

Very cute, from YouTube.

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Happy Chews

We got our delivery of doggie chews from Omaha Vaccine Company. Several 'kilo' packages of rawhide twisties, a new cotton knotted rope toy to chew and with which to play zoom zoom chase games, a few bully sticks and 10 pound box of hoof chews.

New chewies
Bully stick and a hoofie to go!

Boone and Zor took some of their treats off to their own corners to enjoy. Ruya sticks around nearby and celebrates!

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 18, 2006

Bully sticks are the best!!
Mine get raw knuckle bones, but only in winter because they attract flies all over the yard when it's hot. Nasty. Bully sticks are the cleanest and safest chewies in summer.
Question: Have you done any writing about traditional Turkish dog diets? I'm quite curious! Thanks. :)   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 18, 2006

Oh yes, they love those raw bones and bully sticks!

As to the traditional diet, those dogs that are fed regularly would traditionally be fed 'yal' and scraps. Depending on the region, it would be made with whatever is convenient. That's my understanding of it and I've been told different variations but never given cooking instructions until today.

I just wrote to a friend about yal because she mentioned it while speaking on another subject! Great timing! She feeds yal to an adult male Turkish dog and some to her puppies. The adult dog is one that she is keeping for a mutual friend as per his Turkish owner's request.

I will need permission to post the recipe or see if my friend will post it -- I'll give a pointer either way! :)   

Thursday, September 14, 2006

2007 Anatolian Shepherd Dog Calendars deadline!

Your last chance to get the 2007 Anatolian Calendar and support Anatolian Shepherd Dog Rescue with your purchase! You need to get your orders in now!

:) :)

Only 2 weeks to place your calendar order!

This is a reminder that calendar orders are being taken until Oct. 1. Calendars are made to order with only a limited amount of extras being made. Calendars are $20. each. A check can be made out to ASDI and sent to:

ASD Calendar P.O.
Box 3283 Newberg, OR 97132

or pay via Paypal at

We are taking orders earlier this year in hopes to have the calendar mailed out by mid-November. We will extend the deadline as long as we can - until we need to give the printer the exact order number.

So, get your order in now and help support our ASD Rescue groups who do such wonderful work in taking care of our neediest dogs.

If your photo is chosen, you will be notified so as to have an opportunity to order more calendars.

Please contact Chyril if you have any questions -

Thanks everyone for all your wonderful support of this project!

Holly Ballester and Chyril Walker

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Warning: Ankyloglossia in ASD & Kangal Dogs Spreading Worldwide

These affected cases are being exported out of Turkey, so the recessive gene is spreading. I have not heard if we have affected ASDs or Kangal Dogs in the USA. The most recent case, 2006, is in Germany and one prior to that, 2004, is in Finland and the first case I read about was reported in Turkey in 2003.

So it is coming if it hasn't already arrived.

See a pic (click to enlarge 125K)
From JAVMA, Vol 223, No. 10, Nov. 15, 2003 - Scientific Reports: Clinical Report, 1443

Note from the ages of the affected dogs, that the trait is apparently well established in related breedings since the affected pups obviously did not all come from the same mother. Possibly from sisters owned by the same person. Since the trait is probably recessive, this means that the sire also supplied genes to cause expression of the trait.

Many Turkish dog importers have brought dogs to the USA over the recent years. Because the trait behaves as a recessive and apparently has modifiers as to degree of expression, it can be hidden until the gene in one dog meets up with another dog carrying the same gene and they each donate the recessive to the pups in their litters.

We do have enough increase in COI numbers in the USA going by some of my calculations (with well over a thousand Turkish dog pedigrees in my database), that such recessives will turn up soon if we have them. Puppy buyers are brutally honest when breeders are hush. We need to know if this is happening in the USA and which bloodlines to avoid. Puppy buyers must continue to be honest where breeders have not. It takes a community to protect our breed.

Here are the cases from the earliest reports to the present one.

