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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Puppies - Assorted Pics 5 through 6 Week Old

Sun Nov 26, the pups will be seven weeks old. I'm still catching up on the backlog and am actually making headway. Yay, me! These pics are from a collection covering the end of their fifth and going to the end of their sixth weeks. :)

Coco snooze
A five week old Coco, snoozing.

Coco's eyes are turning grayish. They have a faint amber (yellowish) tinge that is increasing around the iris which gives them a sage or moss coloring in some photos. As a liver colored ASD, the transitions in eye color will continue through her first year.

Nov20-2006 004.jpg (723714 bytes)
Cuddly Coco - this pic shows how fuzzy she can look. :)

Neil at five weeks. Sporting the ever popular 'wet look' -- thanks to helping to fill the water bowl.

Darth at 5 weeks. Snoozing after a meal. Does he look roly poly or what?!

Batman 5 weeks - very mellow guy.

Mr T playing with tug toy
Mr T playing with a suspended tug toy.

Starting their sixth week, I let them out to explore part of the yard for a few hours every day.

The pics below are from the first time they had a chance to explore outside their contained puppy area.

Neil & Darth
Neil in front - Darth behind him.

Darth coming forward.

Spot & Neil
Spot & Neil

J & Coco
J & Coco

Synchronized yawning?
Synchronized yawning . . . Ruya yawns, so does Coco.
Spot in the middle and Neil in foreground

Neil again.

Adult girls, Zor (furthest back) and Ruya (forward) on the left.
Puppies from 12 o'clock to the front are Spot, Coco and Neil.
On the right, Boone watches over all his babies.


. . . new camera - pics follow.

Ruya with pups
Ruya being mobbed by her siblings.
With pic above and those that follow, I'm trying out a new camera. This one is a Kodak EasyShare Z650.
It has a very different feel to it than my other digital cameras.

Above pic: Bottom right, you can see Ruya's feet in the forground, still mobbed by puppies. Are those are hind feet up in surrender? :)
Zor being mobbed by puppies for a snack. Boone in the background, head hidden behind Zor -- missed the shot I really wanted while fumbling for the new button locations.

What I wanted - Zor was laying down and Boone standing just behind her. The pups were approaching them. Only took a few seconds for me to lose the shot completely. :)

Above pretty much captures some of the chaos these darling little abductors have created in our lives here! Boone has actually been chased by his kids from time to time. He enjoys watching over them but doesn't want the whole pack closing in on him at once. Can't blame him. :)

'J' puppy - nicknamed for the capital J on her chest.

This new camera has 10x optical zoom with something called Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon. Don't ask. I had to look it up too.
I only took a few pictures because I had little idea if anything was coming out right and the camera seemed to be very busy focusing on things and adjusting this and that or some other thing within. Everything looked fuzzy in the viewfinder til I started to figure out how to use the buttons.

I wasn't even sure if above puppy was still in the picture when I took this one. Turned out okay.

Coco looking rough coated in a picture from the distance! This coat texture detail doesn't show up very well in distance shots from the other cameras. I'm starting to like this camera!

Neil and Mom
Nice detail. Every blade of grass and his coat shows up well with this shot. Compare to the shots with Neil from the Kodak EasyShare C330 above. James found the camera at a local Walmart sale. Not bad. :)

Other pup stuff: The boys all have their nether packages which started coming in on week 5. They are all also demonstrating some bite inhibition, not chomping quite so hard on their playmates or human victim. The girls are pretty social. Most social is Spot, then Coco, and finally 'J' in the current rankings for seeking social activity. Neil is the most social and adventurous of the boys, followed by Darth and T. Batman seems to be the most mellow although he gets up and about when I'm least likely to be ready with camera.

On the coats, Spot and 'J' (of the girls), have the smoothest of the medium coats. Next level up for coat length and increased plush appearance for a medium coat is 'T', who will probably have a coat like his big sister, Ruya. Coco and Darth have rough coats of about the same degree of increased intermediate texture. And finally Neil and Batman have definite rough and rugged looking coat and perhaps will have more in the way of feathering as adults than will Coco and Darth.

Mental note: Don't take this new camera for a swim in the puppy dish!

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