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Thursday, October 19, 2006

What Puppies Like to Do

Semavi puppies
Eat . . .

Semavi puppies
. . .and sleep!

Nearly two weeks old now, and they can wobble on their front pegs and on their rear pegs, but not necessarily at the same time since they are sooooo roly poly with with tiny feet. heehee. :)

I saw a really cute 'crash and burn' a couple nights ago. Mind you, the pups can't see yet, nor hear and you can't say a whole lot about their coordination. But two pups were flopping (waddling?) toward each other like little seal babies, and then they crashed head on! One veered off to the side and then stabilized, and then continued for a few more flops in that direction. The other rolled on impact with legs galloping in the air -- tiny feet churned rapidly for a second, then feet wiggled slower and slower... And just about as suddenly, puppy fell asleep on his back. :D

Watching these guys is such hard work. :)


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