(UPDATE: for clarity: these pups would have been born before the 2003 peer review and publishing of this article, depending on how long documenting the case and peer review took - sometimes as long as one year - perhaps the birthdate of these pups was 2002)
First reported case that I know of was in Turkey, published in Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association in Nov 2003. The article from the Journal was sent to me by sharp-eyed Audrey at Shaman's Anatolians.
Department of Surgery, Akdeniz University, Faculty of Veterinary
Medicine, Burdur, Turkey.

Two 8-month-old and one 7.5-month-old Anatolian Shepherd dogs were examined because of excessive drooling and poor weight gain. The 2 older dogs were full brothers, and the younger dog was their half sister; all 3 had the same sire. Physical examination revealed that the dogs were unable to protrude their tongues properly. In all 3, the tip of the tongue was notched and deviated ventrally when the dog attempted to protrude the tongue. In addition, a thin tissue band between the sublingual surface of the tongue and the floor of the oral cavity was seen; this tissue band extended from the lingual frenulum to the gingiva of the mandibular incisors. Frenuloplasty was performed to correct the complete ventral ankyloglossia. Immediately after surgery, the tongue was more mobile, and during recheck examinations, the dogs appeared to be able to use their tongues normally and could protrude their tongues when panting. They had gained weight and weighed almost as much as their healthy siblings. In all 3 dogs, the tip of the tongue retained a "W" shape.

WHERE did the German puppy that needed surgery come from? Who bred the dog? How related were the parents? WHO were the parent dogs? Were others in the genetic trail affected by the trait? Are there owners in Germany being tightlipped about it?

Here is where it is chilling ------ If it happened in some dog's great Aunt, that could very well mean that the speaker's present dog is a carrier even if "they never had babies like that!" This very simple genetic fact can be an infuriating topic. I did talk to a few Turkish dog owners and sellers about some white puppies that were born. These pups were blood relatives to ones being sold in the USA and abroad as KANGAL DOGS. Since the aunt or a distant cousin was WHITE, and because their own dog wasn't -- they didn't think their dog was a carrier of the trait. In fact one of the Turkish dog traders that helps import dogs to the USA got tightlipped and angry about the white puppies being revealed and started up a stupid hissy fit with some cronies, including one guy that is a rocket scientist that apparently knows next to nothing about genetics. One ASDCA breeder of ASD and Kangal Dogs who had purchased related dogs from the same strain also played the 'huh'? "that's not what my broker said"...

(UPDATE: Checking my notes - These puppies were born early in 2003 and obtained from a Turkish member of parliament who breeds Kangal Dogs originating from SIVAS, Turkey)
An affected puppy and its unaffected littermate turned up in Finland in 2003. As far as I know, the affected one wasn't serious enough to need surgery. The dogs seemed a bit small but I don't have an update on them.

Sadly... my friends, this IS the way Ankyloglossia is going to spread in the Turkish dogs all over the world and it is happening NOW. . .

This is a case published in Aug 2006 in a German Vet periodical.
Kleintierpraxis Reinle und Grundmann, Well am Rhein, Deutschland.

Ankyloglossia, commonknown as tongue-tie, is a rare congenital oral anomaly in dogs. A complete attachment of the lingual frenulum to the floor of the oral cavity leads to limited mobility of the tongue including problems during eating and swallowing. In humans ankyloglossia is a common anomaly in newborn infants. In our report a 5-month old Anatolian Shepherd dog was surgically treated and full function of the tongue could be achieved with a horizontal-to-vertical frenuloplasty.
2007 - 2010 coming to a Turkish dog litter near YOU...

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Blogger silentsurfur sent us a woof // September 13, 2006

Thank you very much for you very informative and interesting post. It's giving a complete over view about Ankyloglossia.

Dog Training Lessons   

Blogger Karen sent us a woof // October 19, 2006

Whoa! That's an eye-opener. Thanks for the information.   

