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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Getting Close to Four Weeks - Puppies!

Tail up!

Tails up! Darth waiting for little sister, Spot, to make up her mind and step into the dog house.
Note her tail is up and is around his left ear. :)
Wednesday, an almost sunny day outside, a great day to get them introduced to these new things. (Wednesday: increasing overcast and windy, with sprinkles later. But Thursday -- Rain!)

They are growing by the hour it seems. Their personalities are emerging now. Several pups seem to be on one or any of the other sides of the personality continuum now. The small girl "Spot" tends to be most alert and reactive and comes moving quickly to see about any new thing she sees or hears, pretty bold, not much backing away there. The boys generally seem pretty laid back right now compared to Spot! ("oh, what's that? big deal... zzzzz")

They all carry their tails high in the air when walking and waggle them rapidly when greeting me or another canine. They are starting to play rougher. They have pointy fangs! No longer mere speedbumps in their gumline! They love being cuddled and snuggled and gosh their fur is so soft. They are just about the epitome of cuteness now.

There are amusing small scale rank and order squabbles but their attention spans are so short that after a few seconds, they are sleeping in a heap again. :rotfl:

Their claws are very sharp, like kittens! I've trimmed the pointy ends that have started scratching Zor (Mom). They also 'nurse' (no milk) on their sister Ruya, but she doesn't seem to be near as sore and tender to their scratches and grabs as their mother is.

If they have a reason to, they climb out of the wading pool and walk around following whomever, especially their mom or myself. Not all are as easily motivated to climb out, but they definitely all surge toward Zor when she comes in the door and peeks into the pool. They are good at this climbing out business if Mom's just out of reach, and for the same reason are getting good at popping back into the pool too if Mom curls up in there. You can see they are already thinking, what's in it for me, before they do something - if it's Mom and they're hungry... LOOK OUT! Gangway! :)

Adventure! Now I can open the front door and sit outside and call "Puppy! Puppy!", and they eventually all come stepping outside past the front door to explore -- or to have some chow (easier to clean up if they eat outside). After they eat, they need to pee and poop and so they wander sniffing around for a few steps (not too many yet) looking for places to do this. They are not very good at this yet and will still be learning and developing muscle control at 8 weeks and a bit longer in some cases (they can't hold it very long). After that business is done, it's time to play or take a nap. B)

Check out the gruel, man!
Mmm, what's this? One of their first baby gruels fed in the wading pool.
Rice baby cereal, cottage cheese, goat milk, water, some raw egg yolk (no white) and a little bit of soft puppy chow.
Clockwise from top: Spot, Neil, Mr. T, Darth

Darth and Choco. Full tummies and a little bit sticky and wet.

When they are tired and relaxed they tend to become "jelly legs" again. They waddle on their bellies like little crocodiles, sometimes at high speed! But when out of their nest and on the hard floor, they are increasingly sure footed!

Good to the last drop!
Neil (Diamond) at the top (back for seconds), J in the glass pan, and Batman making sure the puppy gruel is finished. I hoped to catch a pic of J falling asleep in the pan, but no luck. She got up and waddled a few steps away, peed then joined a few littermates to mouth each other a bit, then snooze in a slightly wet, sticky mess. :p

Big time puppy pan
Nummy puppy chow in larger quantities!
Softened solid food (this is Iams Puppy formula).
Zor's nosetip on the right.

Darth chewing on Ruya's neck when she drops in for a visit to help clean the babies up after a meal.

Darth and sleepy Neil at the top. From the bottom: Spot, Batman, Choco, J, and T
Spot, Choco and J are the girls. That's Ruya enjoying them.
You can see how their coats are lightening. Multicolor hairs are growing in length and coming out under the dark coats they were born with.

Wednesday I invited them to come outside for a while to socialize with the world so the puppies explored one of the smaller dog houses in the yard.

Above: Neil cutie in the dog house. (3.5 weeks)
Spots of pigment continue to fill in his nose leather and white nose marking, causing the white or pink areas to shrink.
Neil at three days. Eyes and ears sealed to the world.

Spots of color come through on the white areas of the paws. These spots are called a 'ticking' trait and the trait is dominant.
In adults, sometimes the spots are almost unnoticeable in some leg areas as the coat fades to pale yellow. Sometimes the dog also has flashy black borders between the yellow coat and the white markings, then some of these speckles will be black. Anatolians are not normally heavily 'ticked' or speckled.

On the muzzle if the dog has a white marking like a blaze, sometimes you'll see black or colored freckles there -- as the black mask color under the white markings shows through in these peekaboo spots. These freckles are really cute on puppies.

Ruya closeup
This pic is an enlargement detail of the pic below. You can see the black 'sailing' on Ruya. This is a closeup of her shoulder hair (top of withers). Almost none of her coat hairs are solid colored except for the black sailing. The yellow hairs in her coat have bands of color, as many as five or more from root to hair tip on the longer hairs. Within each shaft of hair as it grows, different densities of pigment fill the cortex of each hair - this is the nature of the agouti trait seen in sable colored dogs. Some areas of grayish, some white, some tan/yellow, some black... alternating in patterns, all the way up each shaft of hair. Some hairs having brownish tips or black looking tips, or sometimes white tips. On areas such as her flanks, she has two tone hair, sort of white and pale yellow, root to tip.

Further away
In this picture, you can see the lighter roots, graduating to a darker middle (looks black), shifting to pale yellow band, and even paler tips although some tips are a bit brownish. Boone, my male is a bit darker than my girls. He has some areas in his coat where some of his yellow hairs have more than one black band on them. His coat is a bit shorter than on Zor and Ruya.

Thursday it was raining off and on. The puppies did go outside for one feeding of their gruel and seemed to enjoy the outside more this time, lingering and checking more things out, since it is becoming more familiar to them.

I think I tried to reassure some people that I haven't been abducted by aliens. But maybe I have. They are really cute!

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