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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Free Anatolian Puppy Jigsaw Puzzles With a Side of Shrimp!

In short bursts, I've had a little fun with a jigsaw puzzle program that Josephine MorningStar shared with me several months ago. She made several (numbers of pieces) versions of a puzzle based on Coco's photo. She has a website which has some of her art available here.

I liked the puzzle program so much that I went ahead and purchased it, made some gift puzzles with Anatolian photos from friends - with their own dogs featured. Josephine has the best ideas! :D

Gift puzzles are stand alone versions that don't have all the features of the full game but are still lots of fun. The full featured game allows you to modify puzzles or create them as gifts.

FREE Puzzle Samples!
Here are a few puzzles that use either my pix or public domain photos.

Shrimp PolentaHere is a yummy photo from http://www.pdphoto.org/, where you can get some public domain, gorgeous FREE photos that can be used any way you want. Did I mention that the pics are free? :)
-- Download this 104 piece shrimp polenta puzzle.
Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org

Kung Pao Shrimp PuzzleAnother yummy photo decadent shrimp foodies (like me) can enjoy, from pdphoto.org.
-- Download the 221 piece Kung Pao Shrimp puzzle.
Photo courtesy PDPhoto.org

I had also downloaded some of Jon Sullivan's (owner of PDPhoto.org) other pics, including Mexican food pics (food pics are relaxing!) and travel scenery photos, from which I made a few other puzzles for personal use.

Anatolian Puppy Jigsaw Puzzles!
Click on the puppy names to download the specific puzzle.

Jasmine and 'T', anatolian pupsA 104 piece puzzle with two Anatolian Shepherd Dog puppies, Jasmine and her brother 'T' relaxing in the grass under an old picnic table.
Aren't they cute? :)

CocoA 110 piece puzzle with my puppy Coco.
This is one of my favorite puppy photos of this little monster her.

No actually, she is a sweetheart and a character! :)
First time I'd ever had a rough coat or a chocolate puppy in a litter.
Lately she sometimes lines up with my walker and keeps along side. Maybe a service dog in the making.

Jasmine, Anatolian puppy
A 110 piece puzzle of gorgeous girl, Jasmine sunning herself on a warm wooden ramp.

The How-to.
How-tos for enjoying your puzzle!
First download to a location that you will remember. I made a folder called Puzzles and saved all of them into that folder.

Once you have your puzzle(s) in your folder, then open your new folder and click on the name of one puzzle.

A window will open and have this menu bar... (see below)
puzzlemenu.jpg (34218 bytes)

To get started... maximize the window for the open puzzle.

Note the crayons icon. Next to that are puzzle pieces.
Use the puzzle pieces icon to change the size of puzzle pieces. Bigger pieces make the puzzle larger than many computer screens, so you can adjust to make it fit.
The puzzle pieces icon can also alter shapes called FUN PIECES -adding cute cut outs of butterflies and kittens in the selection, try it by clicking directly on the arrows in the box.

While playing, if you need the puzzle enlarged or shrunk, just click on the puzzle piece icon above and adjust!

Another tip to help you get started - use the square outline of squares. That will put the flat sided edge pieces around the edges of the screen where you can see them more easily.

You can save your progress or just leave the puzzle running in the background while you do the 'real work' you're supposed to be doing. ;)


Depending on individual photos, some are really fun when they have over 300 pieces. Photos with poor clarity and too many objects or too much of the same colors are so much harder! I made one one of these harder ones that 400 some pieces before starting taxes and it took me almost a month to finish. It was a much needed break (and now time for something totally different) & distraction from doing taxes. :( I've associated that puzzle so much with doing taxes, I had to delete it when I was done. LOL

Best part of it is, the pieces never get lost, even if your dog comes to help with the puzzle! :)

The website for the game has free puzzles to play, and if you buy the program, there are free downloads to add to your gameplay. If you like professional, very high quality photos of different subject matter, there are collections that you can purchase to add to your game. For the collections go here and the freebies are at the bottom of the page.

For more puzzles on this blog, click on 'puzzles' below.

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