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In Memory of Pentessah

Earlier this year, the my Arabian mare suddenly passed on. On Friday, just before the last weekend of January 2007, Pentessah (Tessie) colicked during what passes as a cold snap around here. This sort of colic in horses seems to be a seasonal one, often lethal and I have learned that several acquaintances had such a loss this year. Bad year for our horses! All were otherwise healthy horses and the deaths were sudden.

Tess had plenty of water but due to the chill and her light-duty life of happily grazing and enjoying the sunshine, there was no working up a sweat. So for a critical period of time as the cold moved in, she never got thirsty enough to guzzle sufficient water for her internal hayburner metabolism (she was not on grain, just grass and hay). So it seemed sudden to us... Friday, she was rolling and kicking in agonizing pain. She had bed herself down in her favorite snoozing area of her open box. We got her up and walking which is first aid for horse colic. She was cooperative but never really focused on us. She did accept a small piece of hard Holiday candy from me at one point but wouldn't take any more. She became increasingly remote. We got the vet out to see and tubate her as soon as we could. He thought she might have a chance. There was no evidence of sand colic but he found that her packed cell volume was too high. She was seriously dehydrated and wouldn't drink. So he tubed and gave IVs and handed us some Banamine for her. We did what we could do but we were too late, hours passed and we lost her. It all happened in about 24 hours. Such a shock.

She was only twenty years old and had never been sick other than a case of strangles as a yearling. That is twenty years that she was a part of my life, representing a good chunk of happy times and many other changes. A foal from my first Arabian mare, she was symbolic of several childhood dreams come true. In those sad weeks that followed, the weight of her loss was a terrible toll for me. I discovered that I was not only grieving for her but many more things -- I came to realize she was an icon of a special era in my life. It is still taking time. I found it very difficult to write about.

Here's a pic of her as a baby. She was born at a small boarding stable owned by a wonderful retired cowboy who also had filled his past with beautiful working Arabian Horses. Blue Book, he was excited to tell me, sharing what he could about my mare's bloodline. I didn't have my own horse property then and boarding was fine -- but after little Tessie was born, before the year was up, we had moved to our current place, and in almost no time, Tessie was playing on our property with her mother, Saleeb.

Isn't she cute? That's her mom walking out of the picture.

Pentessah, only a few hours old

The photo above is a little damaged with glowing pinkish color on the left. This pic is still one of my favorites of her. I kept it in my office at the lab for years and I think a bit of hand lotion or soap got leaked on to it.

She was born black, looked like a dark bay during her first year, but gradually became a dappled gray. Her mane and tail got so long! At one point, she developed a habit of rubbing her neck on on the fence or pipe corrals so she could scratch an itchy spot. From that point on, the one section of mane there was either always broken off or curled into knots. But still, she was always beautiful. :)

Tess Tess Tess
A pic of Pentessah at about 6 years when she was a steel gray.

Life was pretty busy crazy due to the work schedule I had back then and I didn't get to ride her or her mother very often. SpiritShe was such a mischievous horse! She came when called. Loved to cuddle and mooch for scritches and treats. Always gentle. Fireworks, backfires, tarps and plastic (or paper) bags blowing around didn't faze her. She followed me around when I did chores in the paddock and corral. Mischievous? A self inspired pet trick she liked to do... She'd sometimes go to the wheelbarrow and rock it back and forth with her teeth while I pitched muck into it. She had quite the sense of humor... cos if I were in a hurry and ignored her or didn't react fast enough and yell at her (she WANTED to get a rise out of me), she would wait til the wheelbarrow was about full, then deliberately tip the wheelbarrow over and dash off... with her mane flying out behind her and tail arched over her back. She was an equal opportunity brat, cos she'd do the same thing to James.

With me. She'd first go tearing around the paddock, then come in really close, finally flashy trotting almost in place with her head turned toward me. Her neck arched, shaking her head in my direction as if to say Nyah nyah! It really was such eye candy, with her nostrils flaring, her ear tips turned inward then pointed at me as she watched me laugh. She was showing off, strutting her stuff in that magnificent way Arabian horses have. It always made me laugh. She'd even roll the whites of eyes at me sometimes. There isn't any doubt that she'd done it on purpose. :)

She'd then walk up with her neck lowered and come in for scritches and pats with her eyelids half shut. Definitely a character. :D And she had other games like this too. ;)

She had a sweet friendly greeting nicker. The word 'cookie' got her attention as much as that of any of the dogs. :) She yelled when her supper or breakfast was late (it always was, in her opinion). And she'd kick up her heels and toss her tail over her back and charge around spiritedly, encouraging who ever was feeding her to be quick about it and get the hay into the feeder!

In the last ten years we had her, I had gone completely deaf (idiopathic). She would nicker, and I could 'feel' her greeting. Her nostrils would flutter and the sound would come to my memory. I'd be beaming and calling her name. We'd greet and exchange slow breaths with each other, me blowing at her nostrils and she blowing back. If I were in the paddock, I could give her some chest, belly, ear, neck and head scritches. She'd wiggle her lips happily, with her eyes half closed, head down and ears relaxed and her lower lip drooping... Bliss!

Tess tess tess
My little mare and me

Tessie, you are missed.


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // May 01, 2007

A beautiful requiem for a remarkable animal. Thank you for sharing her with us.   

Blogger Diane sent us a woof // May 02, 2007

:( *hug*
What a beautiful little lady. 20 years is far too short a time.   

Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // May 03, 2007

Such beautiful memories of a beautiful horse.


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 03, 2007

Thanks for the support and comments. Sometimes I wonder if I am moving on about this. I think it will take more time... :(   

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Melamine Spiking -“Widespread” For Years

From Itchmo
Melamine Spiking in Food “Widespread” For Years

No more denials, no more hemming and hawing by the FDA. Time to take massive cautionary action is now. It’s not just animal feed anymore. It’s not just pet food. It’s a crisis. It’s been going on for years. It’s being done in “wheat, corn, soybean or other proteins”.

I'm not surprised that it happens. Cutting corners for profit is not uncommon. Remember the hairy, carcinogenic soy sauce that Japan (the USA as well) had also unknowingly let into the country.

"It's not the hair that causes cancer," the soy sauce business insider says, adding that it's possibly caused by MCP, a fluid in the body associated with the breakdown of proteins and increasingly accused of having a potential link to the disease.

China is clearly treating human hair sauce as a problem. Japan bans the use of soy sauce made from anything other than organic proteins, so the animal proteins in human hair sauce are naturally banned. [from a scientific standpoint, that's a strange, incomplete comment]

That's not to say some of the controversial sauce hasn't already been imported.

"We confirm ingredients and production methods at 31 inspection points at sea or airports throughout the country and have not had a single report of that nature since the start of this year," a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare says. "Perhaps this product was never imported."

Yet, most food inspections at customs are little more than a cursory glance at documents, keeping alive the possibility that some of the human hair sauce may have slipped through.

"It's just not realistic to examine all the soy sauce imported from China," a ministry spokesman tells Asahi Geino. "There's no way we could even possibly do it."


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Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Future of Dogs by Walt Hutchens

What is happening now?

What will be the Future of Dogs?

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"

Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

A wave of increasing awareness of Anti-animal legislation is coming to the fore.

Especially in the past, but to a lesser degree now, people have thought that some of these us versus them Animal Rights issues are alarmist, paranoid, or maybe a bit silly. Some still do.

A major wake-up call is underfoot.