Monday, September 11, 2006

Overclocking and Hard Drive Backups

Need to do some routine computer maintenance - some cleanup (software and air can), some backups, some software updates & some system tweaks. Ah, all routine enough enough for me. But while I had the case open, I decided I would try overclocking my system.

Get it? Overclocking... that's new stuff to me.

My motherboard is not terribly new (2003) nor optimal, but I managed on second try, to do a successful overclock that got it to 1.67GHz over the previous 1.2 - yet that felt a little disappointing . I naively figured I could tweak it more! and why not?! I wanted to get at least 2 GHz out of it, dang it. ARRRR!! Yes! Go get 'em!

Sunday night -- OIF... :X I ended up spending a couple hours trying to fix CMOS checksum errors after an overly ambitious (OOPS!) overclock setting gone bad - Where computer boots up to a blank screen (no POST) but steady lights on front panel (I think that means, the lights are on but nobody's home :p ). Not too hard to fix once I figured out the quirks of my motherboard. Everything's running okay at 1.67GHz for now and just need to do routine backups. Note to self, reboot to POST after resetting the CMOS jumper (toggling it for a few seconds is not enough). Then toggle the jumper back to normal and reboot to POST again. Now go into BIOS and pick "Optimal" settings - save and exit. Rinse repeat for other insane tweaks that result in a near-dead computer. sigh...

Then again, I need a new thermal pad for a spare heatsink and then I will give the overclocking a try with a different CPU chip, maybe on a different motherboard -- maybe in a couple more months. ... :) :D


Anyway, I'm still learning this stuff.


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Blogger Ron Southern sent us a woof // September 12, 2006

Oh, piffle! (Know whut I mean?)   

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pythons in the News

Snake swallowing a sheep
From recent news, python swallowing a pregnant ewe.

Is it just me or has it been an especially interesting year for pythons? Snake

These babies are pretty big, can kill their owners, eat alligators or pregnant sheep, and even accidently consume an electric blanket, yet they can go missing! :o

I've been trying to find more pics of the python vs sheep one since only various sizes of the one above have been on the 'net and I ran into this comment on another blog:
I was in Malaysia the day this story was published so I had the opportunity to get the fuller picture, literally. The New Straits Times (NST) ran the story with 3 images of the caught reptile and it's really bizzare.

First off, would you believe that the reptile tried to escape being caught by throwing up the carcass of the pregnant ewe it had just swallowed. The published images showed very clearly the "ejected" food. Gruesome sight it is, trust me.

No mention was made as to why the reptile was caught, but the story did give a pretty clear account of how it happened. The reptile, laden with biting off more than it can chew (or rather swallow, as the NST story puts it), was coiled up in some place happily regurgitating its supper when it was pounced on by a swarm of snake catchers. In a desperate but unsuccessful attempt to escape its captors, the python promptly discarded her dinner by vomitting it out. The irony is that it was caught while lightening the load off her gut. See, the stuff came out as slowly as it went in. Tough!

Last I heard, the 20 [foot] critter is safely tucked away in some rehab point awaiting transfer to a zoo.

Moral of the story: don't get greedy. Just bite off from life what one can comfortably chew. Never stuff and swallow if you don't want to end up in one of the seven gates of hell.

Posted by: Johan Adam Wong | Thursday, September 07, 2006 at 12:04 PM

National Geographic Channel airs Python vs Gator on September 16th. I don't watch TV enough to pay for channels but it sounds like it'll be an interesting show according to Miami Herald. There's a movie clip there where some theories are discussed on what may happened in that gruesome python vs gator fight or explosion scene.

