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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Adult Anatolian in a #300 Vari-Kennel - Part Deux

& Now with Pictures!

I got some photos of Ruya messing around near the #300 Vari-Kennel.

We have the puppies outside to socialize with the adult dogs and visitors, and also to enjoy the sunshine and get socialized to noises. Right now they are kept safely in an area contained within two exercise pens that are clipped together with bolt snaps. The penned area is freely accessible to Zor (mom of litter) and also to Ruya, who is a 3.5 year old female from the previous litter.

Inside the layout is a 300 size Vari-Kennel, in which the puppies autonomously pile up for snoozes. There is an old bed sheet draped over the top to keep it snug and warm when the sun goes down, before we bring them in. I have a baby weighing scale on top of that puppy crate now. To the top left in the pic, is a smallish dog house lined with straw, where the puppies can also choose to go to snooze. Sometimes Zor lays down in there and nurses all the babies. Sometimes Ruya goes in there to snuggle with the puppies.

So here are some pics of Ruya near and inside of the #300 Vari-kennel.

Ruya and the crate
In this pic from a few days ago, above, she didn't spontaneously decide to go in but it gives an idea of the layout and about how tall she is in front of the crate. The puppies are snoozing in the red dog house at the moment. She's checking out a puppy sitting in the corner checking out the photographer. :)

Ruya and the crate

Today she decided to go in and let me take pictures. Um... Okay, I cheated! I tossed a Milkbone into the back of the crate, and she decided to go in after it. This pic shows her fully inside with part of her tail sticking out as she retrieves the biscuit. She is starting to turn around because she now has the biscuit in her mouth.

Ruya and the crate
Apparently she is pretty comfy in there. She has quickly turned around in the crate and dropped the biscuit toward the front. She happily munches away.

Ruya and the crate
Here she is looking for any crumbs. And then satisfied she missed no crumbs, she looked at me. She seemed relaxed and happy to be in there.

Ruya and the crate
Now stepping out. She's sitting with her butt still inside the crate. She still wanted to know if I had more Milkbones, but I didn't have any pockets on me at the time. A puppy in the red dog house suddenly barked or said something that interested her, so she turned around to listen.

Ruya and the crate
Here is a side view, showing how tall her hips are next to the puppy crate when she stands up.

Ruya's mom, Zor, was less inclined to go all the way inside. I saw Zor stick her head into the crate to sniff. Something interested her so she went down on her belly with her head, only part of her shoulders inside the puppy crate, with the rest of her body and tail sticking out. She didn't attempt to go inside, to say nothing of going completely in to turn around!

A size #300 Vari-kennel is normally the size used for transport of Anatolian puppies at least 8 weeks old and initial housebreaking. I don't think an adult ASD, even Ruya, is going to be able to travel in one. :)


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