The Future of Dogs is a well written booklet by Walt Hutchens. It is available for reading online. EDIT: From the site: "You are welcome to use it in any way it might help you in the fight to maintain our right to own animals. All we ask is that it be properly accredited to Walt Hutchens, Timbreblue Whippets, Virginia, and that you do not change any of the content."
I just contacted him and tweaked this section. Walt says, "[...] the printed booklet is for sale to anyone for any purpose -- not just educational use. It's conceivable that a club could sell them at shows as a fund raiser."

This is a great booklet to provide to new puppy owners, friends and relatives to help spread awareness of what is happening at the legislative front and why it is happening in the first place.

I quote a little from the materials here, but encourage everyone concerned to go read and/or go to this link to purchase hardcopies for distribution, to help spread awareness of what is happening.

Most people are not into Animal Rights at 100%, they are not extreme. The AR movement depends on the non extremists to do most of their work.
[AR breaks down their goals] into small chunks that sound good and sell them one chunk at a time to good-hearted, often busy, people. But the chunks are put together to make something that none of us would ever have approved.

  • "People need homes. Please donate to buy a brick."
  • Then they use the bricks to build a prison.

---> Many supporters believe that eating meat is wrong.

---> Others think that medical research using animals is unnecessary and cruel.

---> Yet others believe most pet owners are irresponsible.

It is those people -- the ones who are deeply committed to their own small parts of animal rights -- who are the foot soldiers, carrying the movement forward.

Fewer than a thousand run the AR corporations, make the plans, draft the laws, organize the conferences, deliver the speeches, and do the on-the-floor lobbying. Tens of thousands back laws in narrow areas: animal rescuers may support anti-tethering laws to stop irresponsible owners', misguided home breeders back anything labeled as fighting puppy mills,' and animal shelters support close regulation of pet breeders and rescuers.

The money to support the animal rights agenda comes from millions of Americans who love animals and who, without understanding how their money will actually be used, mail checks to HSUS, PeTA, and other lesser known AR organizations.

How Animal Rightists Pass Laws

1. They invent problems or magnify small ones.
The real problems generally are much less than the good that comes from the same activity but we are only told about the problems.
2. The animal rightists batter public officials
to solve the problems they've announced. Although they are a small minority, they never stop complaining.
3. When officials say "Okay, tell us what to do," the ARs are there with examples of laws passed in other places. They cite misleading or phoney statistics, even outright lies about the success of the law and if pressed on the issue, simply repeat their views.
  • For example when they're proclaiming "horrible pet overpopulation" they promote laws requiring all pets to be spayed or neutered and requirements for hobby breeders to get expensive licenses and permits. "This law was a big success in San Mateo," they say.
  • If you tell them "This law did not work in San Mateo County" -- they say "This law was a big success in San Mateo."
  • If you answer "But the shelter euthanasia numbers went up, and licensing went down in San Mateo," -- they say "This law was a big success in San Mateo."
Surprisingly, when the subject is unfamiliar, the bigger the lie, the more likely people are to believe it. This 'big lie' tactic isn't often encountered by lawmakers and since doing independent research is time-consuming, they often end by accepting the lies.

4. Since the new laws never solve the 'problem,' the ARs seek greater punishments and still more laws to help enforce the old ones, such as a requirement for all pets to be microchipped with the numbers in a government database. They talk only of the good effects . "This will help more lost pets get home" -- although the real purpose is to catch people who are violating their other laws.

They can nearly always find important organizations that will support the proposal because (for example) "Veterinarians can't be against a law that just improves enforcement of something that's already the law."

5. As one law begins to spread, a new 'problem' is identified and the next step begins -- go back to #1, above.

To read the whole thing, go here to the FUTURE OF DOGS


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 28, 2007

You've outlined the problems very well. Thanks for the Hutchens link.

Common sense seems to be so very uncommon today when lawmakers seem to pass anything that sounds good in a three sentence press release.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 29, 2007

Thanks Jan. It isn't my text but I think more people need to know about it. I'm hoping that it will help with search engine optimization and get more people using these messages mainstream. :)   

More Free Puzzles- Captain Jack Sparrow & Boris Vallejo

Capt Jack SparrowA few more puzzles to add to the cache.

A 221 piece puzzle of my favorite movie poster of Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003).

Boris Vallejo, Hieroglyphic EggBoris Vallejo, 132 pieces, Hieroglyphic Egg.

I love the color in this one.
Fancy Oriental Fish were a near constant part of my childhood in Asia. And not so oddly, have symbolic meaning in my dreams to this day.

Boris Vallejo, BritorganBoris Vallejo, 117 pieces, Britorgan.

There's some fantastic twisting tale that goes with this piece. But I thought a winged unicorn, a dragon and a dragonslayer make for a lot of colorful interest for this puzzle.

Boris Vallejo, TattooBoris Vallejo, 96 pieces, Tattoo.

Rather monochromatic for a puzzle, so fewer pieces. This is just here so I can admire the, of course. ;)

See my other post- "Free Anatolian Puppy Jigsaw Puzzles With a Side of Shrimp!" for info on these jigsaws.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // April 29, 2007

Mmm, Captain Jack :) Yet another thing to distract me from working, but in a good way!   

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

But the Horse is Cute :)

So a drunk man on a horse goes to the bank and leaves a deposit. . .

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Free Anatolian Puppy Jigsaw Puzzles With a Side of Shrimp!

In short bursts, I've had a little fun with a jigsaw puzzle program that Josephine MorningStar shared with me several months ago. She made several (numbers of pieces) versions of a puzzle based on Coco's photo. She has a website which has some of her art available here.

I liked the puzzle program so much that I went ahead and purchased it, made some gift puzzles with Anatolian photos from friends - with their own dogs featured. Josephine has the best ideas! :D

Gift puzzles are stand alone versions that don't have all the features of the full game but are still lots of fun. The full featured game allows you to modify puzzles or create them as gifts.

FREE Puzzle Samples!
Here are a few puzzles that use either my pix or public domain photos.

Shrimp PolentaHere is a yummy photo from, where you can get some public domain, gorgeous FREE photos that can be used any way you want. Did I mention that the pics are free? :)
-- Download this 104 piece shrimp polenta puzzle.
Photo courtesy

Kung Pao Shrimp PuzzleAnother yummy photo decadent shrimp foodies (like me) can enjoy, from
-- Download the 221 piece Kung Pao Shrimp puzzle.
Photo courtesy

I had also downloaded some of Jon Sullivan's (owner of other pics, including Mexican food pics (food pics are relaxing!) and travel scenery photos, from which I made a few other puzzles for personal use.

Anatolian Puppy Jigsaw Puzzles!
Click on the puppy names to download the specific puzzle.

Jasmine and 'T', anatolian pupsA 104 piece puzzle with two Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies, Jasmine and her brother 'T' relaxing in the grass under an old picnic table.
Aren't they cute? :)

CocoA 110 piece puzzle with my puppy Coco.
This is one of my favorite puppy photos of this little monster her.

No actually, she is a sweetheart and a character! :)
First time I'd ever had a rough coat or a chocolate puppy in a litter.
Lately she sometimes lines up with my walker and keeps along side. Maybe a service dog in the making.

Jasmine, Anatolian puppy
A 110 piece puzzle of gorgeous girl, Jasmine sunning herself on a warm wooden ramp.

The How-to.
How-tos for enjoying your puzzle!
First download to a location that you will remember. I made a folder called Puzzles and saved all of them into that folder.