BTW, the python that ate the electric blanket is apparently doing well. :)

Now I realize these snakes are heavy and it's easier on a person to drape the snake over their shoulders when carrying them, but unfortunately, I am never comfortable watching people handle these things when part of the snake is wrapped around their necks or draped around their bodies. eek! :o


Semavi Lady woofed at @ 9/10/2006 12:30:00 PM | Permanent link | (2) Comments

Blogger Ron Southern sent us a woof // September 10, 2006

Eeek! indeed. I generally try to avoid animals regurgitating. I don't mind hearing about it, though. I'm just touchy, not squeamish! Glad this is somebody else's news, though!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 11, 2006

Imagine regurgitated critters on the road and adventurous types picking it up as "fresh" roadkill stew. :o   

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Fabric Continues to Fray at the Edges

Pet ownership and freedom as we know it continues to fray at the edges as Animal Rights and anti-animal & hate motivated agendas combine and take a firmer hold on our laws and ordinances.

Donna Herzig, dog breeder, Attorney at Law and Board member of National Animal Interest Alliance Trust writes:
As many of you know, the Louisville Metro Area and all of its animal related organizations are in the "fight of their life." In response to two dog attacks last fall, Cheri Bryant Hamilton, a Metro Council member, proposed Breed Specific Legislation ("BSL"). The legislation was proposed notwithstanding a non- breed specific dangerous dog law currently on the books which was rarely enforced and not even understood by the current Director of Metro Animal Services charged with enforcing it. That legislation has morphed into a behemoth 100+page document seeking to regulate and conscript all dog and cat ownership, all farming, all equine activities, all hunting and virtually all related activities. The provisions range from requiring puppies to be licensed at birth to mandatory spay-neuter, to unrealistic fencing requirements to exorbitant license fees. The complete Draft 8 and the newly released Draft 9 can be found at

This proposal if enacted and taken to its logical end would essentially eliminate pet ownership,the Louisville Kennel Club -Kentuckiana Cluster of dog shows feline activities as well as many other obedience, go to ground, specialty, agility, hunting, field trial, equine and other livestock events in Louisville Metro. The overbreath of this ordinance is by DESIGN as it was essentially written by Dr. Gilles Meloche, the new Animal Services Director and Pam Rogers legislative liason of the Humane Society of the United States.("HSUS" ) Ms. Rogers was formerly with Fund for the Animals which merged with the HSUS. (See August 30,2006 Article by Stephen George). The ordinance is straight from the Animal Rights playbook and is an extension of the agenda of the HSUS director to "create a body of laws to protect animals from individuals'

These types of laws are popping up all over the country as the HSUS has 8 full time lawyers and an annual budget of over $100 million. If this ordinance can pass in Louisville, KY the heart of an animal friendly state with a focus on hunting, fishing, farming, equine and canine events, it can happen ANYWHERE. It is clear from the Leo Article and other sources that the current Mayor, Jerry Abramson, unequivocally supports the agenda set forth by Dr. Meloche and the HSUS representative. Kelly Downard is running for Metro Mayor in Novermber against the current mayor and HE GETS IT. Kelly supports and has consistantly supported fair, reasonable, non discriminatoty dog laws which punish the irresponsible and reward responsible pet owners. He does not believe in regulating farming or hunting and fishing as that is the perview of the Farm Bureau, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

WE HAVE TO WIN THIS BATTLE. Please tell everyone that you know to support us in this endeavor. Go to or the to read the Alerts and to send letters. Please help us by sending a donation $2,$5,$10 to Kelly's campaign at Downard for Mayor, PO Box 7454, Louisville, KY 40257 or on line at We truely appreciate the support of all of our dog,cat, equine, farming and hunting friends and our cherished veterinarians. Together we can win this battle for all of us.

Thank you for your support!

Donna Herzig Louisville, Kentucky

"You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered. " Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the U.S.

