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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

NASA - A Massive Explosion on the Sun


NASA - A Massive Explosion on the Sun
"Solar flares are essentially magnetic," Davis explains. In the maelstrom above a sunspot, lines of magnetic force are twisted and stretched until the tension reaches a certain point—and then the whole thing explodes.

A rubber band provides a good analogy. Take one from your desk, hold one end in each hand: stretch and twist. If you twist, twist and twist to extremes, the tormented band will eventually snap, painfully releasing all the energy you just put into it.

Flares happen all the time on the sun, but this one is amazing due to the technology that captures the force. Comes with a short video clip showing the twist and SNAP. Check it out!


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Blogger Judy sent us a woof // April 30, 2007

Yow indeed! Thanks for sharing.   

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