Once you have your puzzle(s) in your folder, then open your new folder and click on the name of one puzzle.

A window will open and have this menu bar... (see below)
puzzlemenu.jpg (34218 bytes)

To get started... maximize the window for the open puzzle.

Note the crayons icon. Next to that are puzzle pieces.
Use the puzzle pieces icon to change the size of puzzle pieces. Bigger pieces make the puzzle larger than many computer screens, so you can adjust to make it fit.
The puzzle pieces icon can also alter shapes called FUN PIECES -adding cute cut outs of butterflies and kittens in the selection, try it by clicking directly on the arrows in the box.

While playing, if you need the puzzle enlarged or shrunk, just click on the puzzle piece icon above and adjust!

Another tip to help you get started - use the square outline of squares. That will put the flat sided edge pieces around the edges of the screen where you can see them more easily.

You can save your progress or just leave the puzzle running in the background while you do the 'real work' you're supposed to be doing. ;)


Depending on individual photos, some are really fun when they have over 300 pieces. Photos with poor clarity and too many objects or too much of the same colors are so much harder! I made one one of these harder ones that 400 some pieces before starting taxes and it took me almost a month to finish. It was a much needed break (and now time for something totally different) & distraction from doing taxes. :( I've associated that puzzle so much with doing taxes, I had to delete it when I was done. LOL

Best part of it is, the pieces never get lost, even if your dog comes to help with the puzzle! :)

The website for the game has free puzzles to play, and if you buy the program, there are free downloads to add to your gameplay. If you like professional, very high quality photos of different subject matter, there are collections that you can purchase to add to your game. For the collections go here and the freebies are at the bottom of the page.

For more puzzles on this blog, click on 'puzzles' below.

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Top Windows Antivirus Software


8 Top Windows Antivirus Software
Internet Security Suites can sometimes burden older systems and cause conflicts for gamers. Standalone antivirus scanners (used in conjunction with a firewall) are a viable alternative.

Here's a list of the top 8 standalone antivirus scanners for Windows.

Speaking of games, I wonder if I'm ever going to find time to play The Sims 2 any time soon.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // April 26, 2007

I haven't played The Sims in so long, and now there's *another* expansion pack that I don't get to try :( I have a huge list of "rewards" for when I finish my field work this summer, and that's one of them. Can't wait!   

Oh, that itchy spot!

Below is Sandy according to this vid.

A dog called Maisey on this one

No name given for this dog!


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NASA - A Massive Explosion on the Sun


NASA - A Massive Explosion on the Sun
"Solar flares are essentially magnetic," Davis explains. In the maelstrom above a sunspot, lines of magnetic force are twisted and stretched until the tension reaches a certain point—and then the whole thing explodes.

A rubber band provides a good analogy. Take one from your desk, hold one end in each hand: stretch and twist. If you twist, twist and twist to extremes, the tormented band will eventually snap, painfully releasing all the energy you just put into it.

Flares happen all the time on the sun, but this one is amazing due to the technology that captures the force. Comes with a short video clip showing the twist and SNAP. Check it out!


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Blogger Judy sent us a woof // April 30, 2007

Yow indeed! Thanks for sharing.   

Monday, April 23, 2007

California Healthy Pets Act *NOT!*

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"

Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

I've updated a php thread with captured images, including a better rendered version of above, from a few studies regarding dog health and behavior. Above image is about the importance of hormones in the growing dog, its future health and soundness.

Go here to see in better clarity and see the posting.

If you have any particular interest in animal health, in dogs, working dogs, service dogs, genetic and environmental implications of dogs as I do, above link may be interesting reading.

Canine Companions for Independence has addressed the question of pediatric spay and neuter in their programs. The results of theirs and of other studies, as well as potential implications thereof may prove to be very interesting to the general public.

It presents a strong argument for encouraging pet owners (specifically) to examine the evidence regarding health and public safety in issues of surgical sterilization, pediatric spay and neutering, and of MSN from the current situation in L.A.

I used some of the good work Laura Sanborn ( has shared for
public use. If you have not visited it yet, do go see

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cooking for Dogs - Free Recipes Galore

November of last year (2006), I had a blog post: dog-treat-recipes in which I mentioned a collection of recipes for those making homemade goodies for dogs (includes some recipes for cats as well).

I figured I'd bump attention back to it, in light of the "Melamine for Pets" issues. People who are cooking for their own dogs might want to take advantage of this free collection of recipes. These are not my own originals. You'd have to see the original posting (above archive) to understand why I posted them in the first place. Nevertheless, I still have the recipes available for download but if anyone does find out if the original owner is still hosting the file somewhere and would prefer to keep it there exclusively, let me know.

Here's just a few meal oriented (rather than treat oriented) recipes out of the collection of 300 or more recipes. The collection includes many treats, some weight booster concoctions for skinny dogs, one file on Hot Spots, raising a Service Dog, cooling pads, among other things, but it is primarily food oriented. After unzipping, it can be read as text, or can be incorporated into MasterCook as noted in my previous posting.
Heidi & Braxx's Natural Food

Categories : Kalgoorlie & Districts Gs Club

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 cups rolled oats -- (1 to 2)
1/4 lb raw organ meat -- (1/4 to 3/4)
1 tblsp honey
1 tblsp rosemary powder
1 tsp bran
1 tsp wheat germ
1 tsp cod liver oil
1 tsp cold pressed safflower oil
1 teaspoon bone meal powder
1 tsp angivida yeast
1 tsp kelp powder
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp Vitamin c powder
1 vitamin capsule of Biotin
1 vitamin capsule of Vitamin E
1 handful finely chopped raisins
1 handful alfalfa leaves
1 tablespoon veggie mix
Veggie Mix:
6 carrots -- (6 to 8)
1/4 bag spinach
6 garlic individual cloves -- (6 to 10)
1 container alfalfa sprouts
Finely puree in a food processor. This mixture keeps well up to 2 weeks.

Soak oats approximately 2 hours with enough water to cover; the amount of oats depends on the size and activity level of the dog. Add raw meat; again the amount of meat will depend on the dog. Add all ingredients; mix well.

This recipe is to be daily 2x. It seems like alot of work but I prepare the food 2 weeks in advance using Ziploc bags. I used to be an avid commercial food user but I've been cured!! The dogs' all Rotties have nicer coats, smell better, no fleas, love their food and are not finicky eaters as before. It takes a little longer daily but well worth it!

Akita Style Lamb & Rice
Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 lb ground lamb (beef if you wish)
1 1/2 cups brown rice
2 stalks Broccoli
2 medium potatoes -- (2 to 3)
3 medium carrots
4 cloves garlic
1 sheet kombu -- Sea Kelp (optional)
Brown lamb in a frypan. After it gets going, put on the chopped garlic to brown. Boil water, put about 4-5 cups into a crockpot, so it is already hot while you are fixing the rest of the ingredients. Add cubed potatoes to the frypan. Cut broccoli and add this to the crock. Put the rest of the works in the pot, add enough hot water to cover. Add pepper to taste. Throw in 1/2 cup brown rice and mix.
Courtesy: Kalgoorlie & Districts German Shepherd Obedience Club Inc

Home Cooking

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
5 lb ground beef or chicken
3/4 cup canola oil
4 cloves garlic -- (4 to 5)
32 cups water
8 cups processed veggies (various) -- (8 to 10)
--(carrots, cauliflower, bean sprouts,
-- celery, broccoli,
potatoes, sweet potatoes, -- red peppers,
spinach, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.)
NO ONIONS (not good for dogs)
2 cans kidney beans -- (2 to 3)
1/2 cup molasses (optional)
42 oz oatmeal (quick cooking oats) -- (42 to 45)
eggs can be added to boost protein

In a large 24qt pot brown ground meat, add canola oil and garlic. When well cooked, add water. Bring to boil, then add veggies that have been processed, (frozen or canned veggies will work too). I use dried kidney beans and soak them the night before preparing a batch of food. While I am cooking the meat I have the beans in another pot cooking them. Once cooked, they are added to the above mixture. Next, the oatmeal is added. Frequent stirring is necessary at this point as the mixture will stick. Remove from heat, cool and put into containers. The above mixture feeds 3 Boxers for 1 week. I occasionally add pumpernickell bread and some times substitute brown rice for some of the oatmeal. This recipe is very flexible. I also add a mixture called Healthy powder to each meal. I feed twice daily and add 1 tsp of healthy powder to each meal for each dog.