National Animal Interest Alliance ALERTS
American Kennel Club Canine Legislation ALERTS
Downard for Mayor website

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Turkish Dog Evolution: Concerning Kangal Dog, Akbash, Kars, Turkish Mastiff, Yoruk, Malak and Anatolian Shepherd Dog

Turkish Dog History is still in the making. :)

The list of classifications and subclassifications of dogs associated with native shepherds of Turkey continues to grow. The Kangal Dog, Akbash Dog, Kars, and Turkish Mastiff, then the Malak, plus the Yoruk and the Anatolian Shepherd Dog are among current classifications of strains and/or (in some cases) breed divisions that have evolved via different sources in the past two decades from widely scattered native landraces of shepherds' dogs or coban kopekleri of Anatolia.

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A Turkish-born researcher and traveler, Guvener Isik (website: has published two new articles about the flock guardian dogs in Turkey. One is a recent interview with Turkish Kangal Dog enthusiast and published author, Dogan Kartay, touching on issues of FCI recognition of Turkish breeds. The second article is an exploration of the heavy boned, massive Malak which Kartay mentions during his interview and the possible influences of this dog on other subtypes all across Turkey. Isik has published the Malak article previously (in Turkish) but the article is timely so it has undergone an English translation. Isik has many other articles (much of it is in Turkish) and has used his own collection of photos taken at location in some of his work. It is wonderful that he has taken the time to try to bring more understanding of the dog situation in Turkey to both Turkish and international interests alike.

See the articles linked below. Many thanks to both Isik and to Kartay for helping to bring more light to these subjects!
Taken from his website, Isik writes:
The History or Story Behind This Site

I have been around these dogs and the necessary life style since my childhood. It is obvious that there several views about this subject without any tangible and rational arguments. Most of the information available is time and content wise based on very limited research and is repetitive. Visiting a few villages and flocks for a few days in a limited geographical area and drawing outcomes through the collected or available data would give one a limited portion of the whole picture. This approach in the past gave two basic results: One is considering the whole shepherd dog population of Turkey as one breed "Anatolian Shepherd Dog", the other one is creating new breeds like "Akbas" without looking the meaning of the word and the extent and the content of its usage. The above second international approach affected the Turkish public and consequently manipuated city Turks and Turkish Academicians to accept a new breed. To me this is a breed inflation not a discovery. The Kangal side of the confusion started in Turkey and affected some clubs in other countries. So far there is not any clear remark in Turkey that clarifies the qualities of Kangal Shepherd Dog. Is Kangal a dog from only Kangal region? Is any dog from that region a Kangal? We can say "Yes" to the first question. We should say "No" to the second one, because there is variation of types in that area. Then it must be a type of dog, which can be mostly found in that area in its best form. There is no consensus on the subject, because we are referring to different qualities by using the same word. Recently any fawn colour dog with a black mask goes as a Kangal, and the local strains are being negatively damaged by this attitude.

I am actually concentrating on the Yoruk dogs. They are terribly ignored and even the name "stray" is used in order to elavate the importance of the major two famous strains. I am not intending to create a new breed but bring out whateverelse Anatolia offers. I am here to introduce them to you for them to be recognised.

Others involved in Yoruk dogs

We are a group of people who are trying to locate and preserve the best specimens of these dogs all over Turkey. We definitely deliberate over the traditional methods during the process of our endeavour to perpetuate these dogs. What we feed, how we choose and test are all based on conventional practices.

In Izmir: Aral Altay, Muzaffer Colakoglu
In Denizli: Halil Cokak, Ismail Kara, Ibrahim Kayis, Mehmet Kayan
In Sapanca: Vet. Murat Ilgaz
In Isparta: Mehmed Pir

To me, in order to do a good job of learning about these dogs one needs sensitivity to traditions (both current and past trends); enthusiasm about genetics and actual pedigree research; population & locale studies including formative environment; patiently reading perspectives from different peer and enthusiasts groups -- and the list goes on with other materials. A multidimensional approach!

Examining Turkish Dogs
Isik examining a Turkish dog. Puppies examining Isik.

Check out the puppy up on the dirt bank! An independent LGD in the making? :)

A female with a litter
From Isik collection: a female Kangal with portion of her litter.

