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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Got Milk?

Rain today. At 4AM, it wasn't yet raining, but I couldn't sleep any more -- got so much to do it's depressing. The puppies spent the night outside and were all snoozy. Some were sleeping like "the big dogs" out in the open, albeit, three grouped in a small puppy pile for warmth, three in the straw lined dog house, and one was in the puppy crate. I made some modifications to their set up so they could more easily step into the red doghouse (it has a high retaining board for the straw within). Once that was done, I gave them all some chow, watched them play to make more notes on their personalities, then put them into the red doghouse. They curled up for a nap.

I went back into the house and got some Milkbones for Zor (Mom) and Ruya (Sis) then reached over and checked Ruya for milk, which I haven't done for a few days now.

Got Milk?

Blogs being what they are, you just know you sometimes need to catch a shot! so there it is!
Ruya's making milk for her little siblings!

Now, compared to her lactating mother with the super dangly underline, Ruya would be a nominee for the 'itty bitty titty club'. She did not recently have a false pregnancy, nor do anything other than spend time with the puppies and let them nurse on her.

The hard work the puppies have put into this effort is paying off indeed. heehee! :)

Got Milk?
Here is the pic from the previous day showing her next to the #300 Vari-kennel. You can see Ruya is slightly 'bagged up' instead of a tight tuck.

There's certainly not enough milk to feed a litter right now, but I think if she continues to have free access, she'll be making a bit more milk by volume. What a nice surprise for a Wednesday morning! :D

Got Milk?
Mama Zor's underline, just for comparison.


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // November 09, 2006

Ouch! pore mamma Zor. I know how that feels. It doesn't matter how much ointment goes on, it still smarts like the dickens. But oh what we go through out of the love for our children. Enjoyed all the puppy pictures their all so cute!   

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