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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My First Sims 2 Anatolian Shepherd Dog

I only have ONE picture so far and haven't had much time to play with training and the other pet goals in the game. This is an Anatolian I made in the Sims 2 Pets. I wanted one that looks like Ruya first and played around with the various layers of color (using black, brown, white, and cream) that you can blend into the coat and assign different levels of transparency. Here you see her curled up on the bed, which she did autonomously when her sim person took off to go to work after feeding her and praising her for some good things she did.

The cat and dog creator in the game is really amazing. At some of the fansites for the game, people are making some really cool looking critters including an approximation of a Llama (that thinks he's a dog since the behavior for the critters is hard coded to be either canine or feline with many variations on personalities) and some really good looking bears (modeled on the dog creator)... some very cute red foxes too, modeled on the cat creator I think. There is also a Kangal dog with a pretty curly tail on ModtheSims2.com which looks as though he were modeled from a picture.

There are some rather disturbing looking lumpy critters turning up on forums here and there, but their magic is in showing how flexible the mesh can be made to create strange critters or approximations of other animal forms. I love it! Apparently the template mesh for doggies includes a pink tongue, and if you warp a mesh crazily enough, you can relocate that tongue in odd folds and lumps of simulated pixel critter being. Pretty wild. As a mad scientist type, I approve. heehee - I want to see how some of those things can fetch a stick, dig a hole or eat. ;) :D


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // October 25, 2006

I take it that you got Pets loaded finally!   

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