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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

LA Animal Services - A No-Kill Month

LA Animal Services:
March 2007 - A No-Kill Month!
"March 2007 is the lowest monthly euthanasia rate since LA Animal Services began collecting this data! Not only were no healthy dogs or cats killed in the month of March, but also only nine treatable animals were euthanized and only after three regimens of treatment failed to produce any improvement in the health of the animals."

Check out Ed Bok's blog above.

And look at his shelter statistics here. (choose LAAS and compare it to the others)

Great job, Ed!

Read more about real No-kill solutions here:


UPDATE April 13: As a follow up on Ed Boks, I've learned that despite the fact that has proven himself capable of working with the community in achieving "No-Kill" at animal shelters without interference into the personal lives of citizens or creating problems for the remaining 90-some percent of pets that never end up in a shelter -- this is not what he prefers! He's been converted!
Levine and Boks
Seen here in the center, with (on left) California Assemblyman and Animal Rights Propagandist Lloyd Levine.

Ed Boks, like Levine is in favor of a POLICE STATE over pet owners. Levine authored CA AB 1634 which seeks to control your right to make medical decisions for your pet with the professional guidance of your vet.

Ed Boks and Lloyd Levine are in favor of the MANDATE of STATE CONTROL of your decisions for your pet. They choose to use the State of California and it's local governments in what is essentially POLICE force over you and your vet. Neither one cares that this level of force will lead to more health problems in pets and that their wish for Mandatory Spay and Neuter has proven over and again, not to work and has resulted in more administrative issues, financial loss for local government -- as well as forced involvement into the lives of private citizens.

They both choose that State and local laws should mandate surgical alteration of all pets regardless of their genetic makeup and current science on early spay/neuter risks, and to do this as quickly as possible before the pet gets past 4 months of age. Levine is using social engineering and calling this bill the "Healthy Pets Act". Court Jester

I don't know about Levine. ;) But Ed Boks has lost his vision of care and love for animals.

Like a sport... For him, the goal of "No-Kill" has become an end in itself. It is no more than a sport of seeking glory for himself and his selfish needs. Can you see it in his smile above?


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