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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Wet Digital Camera!

Along with all the fun with picture taking this past week, I managed to drop a digital camera into the freshly refilled puppy water bowl! -- Yikes!

The camera model is Kodak EASYSHARE C330 Zoom and I was almost sure it was a goner after having read about other people's misadventures with cell phones (in toilets!!) and cameras over the years. I was still outside and it was starting to sprinkle again. :X

Annoyed and a little panicky, I quickly dried it off with a spare towel I had on hand, opened the battery case and found it nice and dry. The memory card was also dry. I thought whew, we're all set then. I knew the USB port had been completely submersed but I was hoping for the best. I turned the camera on and was disappointed to see that nothing came on. No lights flashed and the zoom lens didn't activate. ...sigh, DEAD. ("She's dead, Jim." Complete with Dr. McCoy's voice in my head too - yes I'm nuts) :(

I brought the camera into the house, took out the batteries and the memory card and ran the hair dryer on it. I noticed some condensation was forming inside the preview area for pictures. So it had gotten wetter than it looked. Still worried, I rigged it up so dry heat from the stove would help every last bit of moisture out of there. It got pretty warm to the touch and I had visuals of plastic parts melting, but after several hours, the condensation completely gone, I reinstalled the batteries and turned the camera on.

Lights flashed! The Zoom lens opened up! First it told me that the date needed to be reset. WHEW! So I set that up, and checked the other settings in the menu mode. Things were looking good. I took out the batteries and let it dry out completely overnight, and the next morning was delighted to have it taking photos again as well as it ever had.

After all this scrutiny, I noticed that some of the recent photos BEFORE the dunking had a 2025 year date in the EXIF files - The year when the photo was taken! HA, no WAY! The post dunking and drying dates were correct.

Apparently a week or so ago, while taking puppy pics, the batteries had run so low, that the year date had reset itself. I had forgotten about that in the tangle of fatigue that tends to be part and parcel of raising a litter. :p

So once you notice photo dates are off, how does one fix the EXIF on these things? I did a quick search and came up with this handy download. Exifer for Windows. It took a bit of experimentation to get it done, but it's all good now! Fortunately only about fifty or so photos needed changes. WHEW!

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Blogger ZaltanaAnatolians sent us a woof // November 20, 2006

Glad to hear your camera made it. Just looked at all the new puppy pics, it just looks like so much fun to see all their antics.   

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