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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Don't Let Your Anatolians Watch This!

There are enough powerful Houdini dogs among us as it were!

Thanks to Kirsi for the find! :)

There is actually a key in that padlock! Even so the manipulation skills are amazing. The dog manages to turn the lock around and open the kennel. The little dog escapes to follow are really cute. FWIW, there seem to be some very interesting doggie escape videos on YouTube and Video.Google to be seen. As most Anatolian owners know, repairing and modifying fences and other barriers are part of the 'fun' of owning one of these powerful dogs. :p

BTW, please drop by Kirsi's blog. An Anatolian boy she rescued years ago has just passed on. He had such a hard life before she took him into her home. She worked with him, his issues, and problems. Not everything could be worked out but he had a good life with her loving care.

Big Dessu with baby Kadim
Dessu the big pinto boy from European rescue sharing a couch with fawn California Boy, Kadim in Finland

Rest in Peace, Dessu. You are missed. . . :(

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