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Friday, November 24, 2006

Such a Simple Idea!

When the pups were five weeks old, we kept trying to get some pics showing how Spot and J, similar sized medium coat fawn pups, looked when standing next to Coco, who is a liver girl, turning rough coat.

Simple idea! But turn it over to two human klutzes and this is what you get. . .

I tried getting some unposed shots, showing Coco with one or both her sisters playing together. but the effect wasn't quite what I was looking for. . .

Spot & Coco
WATCH OUT, it's Coco-Zilla!
Coco munching on Spot's back.

They kept moving around and extra puppies kept getting into the shot. Sometimes their mom would stick her head into the shot and give a pup a kiss, which would usually result in various odd photos that didn't accomplish the objective.

So I thought, why not have James line them up on a chair and I'll just take a buncha pics. What could be easier than that?!

Well, here's how that turned out!

Chair pics
This is 'J' and Coco - almost 6 weeks old
Coco's taking up most of the chair and is trying to get her rear leg back onto the chair seat.
She is big compared to Spot and 'J' but because she is closer to the camera, it's a bit distorted.
James is trying to arrange the puppies to sit straight and front, so that I can get a picture of them sitting neatly to show their differences in height and bone.
In this picture, Coco is about 15.5 pounds. 'J' in the picture was 10.5 pounds.
Spot, the smallest girl in the first picture was 10 pounds -- all weighed the same day.

Chair pics
A bit distorted! Too distorted to be realistic in comparing their sizes! :)

A little better since they are both almost the same distance to the camera, but this is out of focus. The autofocus went for the shirt sleeves.

Okay, this one didn't work out either. Coco wanted to get comfy. "Hey, I'm a big puppy, I need the whole chair to myself!"
'J' was getting annoyed at all the repositioning and wanted to play with Coco, so she's attempting to chomp her sister.

So here's how it ended.
Coco jumped down and went off to get a nap.

I have a lot of photos that turned out funny like this.

Great thing about digital cameras is that you can keep snapping away.
With the old 35mm SLR cameras I had, developing and printing of experimental shots I couldn't see til after finishing and developing the roll of film usually resulted in fewer useable pictures when taking candid shots. :)

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