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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Adult Anatolian in a #300 Vari-Kennel

Today I learned that a 120 pound Anatolian around 30" tall, can fit in a size 300 Vari-kennel.

It was her idea! Sorry no pics, it was getting dark!

I was going to feed the puppies (outdoors) and Ruya had let herself into their play area, which includes a Vari-kennel that's been set up to give the pups a place to snuggle up and nap. As I entered the area with pup chow, I told Ruya it was time for her to step out of the area, and she gave me a look that said she knew what I wanted but she was sure that this was something that required a vote! She headed straight for the puppy kennel which is 23" high and only large enough for "Springers, Border Collies, Bull Dogs" according to above site.

Medium: (Vari-Kennel #300 or General Cage #203/213)
Cocker Spaniels, Field Spaniels, small Shelties, etc., with average weight of 21-40 lbs.
another opinion from:

She ducked and went inside and curled up in a tight ball, even bringing her tail in. Completely out of sight because I have a sheet draped over the kennel to give it a flap door which the puppies seem to like (darker, snugger).

Amazed, I couldn't help but laugh and decided to ignore her and put the gruel out for the puppies. They all dug in happily enough and as they started snarfing it up, Ruya backed out of the kennel and politely let herself out of the puppy area without further comment. I decided not to say anything else to her but I was sure giggling. :D


UPDATE: Pix here


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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // November 06, 2006

Oh my, a photo would've been great! Wonder what she was doing...trying to get away from her little rascals, perhaps? When I picked up 8 week old Cooper at the breeders, his dam had had enough of nine bumptious puppies and was a pretty cranky broad by then.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // November 07, 2006

Okay, I got some pics. Had several requests. :)

Zor is the mom and has the white mark on her muzzle. She's the one that's often trying to get away from the little rascals. And she is weaning them now, it's well underway.

Ruya is the one that ducked into the crate. She didn't want to leave the babies when I told her to step out so I could leave the pan in there.

Ruya is happy to watch the pups eat then as they walk away from the bowl, she will finish it up. Well, I didn't want her to do that. The idea that night was so I'd get a better idea how much the pups ate. This helps me spread their meals out more.

When asked to leave, instead of leaving, Ruya ducked into the puppy crate that first night, surprising me! But making it pretty clear that she didn't want to leave the pups.

She hovers by them all the time. Meanwhile their mom takes plenty of vacations from them now. :D

Pups are only 4 weeks now, but by 8 weeks, I think they will still nurse from their mom from time to time with mom standing there wincing and gritting her teeth. haha!   

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