NOTES : Kalgoorlie & Districts German Shepherd Obedience Club Inc,
Submitted by Shirley Bell This is a bulk recipe for
those with more than one dog who want to feed well
balanced home cooked food.

A listing of names of some of the recipes, to whet your curiosity-

Akita Style Lamb & Rice
Apple Crunch Pup cakes
Auggie's Wolfdown
B/M Dog Cookies
Baby Food Soft Doggie Cookies
Bacon Biscuits
Basic Bones
Beef Jerky Bait
Birthday Cake for Pups
Cheese Twists
Chef-Fido Complimentary Dog Biscuit Recipe
Chicken Liver Cookies
DOG BISCUITS #3 (Low Purine for Kidney Stone Prone Dogs)
Dog Biscuits (Wheat Free Scotty Biscuits)
Golden Beardie Liver Brownies
Good for You Gobblers
Great Doggie Liver Treat
Homemade Liver Treats
HORS D'OGS (Low Purine for Kidney Stone Prone Dogs)
Katie Cudlin's Dog Food
Lamb Jerky
Little River Clinic Biscuits
Liver (or Tuna) Puffs for dogs or cats
Liver Bait
Magic Meatballs
Meaty Dog Biscuits
Niemann's Dog Treats
No-Flea Dog Biscuits
Oatmeal/Wheat Germ Dog Biscuits
Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies for Dogs
Peanut Butter and Honey Dog Biscuits
Pogo's Light Biscuit for Belly Draggers
Pork Liver Cookies
Potatoes Au Canine Or Feline
Puppy Cookies, Benton-Franklin County Humane Society
Rastus' Microwaved Casserole
Rusty's Birthday Cake
Sarah Jean's Crowning Crumpets
Scrambled Eggs Doggie Style
Sell-Their-Soul Liver Cookies
Shirleys meat loaf for Mona Lisa and Pocahontas
Sunshine Liver Brownies
Vegetable Beef and Rice Moochies
Vegetarian Dog Biscuits
Weight-On Meatballs
Wheat Free Tuna Biscuits
Wheatfree Salmon Treats, From Ruthie on the B.A.R.F. list

Bone Appetit!
Oh, and speaking of ---- today ABC News featured Bone Appetit!
In the Face of the Pet Food Recall, Some Concerned Humans Whip Up Dinner for Their Dogs -- and Cats -- Themselves

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 23, 2007

Whenever I cook up a batch for my dogs, my humans get bent out of shape. What's wrong with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anyway?   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 23, 2007

Too funny, but we know where your heart is. :)

I'll take mine with super crunchy and apricot-pineapple jam please.   

From water into wine into...dresses?

The Scientist : From water into wine into...dresses?
A biologist and artist make clothing out of the slimy films from wine contaminated with bacteria

Strange! Aromatic too

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

We All Scream for Ice Cream!

But maybe not this kind...

Check out the slide shows
MSN-Mainichi Daily News: Photo Specials: "The Wackiest World of Japanese Ice Cream"


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Friday, April 20, 2007

Telling It Like It Is...

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"

Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception
First Things First « San Diego Dog:

The governments in the United States are supposed to exist for the governed, the people. That is why we are supposed to have elected representatives, elected by the people to represent their best interest. These representatives, Assembly Members, State Senators, Governor, U.S. Representatives, U.S. Senators, President are all supposed to be deciding things according to the will of the people. All that is necessary is to make that will known. Those who make their will seem to represent the majority will have their sway. They get their wish.

<<<<<--Great Stuff Snipped-->>>>>

Coincidentally, today is the historical birthday of Adolph Hitler (1889-1945), one of the greatest propaganders of all time. how about some Hitler quotes and some questions pertinent to this pet struggle today:

1. “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few.” This fits the proponents of this bill perfectly. They generally are involved in rescues, and shelter operations. They see the very worst of the situation-and that is all they see. " (go see the whole post...)


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Plainly Marked Bag: Melamine

Melamine came in a plainly marked bag?

Yet the whole lot of plain bags were contaminated!?

National Pet Foundation
. . .Wilbur-Ellis had notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that a single bag in a recent shipment of rice protein concentrate from its Chinese supplier, Binzhou Futian Biology Technology Co. Ltd., had tested positive for melamine. Unlike the other white-colored bags in that shipment, the bag in question was pink and had the word “melamine” stenciled upon it. Wilbur-Ellis separated that bag and quarantined the entire shipment for further testing and since that time, no further deliveries of rice protein concentrate have been made. Samples from the white bags tested negative for melamine. However, subsequent and potentially more sensitive tests by the FDA came back positive for melamine, leading Wilbur-Ellis to voluntarily issue the recall. (more..)


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Pet Food Contamination -
Pet Food Contamination May Have Been Intentional

Melamine has been found in both wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate imported from China. Media reports from South Africa suggest a third pet food ingredient, corn gluten, used in that country also was contaminated with melamine. That tainted ingredient has not been found in the United States, the FDA said.

. . .FDA investigators, meanwhile, are awaiting visas that would allow them to visit the Chinese plants where the vegetable protein ingredients were produced.

'Melamine was found in all three of those; it would certainly lend credibility to the theory that it may be intentional. That will be one of the theories we will pursue when we get into the plants in China,' Stephen Sundlof, the FDA's chief veterinarian, told reporters Thursday.

Chinese authorities have told the FDA that the wheat gluten was an industrial product not meant for pet food, Sundlof said. Still, melamine can skew test results to make a product appear more protein-rich than it is, he said. That raises the possibility the contamination was deliberate.

'What we expect to do with our inspections in China will answer some of those questions,' said Michael Rogers, director of the division of field investigations within the FDA's office of regulatory affairs. (more...)

Stay up to date at

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

No On California AB 1634

Risk factors, prepuberty female dogs
See more images that are part of the consideration
No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"

Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

Daily Democrat Online - Legislature seeks to put burden on pet owners

Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, says 'over 800,000 pets are abandoned in California' annually. So he has a solution - mandated birth control for 4-month-old dogs and cats.

Levine's bill, AB 1634, would require, not request, all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered. This, Levine believes, would reduce the number of abandoned and ethuanized dogs and cats. His heart is in the right spot, but his reasoning may be a different matter.

Like Levine, we encourage spaying and neutering of pets. Unlike Levine, we don't want to make it a state mandate. The stray animal problem is big, but to drop a blanket law over such a complex issue may invite a worse ...

