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Friday, September 22, 2006

Sims 2 Pets - Training Your Pet!

One more month to go before this expansion pack comes out!

There's a Sims 2 Pets Training Paper (Newsletter) on the Official Sims 2 site. The second edition is out now. Let me quote from it briefly! (Owners of real pets could take heed!)

Learned or Reinforced Behaviors
Start with the basics. There is no point trying to teach Prince to play dead if he isn't even potty-trained. Teaching Sim pets acceptable behaviors is the first step in helping them get along with their Sim families. These behaviors include where to relieve their bladders, what foods to eat, and more.

Just Say No
When Sim pets are up to no good (digging in the yard or chewing on something that they shouldn't), your Sims have the option to scold their pet. No pet loves to be chastised, so a few firm words can go a long way toward teaching Sim pets the manners they need to get along in their Sim families. Make sure your Sims praise their pets for good behavior to balance out the necessary reprimands and their relationships will benefit in the long run.

Take It Outside!
Encourage your Sim pup to piddle outside. Your Sims might still have a puddle to clean up, but if the pet chooses the sidewalk as their preferred spot, it will be much better than inside on your Sims' living room carpet.

Bad Dog?
If your Sims reinforce certain pet behaviors (like digging in the yard or sleeping on the bed) by praising the pet for these actions, the pet will repeat these acts. If a pet has been encouraged to behave a certain way (or wasn't discouraged either!), they aren't misbehaving. There is no such thing as a Bad Dog, only one that wasn't trained properly.

I had to highlight that last line! It's sweet how much the game is working to protect these cute critters and teach good things too. Of course, I'll always be convinced that a certain cat which used to hang out here ten years ago was a confirmed curmudgeon, if not truly evil and mean! :p

From YouTube, here's a copy of an official video (I wish it weren't so dark!) showing the importance of training to create well behaved pets! Right at the end there's a funny demo of how to train a sim doggie to play dead. Too funny!

Cracks me up how much that kitty is ripping up that chair while the two sim people appear nonchalant during this demo. Sure brings back memories of how much work new pets can be!

The Sims 2 Pets Training Paper also features lists of breeds that are being added as ready made pets forms. Ocicats and Shiba Inu are among several newly added breeds on the current list. :)

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