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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Fabric Continues to Fray at the Edges

Pet ownership and freedom as we know it continues to fray at the edges as Animal Rights and anti-animal & hate motivated agendas combine and take a firmer hold on our laws and ordinances.

Donna Herzig, dog breeder, Attorney at Law and Board member of National Animal Interest Alliance Trust writes:
As many of you know, the Louisville Metro Area and all of its animal related organizations are in the "fight of their life." In response to two dog attacks last fall, Cheri Bryant Hamilton, a Metro Council member, proposed Breed Specific Legislation ("BSL"). The legislation was proposed notwithstanding a non- breed specific dangerous dog law currently on the books which was rarely enforced and not even understood by the current Director of Metro Animal Services charged with enforcing it. That legislation has morphed into a behemoth 100+page document seeking to regulate and conscript all dog and cat ownership, all farming, all equine activities, all hunting and virtually all related activities. The provisions range from requiring puppies to be licensed at birth to mandatory spay-neuter, to unrealistic fencing requirements to exorbitant license fees. The complete Draft 8 and the newly released Draft 9 can be found at Louisville-Pets.com.

This proposal if enacted and taken to its logical end would essentially eliminate pet ownership,the Louisville Kennel Club -Kentuckiana Cluster of dog shows feline activities as well as many other obedience, go to ground, specialty, agility, hunting, field trial, equine and other livestock events in Louisville Metro. The overbreath of this ordinance is by DESIGN as it was essentially written by Dr. Gilles Meloche, the new Animal Services Director and Pam Rogers legislative liason of the Humane Society of the United States.("HSUS" ) Ms. Rogers was formerly with Fund for the Animals which merged with the HSUS. (See Leoweekly.com August 30,2006 Article by Stephen George). The ordinance is straight from the Animal Rights playbook and is an extension of the agenda of the HSUS director to "create a body of laws to protect animals from individuals'

These types of laws are popping up all over the country as the HSUS has 8 full time lawyers and an annual budget of over $100 million. If this ordinance can pass in Louisville, KY the heart of an animal friendly state with a focus on hunting, fishing, farming, equine and canine events, it can happen ANYWHERE. It is clear from the Leo Article and other sources that the current Mayor, Jerry Abramson, unequivocally supports the agenda set forth by Dr. Meloche and the HSUS representative. Kelly Downard is running for Metro Mayor in Novermber against the current mayor and HE GETS IT. Kelly supports and has consistantly supported fair, reasonable, non discriminatoty dog laws which punish the irresponsible and reward responsible pet owners. He does not believe in regulating farming or hunting and fishing as that is the perview of the Farm Bureau, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

WE HAVE TO WIN THIS BATTLE. Please tell everyone that you know to support us in this endeavor. Go to akc.org or the naiaonline.org to read the Alerts and to send letters. Please help us by sending a donation $2,$5,$10 to Kelly's campaign at Downard for Mayor, PO Box 7454, Louisville, KY 40257 or on line at Downardformayor.com. We truely appreciate the support of all of our dog,cat, equine, farming and hunting friends and our cherished veterinarians. Together we can win this battle for all of us.

Thank you for your support!

Donna Herzig Louisville, Kentucky

"You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered. " Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the U.S.

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