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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Coco Zooms in for a Closer Look!

We've been busy catching up other things that fell behind during previous months, and preparing for James' impending knee surgery (one of several on the horizon). I didn't find time to blog or put more puppy pics up for the past weeks, but I've quite a collection so will get around to it in smaller batches as time permits.

Good news for now, the surgery that was scheduled to be this week has been postponed til soon after the New Year. Knowing that it looms ahead is still a yuck, but for now the situation will make for a nicer Christmas and New Year's holiday. Hurrah! :)

Here are a few pics in a short series, showing the male pup nicknamed 'Batman' and our girl, Coco. Camera batteries were dead (CRV3 lithium lasted one month and hundreds of pics). Alkaline isn't recommended, but all I had at the time. It really does a sucky job with focus and lighting, not enough juice, speed and power -- batteries died after only a dozen somewhat fuzzy pics!

Here, Batman's completely absorbed with chewing on a small strip of rawhide -- something that's so good, he doesn't seem to notice when he has company. :D

Batman munching...
Batman munching...

Whatcha munching?
Coco gets curious about what he's munching.
He's not telling and neither does he seem to notice her!

I LOVE this pic!!
She zooms in for a much closer look, watching and watching. . .
And still, he munches away, ignoring her.

Looking for crumbs
Okay, Coco obviously finds this situation irresistable.
After she crawled on her tummy, closer and closer with no reaction from him -- she puts her paws over his front legs. She sniffs between his paws and beyond. She seems to be hoping to find any bits he may have dropped.
No luck!

Aren't I cute?
Coco :)

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // December 21, 2006

So adorable! Those eyes are so vivid, I feel like they must glow in the dark. And Batman seemed so oblivious :)   

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