For some, it is often 'safer' to just freeze a point in time with one's assumptions and speculations and to go no further toward the truth.

Foundation stock of Turkish breeds to from Kangal Dog, Akbash & Anatolian Shepherds -- and the produce from these dogs, even if acquired from the same areas (often they were not) were not consistent and homogenous, regardless of whether one sings for Akbash, Kangal Dog or ASD.

Foundation stock: Kangal Dog
A Kangal Dog from American Kangal Dog Club founder's foundation stock

Foundation stock: Akbash Dog
Another early foundation stock dog. American Akbash strain

At any rate, many new enthusiasts in these dogs are seeking better understanding. I'm glad that many realize there is so much more to learn! Knowledge, sharing information and being honest will help us all work together to preserve these wonderful dogs. :D B)

Links to the Articles:
Guvener Isik's Interview with Dogan Kartay
Malak and furthermore Greyhound Turca

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 08, 2006

I will perhaps be in Turkey for a visit next year...if I do I am definitely going to try getting out to see some dogs! :)
If you recall, I spent five years growing up in Turkey and well remember the guardian dogs. One had to be careful when walking in rural areas, because they could be quite ferocious and vigilant about strangers approaching.
I have long wanted an Anatolian, but city living just doesn't seem fair for a flock-guardian dog of proper temperament.   

Blogger Arlene sent us a woof // January 28, 2007

I would LOVE to have another Kangal puppy. Fates will probably not allow it as I can't afford to get one from a reputable breeder in the States and won't be getting to Turkey any time soon. I dream of the day though...   

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Semavi Kale Zoey in Oregon - An Anatolian With Her Cows

I can't resist sharing these pics. Paul sent some pics of Zoey with some members of his family a month ago, the set with a profusion of colorful flowers and just recently sent some more showing Zoey with her calves this this year.

Back in August
Last month. Just LOOK at the love!

New Pics!

Zoey and Friends
With her calves

Zoey close up
Close up of above, showing her gentle, relaxed body language.
A smile, lowered head, indirect gaze, lowered wagging tail... At ease.

Zoey and Friends
Another view


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Friday, September 01, 2006

Sims 2 Pets Breed Creator - clip from Gamespot

Release date for The Sims 2 pets is still over a month away. I am so curious how the pet generator will work and how easy will it be to create some Anatolians. I saw this movie over at Gamespot and found a linkable version on YouTube. The movie is embedded below.

The first part of the movie shows a sim playing with their kitty. Then just outside the window, there's a dog that fetches and the camera goes to check on that too. Love the cute expression after the last retrieve. I think many of the animations really capture the personalities of pets. I don't think I'll be teaching my user created Anatolians to fetch unless I can't avoid giving them that skill in order to make them have other benefits in the game (unlock other necessary actions and rewards).

Love that curly tail in the breed morpher. I hope it can be tweaked to do lesser or greater curl.
Toward the end of the clip, a Samoyed look-alike is impressive! S/he chases his tail and generally looks so cute. :D

From the Gamespy Preview: (see the rest at the link below)
As you'd suspect, Sims 2 Pets allows your Sims to adopt or breed cats and dogs (as well own birds or little rodents). But what threw us for a loop was just how much personality these little guys have. We watched as one of our Sims tried to teach her new dog to roll over: Our puppy looked up at her with glossy eyes, one ear cocked, her furry head following every movement of her owner's hand. It doesn't take long to form an attachment with the onscreen animals.
The cats in the game are really awesome in some of the pictures I've seen on testers sites. If you want to see more sites with both dog and cat pics, do go to Snooty Sims! (link below) It's my favorite Sims 'newspaper'. :) or start here with this lovely Golden Retriever at Gamespot

STILL haven't found time to play my game, so it's vicarious "playing" for me just to read about the pets and go on anticipating this upcoming expansion pack for my current sim families. B)

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