In Letters to the Editor at Marin Independent Journal
A dog of a law

In regards to your recent story, "Bill requires owners to spay or neuter their cats, dogs," (IJ, April 12), we are firm proponents of rigorous canine birth control.

However, spaying or castration, especially in juveniles, is not the benign procedure it is purported to be. Abnormal bone growth with concomitant orthopedic problems, muscle loss and obesity with all the ensuing problems as well as a raised incidence of bone cancer, incontinence and painful urination are just a few examples of frequent, serious long-term complications. These facts are undisputed and well documented in the mainstream peer reviewed veterinary literature, yet the unsuspecting puppy-owner is rarely informed about them. In human medicine, this would be considered malpractice. If you truly want to be informed, check the veterinary literature, ask a pediatric endocrinologist or check out this excellent web site:

In much of Northern and Central Europe, medically unnecessary spaying or castration is illegal - yet these countries do not have a dog overpopulation problem. In Marin County, the Humane Society "imports" dogs from rural counties to adopt them out here. Marin County apparently already has mostly responsible dog owners.

In any case, this law will not reach the usual culprits - dog owners in the boonies - whose dogs are semi-feral and have litter after litter under trucks. Such a law would be extremely difficult to enforce and could be evaded by not licensing pets and avoiding vaccinations and veterinary care. It will further open the doors for poorly bred and unhealthy dogs from puppy mills in other states.

Elizabeth Evans, Ph.D., and Vera Reeves Atherton Acres Boarding and Training Kennels, Novato

No On AB 1634 - No Mandatory Spay Neuter:

What's Wrong With AB 1634

AB 1634 Doesn't Solve a Real Problem

The proponents have their facts wrong. They claim that California has a growing problem with abandoned pets resulting in over 800,000 animals being surrendered to shelters and euthanized annually at a cost to California taxpayers of $250 million. In fact, that is simply not true...

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc. Opposes AB 1634
See opposition letter (jpg)

Canine Companions for Independence Opposes AB 1634
See opposition letter (PDF)

North American Police Work Dog Association Opposes AB 1634
See opposition letter (PDF)

Go to Save Our Dogs to see MORE opposition letters (webpage)


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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Delphi Technique & How It Works

Issues of social engineering and general blather on conspiracy theories are concepts we all run into from time to time.

How organized are these things? How organized can they be? Are people trained in techniques to sway public opinion? How is it done?

Do you ever show up somewhere and listen to some dialog on a concept that initially seems surreal, then it gradually begins to 'grow on you'? Later when you are questioned on the material, you are frustrated because you unable to defend your position outside of emotive posturing? Remember the social importance of being 'Politically Correct' sometimes overrides the importance of independent critical thinking?

It is useful to know that there are educational materials which are available to the public so that the public can become more aware of when a propagandist is attempting to circumvent critical thinking and normal discourse. Below is some information that can help one to become aware of techniques used to influence public opinion and our democratic process, sometimes making otherwise astute people willing to give up their constitutional freedoms.

Useful reading plus a link below.

UPDATE: 16April - Note: Delphi Technique is actually a legit method of getting diverse groups of experts to work together on a project, blending their best ideas to find a solution. Elements of the Delphi Technique methodology have sometimes been abused to steer communities into believing that they are contributing to a worthwhile cause, but they are actually only being steered toward a predetermined conclusion. The article below and the link that follows are about this abuse, how to recognize it and how to fight it.

Using the Delphi Technique to Achieve Consensus
How it is leading us away from representative government to an illusion of citizen participation

The Delphi Technique and consensus building are both founded in the same principle - the Hegelian dialectic of thesis, antithesis, and synthesis, with synthesis becoming the new thesis. The goal is a continual evolution to "oneness of mind" (consensus means solidarity of belief) -the collective mind, the wholistic society, the wholistic earth, etc. In thesis and antithesis, opinions or views are presented on a subject to establish views and opposing views. In synthesis, opposites are brought together to form the new thesis. All participants in the process are then to accept ownership of the new thesis and support it, changing their views to align with the new thesis. Through a continual process of evolution, "oneness of mind" will supposedly occur.

In group settings, the Delphi Technique is an unethical method of achieving consensus on controversial topics. It requires well-trained professionals, known as "facilitators" or "change agents," who deliberately escalate tension among group members, pitting one faction against another to make a preordained viewpoint appear "sensible," while making opposing views appear ridiculous.

In her book Educating for the New World Order , author and educator Beverly Eakman makes numerous references to the need of those in power to preserve the illusion that there is "community participation in decision-making processes, while in fact lay citizens are being squeezed out."

The setting or type of group is immaterial for the success of the technique. The point is that, when people are in groups that tend to share a particular knowledge base, they display certain identifiable characteristics, known as group dynamics, which allows the facilitator to apply the basic strategy.

The facilitators or change agents encourage each person in a group to express concerns about the programs, projects, or policies in question. They listen attentively, elicit input from group members, form "task forces," urge participants to make lists, and in going through these motions, learn about each member of a group. They are trained to identify the "leaders," the "loud mouths," the "weak or non-committal members," and those who are apt to change sides frequently during an argument.

Suddenly, the amiable facilitators become professional agitators and "devil's advocates." Using the "divide and conquer" principle, they manipulate one opinion against another, making those who are out of step appear "ridiculous, unknowledgeable, inarticulate, or dogmatic." They attempt to anger certain participants, thereby accelerating tensions. The facilitators are well trained in psychological manipulation. They are able to predict the reactions of each member in a group. Individuals in opposition to the desired policy or program will be shut out.

The Delphi Technique works. It is very effective with parents, teachers, school children, and community groups. The "targets" rarely, if ever, realize that they are being manipulated. If they do suspect what is happening, they do not know how to end the process. The facilitator seeks to polarize the group in order to become an accepted member of the group and of the process. The desired idea is then placed on the table and individual opinions are sought during discussion. Soon, associates from the divided group begin to adopt the idea as if it were their own, and they pressure the entire group to accept their proposition.

How the Delphi Technique Works

Consistent use of this technique to control public participation in our political system is causing alarm among people who cherish the form of government established by our Founding Fathers. Efforts in education and other areas have brought the emerging picture into focus.

In the not-too-distant past, the city of Spokane, in Washington state, hired a consultant to the tune of $47,000 to facilitate the direction of city government. This development brought a hue and cry from the local population. The ensuing course of action holds an eerie similarity to what is happening in education reform. A newspaper editorial described how groups of disenfranchised citizens were brought together to "discuss" what they felt needed to be changed at the local government level. A compilation of the outcomes of those "discussions" influenced the writing of the city/county charter.

That sounds innocuous. But what actually happened in Spokane is happening in communities and school districts all across the country. Let's review the process that occurs in these meetings.

First, a facilitator is hired. While his job is supposedly neutral and non-judgmental, the opposite is actually true. The facilitator is there to direct the meeting to a preset conclusion.

The facilitator begins by working the crowd to establish a good-guy-bad-guy scenario. Anyone disagreeing with the facilitator must be made to appear as the bad guy, with the facilitator appearing as the good guy. To accomplish this, the facilitator seeks out those who disagree and makes them look foolish, inept, or aggressive, which sends a clear message to the rest of the audience that, if they don't want the same treatment, they must keep quiet. When the opposition has been identified and alienated, the facilitator becomes the good guy - a friend - and the agenda and direction of the meeting are established without the audience ever realizing what has happened.

Next, the attendees are broken up into smaller groups of seven or eight people. Each group has its own facilitator. The group facilitators steer participants to discuss preset issues, employing the same tactics as the lead facilitator.

