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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pups at Five Weeks

Past week has been a blur. So a collection of pics here with assorted commentary.

Puppies and doghouse
Puppies and the small dog house

Normally we use the large dog houses big enough for for several full grown dogs to fit at once. But due to other unfortunate circumstances, bad timing, bad knees, and other unrelated things, the larger doghouses have been in various states of disrepair! At any rate, the first few days that the puppies spent outside, they were quite happy with the small house which we surrounded with exercise pens to create a safe area for the pups. This dog house is Anatolian sized for a single dog, but amazingly, mom can get in there and nurse all the pups.

Zor with pups
Zor in the house nursing all the pups.

That's Choco puppy stepping out. She's is turning out to have quite a spitfire of a personality! I'll have to post some stories on her later.

Zor and Spot
There's Zor in the same shoot session after some rain with the little girl 'Spot' posed under Zor's head. The white feet on the step belong to a large male we call Batman.

Markings-wise, Spot looks almost exactly like her mom. :)

Okay, on to what happened Wednesday morning (Nov 8) ---
It was morning & while I was still at some distance, I saw Zor step into the dog house while all the pups were inside!

Normally she waits til the house is nearly vacant before stepping in, then turns around and lays down and THEN the puppies then pile in to get some milk.

Well the pups were already napping inside and woke up instantly, all wanting some milk right this minute! So the moment she stepped inside, they swarmed her and she could not turn around or move! She was stuck! ;)

I caught the shot above from some distance. There's only 3x optical on my camera zoom and the area was still in hard morning shadows so the light wasn't very good enough to get a clear shot. But there you have it. Zor is in the puppyhouse, Zor's tail dangling down the middle in the opening. Her legs straddling around the pups, her right hind leg trying to find some purchase to turn around but the pups were doing their best to get the goods! Poor Zor! That's Choco (or Coco-zilla as she's turning out to be), right inside the opening.

Zor stood like that for about a minute, trying again to turn around, so I'm thinking, how many college students can you cram into a phone booth, and then... suddenly Zor's adult daughter Ruya, who was off to the right, zoomed off to check out some sound!!
-- needless to say, Zor wanted to go check it out too! So THIS started to happen . . .

In reverse
Backing out! :)

That's Spot standing on the step. Zor's rump hair getting fluffled as she tries to skootch down low enough to back out.

Done! There's Zor running out in full BARK! (it took about a long dog-minute, lol)

The next day. . .
Thursday, I got the x-pens situated around one of the larger dog houses. Ah, now plenty of room for mom and pups!

Sure looks a lot more relaxing.

Two 'moms'
Ruya relaxing on the left. Zor in the house nursing puppies.

Two sisters
Coco playing with Ruya

Snoozy Ruya
Happy family. Big sis, Ruya snoozing.

Coco delivers paper
Coco delivering the newspaper. ;)

We haven't had rough coats before in our litters but we have half a litter of some plushy looking babies this time. Their grandmother Bertha had a somewhat plushy coat as a baby but later matured to be standard medium coated. No feathered britches nor feathered forearms and no feathering about her ears - no plume feathering on her tail. This litter is a first for half plushy (rough?) coats and also for Coco's liver color. She is plushy but you can't see that so well above.

She also has the large head and thick muzzle we usually see in both the males and females of our litters at this age.

Her sisters appear more refined so I think will be lighter in bone in comparison.
Above is Spot - nicknamed for the spot on her tummy.

Big and Little
This litter is also a little unusual in that we have a large difference in the sizes between the puppies.
Seen above, Coco is the largest and was nine pounds at about four weeks of age and her smallest sister, Spot, was 5.5 pounds.

And a small side trip back in time...

Big and Little again
Above 2003 picture is Ruya with Boone. They are a month apart in age.
In this picture Boone is 2 months old, Ruya 3 months. Aside from the large difference in size, you can also see that Boone's coat is smoother and shortish, and Ruya's is rougher and longish. She was ten pounds heavier than he at the same age and more than double his weight in this photo, although now he is a little larger and heavier than she. Genetic variation!

This is the pattern we are seeing in this group of pups that Boone has sired. In the current litter, the pups with the plushy coats are the larger pups, and the medium coated pups tend to be smaller and less heavy boned. - - Interesting. A coincidence if you check out the Ruya/Boone puppy pic above?

Neil sleeping
This is Neil and he's plushy! Plushier than I've seen. He's about the middle range among his littermates in weight now.

Will he be rough coated?
This fur is so soft! You want to cuddle these guys all day long. :D

Black tips
The black tipped hairs of the coat he was born with is quite standoffish (not smooth) now. A medium coated littermate is above in the same picture. There is less 'fluffing' so the smoother coat looks darker.

Friday: A few pictures that Dave and Karolyn took when they visited recently. . .
Koerner pic:
Darth (the one who was almost black at birth) giving Karolyn a kiss. :)

T, who goes there?
Koerner pic:
Mr T ('T' mark on his chest) looking cute!

T is one of the 'smoother' pups in the litter. Also in a matter of small degrees, not as
large as the plushy males.

Trio of heros
Koerner pic:
Top and L-R: Batman and 'T' taking on Coco-Zilla!

Batman and Coco are plushy, T is smoother than they although it's not that clear in this picture. Batman's head looks a little more diffused in the light because of the longer hair scattering the light more.

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Blogger Carina sent us a woof // November 14, 2006

Awwwww! They all look pretty burly to me. Long-haired Rottweilers are really uncommon. I did some reading up when I first got Cooper, and got some info from the woman who evaluated the litter (there were a couple of show prospects and quite a few people on a waiting list for pups from that breeding.) It's not uncommon for little Rottie pups to have bunny coats - what you call plush - that turn out to be normal when the adult coat comes in.
*Always*, feathering on the ears withing the first 6 weeks is an absolute indicator of adult long coat. When Coop was 5 weeks old the breeder called and said he was mine; I'd asked for a "pet" quality pup. I'd never heard of such a thing as a fluffy Rott!
Also, LH's tend to have real heavy bone, true with Coop.
He donated DNA to a research project at MSU; they're trying to identify the gene or marker or something in abberant long coats. Mostly they are studying Corgis because fluffy Corgis are not that uncommon.
I'm rambling on. Anyhow I love your dogs and were I in a position to have another large dog I would be inquiring about getting one! I have always really admired the breed.   

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