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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dog Treat Recipes - Originally Golden Bone on gbronline.com

Does anyone know whatever happened to this very popular dog treat collection? http://www.gbronline.com/kcathey/goldenbone/dogbisc.htm

The site has disappeared (in recent months?) but I've found many online doggy sites containing links to it (& deservedly so as there are over 300 recipes in the collection from diverse ingredient preferences). I can't find info to communicate with the original owner of the collection to discover where the site has moved or if it is gone forever. It is a collection of dog treats and recipes in Mastercook format. I'll host the file here as the original zip file until someone discovers where the original author has moved their hosting. Click the zip file below to save to your desktop, then paste the text file within into your favorite editor.
Goldenbone dog biscuit recipe collection - originally from kcathey/goldenbone @bgronline.com

If you use a recipe manager like Mastercook, the nutritional breakdown of the ingredients can be done automatically and you can increment or halve (whatever) the recipes as needed, print them on paper or gift cards to give away with holiday gifts. While Mastercook already comes with a database of nutritional breakdown (vitamins, carbs, fats, etc) other ingredients may need to be entered or revised and this can be easily done directly in the Mastercook database -- if you need that kind of detail.

I've had Mastercook for years so it is that which I'm most familiar although I'm sure other recipe software can do a great job of databasing, formatting, nutritional breakdown and customized volumes. Mastercook can be had for less than $5 at some sources and many recipe collections online can directly import right into the program. Try googling Mastercook for some sales, freeware and trial versions. Some places like Walmart and other stores may have inexpensive versions if you want to try it out.

An partial screenshot from Mastercook of these recipes
Mastercook Screenshot

:edit: Update November 2008- The original author has gotten in contact with me. She seems to be just fine about the distribution of her collection. :)

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