Participants are encouraged to put their ideas and disagreements on paper, with the results to be compiled later. Who does the compiling? If you ask participants, you typically hear: "Those running the meeting compiled the results." Oh-h! The next question is: "How do you know that what you wrote on your sheet of paper was incorporated into the final outcome?" The typical answer is: "Well, I've wondered about that, because what I wrote doesn't seem to be reflected. I guess my views were in the minority."

That is the crux of the situation. If 50 people write down their ideas individually, to be compiled later into a final outcome, no one knows what anyone else has written. That the final outcome of such a meeting reflects anyone's input at all is highly questionable, and the same holds true when the facilitator records the group's comments on paper. But participants in these types of meetings usually don't question the process.

Why hold such meetings at all if the outcomes are already established? The answer is because it is imperative for the acceptance of the School-to-Work agenda, or the environmental agenda, or whatever the agenda, that ordinary people assume ownership of the preset outcomes. If people believe an idea is theirs, they'll support it. If they believe an idea is being forced on them, they'll resist.

The Delphi Technique is being used very effectively to change our government from a representative form in which elected individuals represent the people, to a "participatory democracy" in which citizens selected at large are facilitated into ownership of preset outcomes. These citizens believe that their input is important to the result, whereas the reality is that the outcome was already established by people not apparent to the participants.

How to Diffuse the Delphi Technique

Three steps can diffuse the Delphi Technique as facilitators attempt to steer a meeting in a specific direction.

  1. Always be charming, courteous, and pleasant. Smile. Moderate your voice so as not to come across as belligerent or aggressive.
  2. Stay focused. If possible, jot down your thoughts or questions. When facilitators are asked questions they don't want to answer, they often digress from the issue that was raised and try instead to put the questioner on the defensive. Do not fall for this tactic. Courteously bring the facilitator back to your original question. If he rephrases it so that it becomes an accusatory statement (a popular tactic), simply say, "That is not what I asked. What I asked was . . ." and repeat your question.
  3. Be persistent. If putting you on the defensive doesn't work, facilitators often resort to long monologues that drag on for several minutes. During that time, the group usually forgets the question that was asked, which is the intent. Let the facilitator finish. Then with polite persistence state: "But you didn't answer my question. My question was . . ." and repeat your question.
Never become angry under any circumstances. Anger directed at the facilitator will immediately make the facilitator the victim. This defeats the purpose. The goal of facilitators is to make the majority of the group members like them, and to alienate anyone who might pose a threat to the realization of their agenda. People with firm, fixed beliefs, who are not afraid to stand up for what they believe in, are obvious threats. If a participant becomes a victim, the facilitator loses face and favor with the crowd. This is why crowds are broken up into groups of seven or eight, and why objections are written on paper rather than voiced aloud where they can be open to public discussion and debate. It's called crowd control.

At a meeting, have two or three people who know the Delphi Technique dispersed through the crowd so that, when the facilitator digresses from a question, they can stand up and politely say: "But you didn't answer that lady/gentleman's question." Even if the facilitator suspects certain group members are working together, he will not want to alienate the crowd by making accusations. Occasionally, it takes only one incident of this type for the crowd to figure out what's going on.

Establish a plan of action before a meeting. Everyone on your team should know his part. Later, analyze what went right, what went wrong and why, and what needs to happen the next time. Never strategize during a meeting.

A popular tactic of facilitators, if a session is meeting with resistance, is to call a recess. During the recess, the facilitator and his spotters (people who observe the crowd during the course of a meeting) watch the crowd to see who congregates where, especially those who have offered resistance. If the resistors congregate in one place, a spotter will gravitate to that group and join in the conversation, reporting what was said to the facilitator. When the meeting resumes, the facilitator will steer clear of the resistors. Do not congregate. Instead gravitate to where the facilitators or spotters are. Stay away from your team members.

This strategy also works in a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting with anyone trained to use the Delphi Technique.

Lynn Stuter is an education researcher in Washington state. Her web site address is

Want more?
I found more on this subject at Lynn Stuter's educational site,, where there is greater depth on the implications of Delphi Technique. Very interesting reading for those of us who are interested and appalled at how it can be possible that propaganda influences public policy on decisions about children, education, (even animal control) and more.

Hat tip to Florence Blecher.


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Pet Food Recall info at FDA

US Food and Drug Administration has a 'hot topics' page on the Pet Food Recall.
A recent email letter from Hills-

Dear Pet Lovers:

These recent weeks have been difficult for those concerned about pet food.

We want you to know that as pet lovers and owners ourselves, we have been equally upset by the current recall and the events that triggered it. Our hearts go out to those affected, and we vow to work tirelessly to continue our efforts to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Today we are announcing the formation of the National Pet Food Commission, an industry government partnership composed of government officials, veterinarians, toxicologists and food scientists who are committed to maintaining and enhancing the high standards we have set in this country that protect our pets.

The purpose of the new commission is two-fold:
  1. To investigate the cause of the current pet food recall.
  2. To recommend steps the industry and government should take to further build on safety and quality standards already in place.
At the conclusion of its work, the commission will issue a report outlining its findings and offering its recommendations. For a full report on the commission's mission and its members, please visit

As federal investigators work to determine the exact cause of the adulteration, we are committed to our partnership, to applying the lessons learned to further strengthen industry procedures and safeguards, and to cooperating fully with any other official investigations relating to this incident.

Melamine, the substance suspected of affecting animals, is not used in pet food manufacturing, and pet food makers have never seen it before. The substance is completely foreign to the process and quite simply should not have been present in wheat gluten.

The total number of pets that have been affected after eating contaminated food remains to be determined, but we know that even if just one pet is affected, it's one too many.


The People Who Make America's Pet Food

Issues in our world of pets have just been too interesting lately. :(

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Friday, April 13, 2007

That's MY Bed!

Very amusing pair of vids from YouTube!

These remind me of four years ago when Boone and Ruya were pups. Boone (the boy puppy) was about 8 weeks old and was peacefully resting on a folded blanket in the grass outside. Ruya (the girl puppy), only a month older but much larger, came up to the blanket and grabbed a corner of the blanket in her teeth. She started tugging, backing up and trying to drag the blanket around to a new spot in the yard while Boone rode with jerks and starts. It was so funny! Boone sat up on the blanket, his body jerking with each tug and his head bobbling like a toy - just sitting there and watching Ruya do all the work. Of course, no camera to catch it all!

From YouTube!
Babe, the cat, lays in the Rudy's bed! Rudy is desperately trying to find a way to get the cat out of it!

Doggy (Rudy) trying to open his Christmas present!
A surprise hides in the box!

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // April 14, 2007

So cute!! I was assuming the owners were setting up the situations, until the end of the second video - apparently the cat just likes to mess with the dog :)   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 15, 2007

Cats can be pretty evil with dogs! :)

In other neighborhoods, I've seen some cats sit just out of reach of fenced in barking dogs and casually wash paws and behind ears, sunning themselves casually and giving some annoyed tails swishes -- while the silly dogs go ballistic with frustration. Never a good idea to agitate dogs like that, but some cats do make a sport of it. ;)   

Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit and the Mycologist

I had no idea she was into mycology!

I've seen some of her beautiful paintings for years and I merely thought, well she certainly likes to paint flowers, plants and rabbits!

Her interest in fungi is a fascinating dimension of her, particularly because of how self-motivated and enthusiastic she was in her study of them, despite a lack of scientific background. Apparently in her time, she just wasn't taken very seriously.

