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Monday, September 11, 2006

Overclocking and Hard Drive Backups

Need to do some routine computer maintenance - some cleanup (software and air can), some backups, some software updates & some system tweaks. Ah, all routine enough enough for me. But while I had the case open, I decided I would try overclocking my system.

Get it? Overclocking... that's new stuff to me.

My motherboard is not terribly new (2003) nor optimal, but I managed on second try, to do a successful overclock that got it to 1.67GHz over the previous 1.2 - yet that felt a little disappointing . I naively figured I could tweak it more! and why not?! I wanted to get at least 2 GHz out of it, dang it. ARRRR!! Yes! Go get 'em!

Sunday night -- OIF... :X I ended up spending a couple hours trying to fix CMOS checksum errors after an overly ambitious (OOPS!) overclock setting gone bad - Where computer boots up to a blank screen (no POST) but steady lights on front panel (I think that means, the lights are on but nobody's home :p ). Not too hard to fix once I figured out the quirks of my motherboard. Everything's running okay at 1.67GHz for now and just need to do routine backups. Note to self, reboot to POST after resetting the CMOS jumper (toggling it for a few seconds is not enough). Then toggle the jumper back to normal and reboot to POST again. Now go into BIOS and pick "Optimal" settings - save and exit. Rinse repeat for other insane tweaks that result in a near-dead computer. sigh...

Then again, I need a new thermal pad for a spare heatsink and then I will give the overclocking a try with a different CPU chip, maybe on a different motherboard -- maybe in a couple more months. ... :) :D


Anyway, I'm still learning this stuff.


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