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Friday, March 09, 2007

Label Hack for FTP Hosted Blogger Blogs

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of blog things and taking a look at what new Blogger tweaks and developments are available for Blogger Blogs such as mine hosted on private domains. Different tools (widgets) are available to those not using their own domain -- keeping their blog hosted on the Blogger or Google domain gives those advantages.

I like being able to label postings into different categories so one can click on a label such as 'Kids' and see all other postings related to kids on my blog. However FTP sites are not able to use the automated label widgets which are available to non-FTP blogs. Coding gurus have come up with various hacks (which depending on the hosting site) can be used to get certain approximating effects.

Yay! So after wading around in the Blogger help group for a bit, I found a link to an AJAX based javascript code for my current label sidebar (see shell pink LABEL box at left). The hosting site of the script is cute fashion blog at http://www.girlshandbook.com/. The script itself is quite nice for my purposes right now. :D

Link to the Hack
The Label Hack for FTP Blogs


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