Fascinating story on her at The Scientist.

Roy Watling, of the British Mycological Society, says Mary Noble, one of his former colleagues, stumbled upon Potter's drawings close to 15 years ago while sorting through bags filled with Potter's work. "Until then nobody knew about her work with spores," he says. Potter's illustrations captured details about fungi that had eluded other scientists at the time. For example, Potter drew the first record of the fungus Tremella simplex in Britain. She painted the fruiting bodies, the basidiospores, and all other parts at all ages in the fungus life cycle. "She drew everything she saw," says Watling.

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Californians Against AB-1634


Californians Against AB-1634
Gives reasons for opposition
Lists scientific abstracts including-
* Health Considerations
* Orthopedic Considerations
* Cancer Considerations
* Incontinence Considerations
* Behavioral Considerations
* Metabolic Considerations
* Infectious Disease Considerations
* Vaccine Considerations


Mandatory Spay/Neuter

A little fuzzy? From my posting at another forum
(with purty pictures, until further notice)

Go to

Kitty meow


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

LA Animal Services - A No-Kill Month

LA Animal Services:
March 2007 - A No-Kill Month!
"March 2007 is the lowest monthly euthanasia rate since LA Animal Services began collecting this data! Not only were no healthy dogs or cats killed in the month of March, but also only nine treatable animals were euthanized and only after three regimens of treatment failed to produce any improvement in the health of the animals."

Check out Ed Bok's blog above.

And look at his shelter statistics here. (choose LAAS and compare it to the others)

Great job, Ed!

Read more about real No-kill solutions here:


UPDATE April 13: As a follow up on Ed Boks, I've learned that despite the fact that has proven himself capable of working with the community in achieving "No-Kill" at animal shelters without interference into the personal lives of citizens or creating problems for the remaining 90-some percent of pets that never end up in a shelter -- this is not what he prefers! He's been converted!
Levine and Boks
Seen here in the center, with (on left) California Assemblyman and Animal Rights Propagandist Lloyd Levine.

Ed Boks, like Levine is in favor of a POLICE STATE over pet owners. Levine authored CA AB 1634 which seeks to control your right to make medical decisions for your pet with the professional guidance of your vet.

Ed Boks and Lloyd Levine are in favor of the MANDATE of STATE CONTROL of your decisions for your pet. They choose to use the State of California and it's local governments in what is essentially POLICE force over you and your vet. Neither one cares that this level of force will lead to more health problems in pets and that their wish for Mandatory Spay and Neuter has proven over and again, not to work and has resulted in more administrative issues, financial loss for local government -- as well as forced involvement into the lives of private citizens.

They both choose that State and local laws should mandate surgical alteration of all pets regardless of their genetic makeup and current science on early spay/neuter risks, and to do this as quickly as possible before the pet gets past 4 months of age. Levine is using social engineering and calling this bill the "Healthy Pets Act". Court Jester

I don't know about Levine. ;) But Ed Boks has lost his vision of care and love for animals.

Like a sport... For him, the goal of "No-Kill" has become an end in itself. It is no more than a sport of seeking glory for himself and his selfish needs. Can you see it in his smile above?


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Google Turns Hard Drive "Facts" into Urban Legend

From StorageMojo » Google’s Disk Failure Experience, the subjects of hard drive wear from heat, age, workload, hard drive specs, and software monitoring of your drive are covered. It is a review of Google's report on "Failure Trends in a Large Disk Drive Population".

Having used many hard drives over the years, the smallest ones of which went out of service for me in the past few years due to the advent of broadband, megapixel images and humongous email attachments (the drives were too small for storage of important stuff) -- I'm always interested in things that will help alleviate my paranoia about hard drive failure. I found the summaries at StorageMojo very interesting. Now to find time to eventually read the whole 13 page PDF... :p


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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // April 12, 2007

Yer just paranoid, Semavi Lady! Hdd's are good for paperweights!


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 26, 2007

Or door stops!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Mandatory Spay and Neuter - Resources and Facts

Above, a chart showing California shelter statistics trending since the 1970's.
It is small on purpose... to entice you to go to for more analysis and charts. :D

More animal control stats
Above is some data from a ten year trend in the State.
To learn more about these stats, the reference link of The Animal Council is one place where many fact sheets are available. Take time to analyze the material and reports regarding the track record of implemented mandatory spay/neuter laws.

Analysis of data isn't popular, not even to those who have opportunity to act on public policy. But many would prefer to support policy that has "reasonable prospects of success". Puppy

Read a very good evidence based evaluation of MSN here at an Animal Rights site
Here's a little to get you started -

"As a corollary to the report by Animal Law Coalition that Los Angeles County recently passed such a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance, the following examines to what extent such laws are effective in reducing numbers of animals in shelters and euthanasia rates of dogs and cats." ...go read the rest at the link above.

AbbyThe Animal Council has numerous files and data at their publications link. And if you're a fan of logic and CSI type shows, you probably have a pretty good idea how one can use data to scope out the size of the issue, determine where potential problems might be, and also begin to appreciate where the red herrings might be.

It's common to look at a chart, jump to conclusions. We all do that sometimes, especially if something includes data in an area with which we are not familiar.

There are many people supporting CA AB 1634 that claim to have read it. Apparently, they read and understood it with the same vague appreciation, familiarity and comprehension that people might have for E = mc2. They know that it makes sense at some level, that the principles apply but they haven't really walked through the game plan from perspectives that need to be applied to see how the equation will apply in different circumstances.

Police DogWhat will AB 1634 do about police dogs and fighting crime? A MUST read! Check out the letters-
Read some of the other ones. If you have not "Walked the Walk" - yet you are in the position of determining policy for others, be aware that there will be "unforseen" repercussions if the strategy is not carefully evaluated. Many rare breeds and working breeds are not registered with organizations that promote the SPORT of conformation showing and other variations of sport.

Forcing the pet owner who normally controls their pet to become part of a competitive SPORT or a specific registry just because their is animal entire (not neutered), is prejudicial and is an illogical basis of determining or forcing responsible ownership.

Some things we do know about MSN is that it has reversed progress toward 'no kill' (defined as downward trends in euthanasia rates, making them go upward instead) and when accompanied with licensing of fees with a great differential between neutered and entire animals, there is a plummet in the number of licensing fees that are paid. Reasonable fees would otherwise have helped in Animal Control - higher fees guarantee that fewer animals will be licensed.

Additionally, limit laws are often instituted to reduce the number of pets people can have. As if there is a 'best' number that the government can determine for everyone. What happens is that people who would have helped to rescue or foster, now cannot do so. This also results in plummeting income from licensing fees since people would rather keep their animals than get a visit from an authority that one or more of their critters MUST GO.

An older couple who has four cats and five chihuahuas suddenly gets faced with the fact that under the new policy intended to control unwanted animals in shelters, they are only allowed five animals. Some of their pets may be in their teens. At $75 per pet, this may be beyond their means. So the rhetorical question is, which pets should they kill so they can be compliant? They can't do it, so they keep their pets, go underground and stop paying licensing fees. Gah, stupid law breakers, eh?

There are people who live on 25c boxes of macaroni and who have a kitten or puppy walk into their life somehow. They feed and care for it and keep it from becoming a road statistic. They do not have money for vet visit, vaccination, and neutering but in time they can save enough money to do so. I've known many people who lost everything in their lives and a pet kept them going until they were back on their feet. Do you realize that if someone in their hood wants to rat on them, once 'caught' if the pet owner can't pay $500 to the state for penalties ------ will that baby animal end up in the euth bin at Animal Control? Public policy needs to be fair and not just favor the rich, the able bodied or favor special interests who have lost sight of the silent majority.

Animals turning up in shelters are often those belonging to people who function 'under the radar' if they are not strays. Those are the ones owned by people who are not following the current laws anyway and the pet may not even be vaccinated at all. The new laws intend to track the rest of us. The animals under the radar will still be there!

Here's more in the way of a roundup, a summary I copied from California Federation of Dog Clubs at To see it at the link, scroll down under the map of the USA.

SAN MATEO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA (ordinance passed in 1991)
• The ordinance requires spay/neuter of all dogs and cats in the unincorporated parts of the county unless the owner obtains an unaltered license or breeder’s permit. Chap. 8.02.090, Sec. 3332.4 (a) If an unaltered animal breeds accidentally, the owner must obtain a breeder’s permit. The license fee for unaltered animals is nearly twice that of spay/neutered cats and dogs. Any owner redeeming impounded unaltered animals must pay an additional fee. This fee is refunded if the animal is spayed or neutered within 30 days. Any unaltered animal impounded twice or more within a 3-year period will be altered at the guardian’s expense prior to redemption. Chap. 8.02, Sec. 3330.8 Penalties for violation include fines of up to $100 on the first offense, $200 on the second offense, and $500 for each additional violation of the same ordinance within one year.
• After the effective date of the ordinance, dog deaths in the areas governed by the ordinance, increased 126% and cats 86% while licenses declined by 35%. For the county as a whole dog deaths decreased 5% and cats 16% in 1993; in 1994 dog deaths declined 12% and cats 17%. From 1991-1994 there were no cat breeder permits and 50 permits for dog breeders, eight of which were renewals. In addition, licenses dropped dramatically. For 1998-99, the number dropped to 36,023, a dramatic decline from the 48,000-51,000 range of the previous two decades.

CITY OF LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (ordinance passed in 2000)
• Requires the spay/neuter of all dogs and cats unless the owner has obtained a $100 annual unaltered animal or breeder’s permit. Sec. 53.15.2 For any dogs that breed, the owner must obtain a $100 annual breeder’s permit for each animal which allows 1 litter. A second litter during the annual permit period may be permissible “to protect the health of the animal[,] avert a substantial economic loss to the permittee” or "if the first litter was euthanized". A breeder must register all dogs bred for sale and disclose their name and permit number in any ad and on any sale documents. The city also tracks the identity of subsequent owners of the animals sold by breeders. There is a $91.50 license fee for unaltered dogs and a $6.50 charge for animals that have been spayed/neutered. Sec. 53.15.3 Violators are subject to fines of up to $500.00.
• Since the passage of this 2000 “spay or pay” Los Angeles ordinance, there has been a decline in dog licensing compliance. The animal control budget after passage of the law rose 269%., from $6.7 million to $18 million. The city hired additional animal control officers and bought new trucks and equipment just to enforce the new law.

• Requires spay/neuter of dogs with limited exceptions for breeding. Secs. 6.10.030, .050 The city requires a $15 certificate and charges twice the amount for a license for unaltered dogs. Dogs without the certificate must be spayed/neutered. There is a warning for a first offense, and a mandatory spay/neuter order is issued for a second violation.
• Since the law’s 1991 inception, licensing compliance has dropped significantly.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND (mandatory spay/neuter law was repealed)
• When the law was enacted, it was estimated that 550 breeding permits would be issued per year. In reality only an average of 30 permits were issued per year. There was an estimated 50% decline in licensing compliance.
• Although the euthanasia rate declined 21.5% after the ordinance was passed, it had declined 34% prior to enactment of the law. The Office of Legislative Oversight recommended in its 1997 report that the county eliminate the new breeder permit system and return to their former license fee structure. Under the current ordinance, Montgomery County requires a 3 year $75 license for unaltered animals and an annual $25 license for those that have been spayed/neutered; there are discounts for low income applicants for the license for a spayed neutered animal. Secs., 05.401.01.02

FORT WORTH, TEXAS (ended its manadatory spay/neuter program)
• Licensing compliance fell off after passage of the ordinance. As a result there was a reduction in rabies vaccinations which lead to an increase in rabies in the city.

CAMDEN COUNTY, NEW JERSEY (ordinance passed in 1996)
• Mandatory spay/neuter ordinance required a $500 permit fee to possess an intact dog or cat. In 2000 it was changed to $10, because of there were so few requests for it. But then again in 2001 the permit fee was again raised to $100, its current rate. As for the euthanasia rates since the effective date of the ordinance, the PAWS NJ website comments, “An analysis of these statistics shows the Humane Society of Southern NJ which operates the Camden County Animal Shelter, to be consistently one of the leading, if not the leading killers of animals in the state of New Jersey.” The report covers 1998-2001, well after the effective date of the mandatory spay neuter ordinance. The site’s report on the top 50 New Jersey animal shelters reveals some in Camden County have significantly lower euthanasia rates than others in the state, but at least 2 had the highest kill rates in New Jersey.

KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON (ordinance passed in 1992)
• Requires all dogs and cats over 6 months old to be spayed/neutered unless the guardian buys an unaltered license for $60, $40 more than for an altered pet. Chap IV, Secs. 11.04.035, 11.04.210, 11.04.400. The ordinance provides for a breeder certification program. Sec. 11.04.570 It is illegal to advertise to King County residents the availability of any unaltered dog or cat without the animal’s license number; breeders, however, may advertise litters for sale. Chap. IV, Sec. 11.04.510. It is also illegal to sell or give away an unaltered animal in a public place or as a raffle or other prize. Sec. 11.04.235 Anyone selling or giving away an unaltered dog or cat must notify animal control in writing with the new owner's name, address, and telephone number. Sec. 11.04.570 There is also a provision for door to door canvassing to ensure compliance. Sec. 11.04.580
• License compliance has appeared to decrease since passage of the ordinance. Animal control expenses have increased 56.8% and revenues only 43.2%. In 1990 the total cost of animal control was $1,662,776; in 1997, it was $3,087,350. Euthanasia rates actually fell at a slower rate after passage of the ordinance. In the years prior to enactment of the law, euthanasia rates were plummeting in King County. The data shows that the one real success as a result of the ordinance was the increase in adoptions.

• Requires breeder permits as part of its mandatory spay/neuter ordinance, licensing compliance has dropped dramatically. Secs. 14-42; 14-71(b), 14-101(a)(1). Pinellas County Florida has required breeder licensing since 1992. Sec. 14-29.
• Since then the animal control budget has increased 75% with revenue increasing only 13%. There have also been increases in shelter intake and euthanasia rates since the law took effect.
We can approximate with the available data, that possibly over 95% of all pets in California are never showing up in a shelter. A significant number, possibly 80%, of the pets regularly seen by vets ARE reportedly already neutered (according to some reporting vets). The 4% that do turn up in shelters result in 2% of California pet animals that are killed. 1 or 2% of which are likely to be feral cats and less than 1% actually being adoptable purebred dogs turn up in a shelter. Look at the data and study it analytically to find the best solutions.

There are so many dynamics to consider when attempting to create public policy that is fair and effective. Policy that will encourage people to help rescue without penalizing them for being over quota. Policy that will allow them to afford the licensing on the animals they do have.

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